Kyiv National University of Technologies and Design



October 10-18, 2018

The Foreign Languages Department organized The Week of Foreign Languages – Autumn 2018 which lasted from the 10th till the 18th of October. It was devoted to the Days of European languages in Ukraine. English, German, French and Russian were the main languages of this fabulous event.



During this week students presented their projects about achievements in science and culture, recited poems and created various works of art for the exhibition.

From 10th to 18th October 2018 the teachers of the department: Yana Absaliamova, Iryna Burlaka, Mariia Chernets, Tetiana Ketova, Svitlana Krasniuk, Tetiana Motsiuk, Olena Nazarenko, Nataliia Pysarenko, Indira Renska, Nina Shkura, Nataliia Syromlia, Antonina Tkalenko, Victoriia Tuhaienko, VictoriiaVelykozhon held creative and thematic evenings. Students presented their projects, talked about well-known Ukrainian representatives of science and culture in the world, in particular about the American artist of Rusyn origin Andy Warhol, also about developing of languages in Europe and conducted the quest "Famous and Unknown Europe".



         During this period, the exhibition "Autumn Vernissage 2018" took place, where compositions made of natural materials were presented.


         Contest of art posters:

         Contest of artistic design of poetry works:


         Contest of poetic translation:

         Reciting of poems:


According to the results of voting the winners are:

1. The contest of artistic design of poetry works:

- the first place - Pavlina Maksymets (teacher Liudmyla Roenko) and

Anna Melnyk (teacher Liudmyla Roenko);

- the second place - Stephashyna Olga (teacher Mariia Chernets) and

Kyrylenko Mariia (BHF2-18 teacher Indira Renska)

- the third place - Vlasiuk Vladyslav (teacher Indira Renska) and

Babenko Nataliia (teacher Indira Renska);

2. Reciting of poems:

- the first place -  Kateryna Kovalenko (teacher Nataliia Syromlia),

- the second place - Vladyslava Bychkova (teacher Mariia Chernets) and

Julia Pervun (teacher Indira Renska),

- the third place - Nataliia Babenko (teacher Indira Renska ) and  AnastasiiaVychkanova (teacher Indira Renska),

Anna Gryb (teacher Indira Renska)



3. The contest of poetic translation:

- - the first place - is Julia Vergelets, Liudmila Gurin (teacher Liudmila Roenko),

- the second place - Julia Russol (teacher Olena Nazarenko),

- the third place -  Kateryna Vertylo (teacher Nataliia Syromlia);

4. Contest of art posters:

- the first place - Nadiia Churevych ( teacher Indira Renska) and

Alexandra Nedzelska (teacher Oksana Liplianska),

- the second place - Gogsadze Hristina (teacher Iryna Hladush),

- the third place - Anhelina Ustinova (teacher Nina Shkura)



5. Contest of art compositions made of natural materials

"Autumn Vernissage 2018"

the first place - Elina Klushnikova, Anastasia Zakrevska (teacher Svitlana Krasniuk) and Bilusiak Anastasia (teacher Oksana Liplyanska)

- the second place – Mariia Martynenko (teacher Nataliia Syromlya),

Lischynska Mariia (teacher Nataliia Syromlya),

Yana Mylyashkevych (Svitlana Krasniuk).,

Myroniuk Tetiana, Salmanova Kseniia, Rlymenko Oksana, Spys Julia (teacher Iryna Hladush),

- the third place -  Zarina Yenshina (teacher Nataliia Syromlya),

Mariia Proskurka (teacher Svitlana Krasniuk ),

Bohdana Tokareva (teacher Nataliia Pysarenko),

Tetiana Basenko, Tetiana Sybil, Victoria Rybak (teacher Iryna Televiak).

The prize of guests’ preferences was given to:

- Group BDRmt-18

- Lishchynska Mariia (BDr1,2-18- teacher Natalia Syromlia),

- Hramma Natalia (BDk2-15, teacher Indira Renska)


In total, 517 students from all faculties of National University of Technologies and Design celebrated the unity and diversity of foreign languages, cultures, art and science.

Autumn inspires!