Kyiv National University of Technologies and Design


Our successful graduates become our partners in staff training and research

The Kyiv University of Technology and Design held a working meeting of the University Rector, academician Ivan Grishchenko with the Director of the Ukrainian Scientific Institute of Certification (UniCERT) Mr. Roman Michalko.

Mr. Michalko is a graduate of our institution of higher education and today the company headed by him is the leader of the branch of certification of medical equipment and medical products. Over the past four years, more than 80 students of the Faculty of Mechatronics and Computer Technologies have been trained and trained at its base. Several of them now work fruitfully in this company.

During the meeting, issues of further cooperation and its expansion were discussed in order to conduct joint research, seminars, conferences, internships and provision of workplaces to university students.

The meeting was also attended by Ms. Garkevenko, Vice-Rector for Educational Activities. Dean of the Faculty of МCT Mr. Zenkin  and Head of the Department of KITМT Mr. Zdorenko.

Зустріч відбулася у теплій дружній атмосфері.



During the visit, Mr. Michalko аlso, with interest, he became acquainted with the university's research and teaching laboratories, in particular, the «Textile-TEST» Analytical Testing Laboratory (headed by Ms. Dmitrenko), the laboratory bases of the Faculties of the Fashion Industry and the Chemical and Biopharmaceutical Technologies.

During a visit to the KNUTD by Mr. Michalko questions were answered by Ms. Mokrousova, Mr. Bessarabov, Mrs. Garkavenko and other university representatives.

The partners expressed their hope for further fruitful cooperation.