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Academic staff at three countries carry out a joint program of higher education in Ukraine


International seminar on implementation of joint programmes in HE in Ukraine has finished at KNUTD. The main goal of this event was to promote partnerships between Ukrainian, UK and Lithuanian universities, based around the development of dual degree programmes, as well as partnerships that lead to capacity building projects.

The second day of the seminar was devoted to Universities' general presentation materials and trainings. Rector of KNUTD, Academician of NAES of Ukraine Ivan Gryshchenko said during his presentation that KNUTD is unique. Because, in essence, the University is not only educational and the research base of the fashion industry. There are more than 10,000 students from 71 countries in KNUTD. And over the last years the number of foreign applicants has doubled.

Thanks to the foreign colleagues for the partnership, Ivan Gryshchenko noted that the University is ready to offer innovative educational programs especially  for design, electronics and electromechanics, pharmacy and other disciplines.

Summing up of the seminar, Dr. Gryshchenko expressed most heartfelt thanks and noted that academic staff at three countries has one mail goal - improving quality of education. We believe that it will be possible to reach with the Government and Employer Partnership Programs.