Kyiv National University of Technologies and Design
Students of department of Computer-integrated technologies and measuring technique are prizewinners of the all Ukrainian student olympiad

In the National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine the ІІ stage of the all Ukrainian student olympiad of specialization "Quality, standardization and certification" was first conducted for establishments of higher education of Ukraine. 35 students from 18 leading universities are participated in an intellectual competition.


An olympiad was conducted in two turns. I turn is implementation of theoretical tasks with the use of platform of Moodle, where nominees executed a task from basic profile disciplines is legal metrology; quality management; international and regional standardization and certification; audit and certification.

ІІ  turn is implementation of practical tasks and implementation of competitive tasks in 3 nominations (Control system by quality; Control system by the unconcern of food foods; Energymanagement systems), jointly with the Ukrainian association of perfection and quality.


Students of МгЯС-17 group Tokar Regina and Chudinovich Olga presented our university and took the ІІІ place in a command competition.

Tokar Regina  also get in a selection in a nomination "Control system by quality", recipient of an award Diploma of ІІІ degree and will present Ukraine on the International olympiad in a management among young people, which will take place in November, 2018.


Rewards to the winners and prizewinners were handed by President of the Ukrainian association of quality Ivan Kalita, Director of organ of personnel certification of the Ukrainian association of quality Yurij Kabakov, dean of faculty of food technologies and quality management of products of agrocomplex Larysa Bal-Prilypko and Chairman of organizational committee of olympiad, pro-rector from educational work of NULESU Serhij Kvasha.

Tokar Regina, a prizewinner of olympiad with the scientific leader - doctor of engineering sciences, professor Anna Himicheva