Kyiv National University of Technologies and Design


Photography Competition "PHOTOSUSHKA"

"PHOTOSUSHKA" – is a contest, where each student of KNUTD can show their photos and gain more exposure of their work. The holiday was held outdoors in the KNUTD park, voting for works was available throughout the day. The Competition atmosphere was friendly and cheerful.

All photos were divided into 7 nominations and each visitor of "PHOTOSUSHKA" had an opportunity to vote for the image.



"Portraits" nomination:

1st place - Shablya Anastasia (Faculty of Fashion Industry);

2nd place - Shimko Anna (Faculty of Design);

3rd place - Kharlamova Daria (Professional College of Arts and Design KNUTD).

«Environment» nomination:

1st place - Frolova Olga (Faculty of Fashion Industry);

2nd place - Pozhidaev Andriy (Faculty of Mechatronics and Computer Technologies);

3rd place - Klimova A. (Faculty of Fashion Industry).

«Macro» nomination:

1st place - Yanovich Bogdan (Faculty of Design);

2nd place - Proskurka Maria (Faculty of Fashion Industry).

«Street style» nomination:

1st place - Nogotochny Arthur (Faculty of Mechatronics and Computer Technologies);

2nd place - Kozulina Kateryna (Faculty of Design)

3rd place - Vlasenko Alyona (Faculty of Economics and Business).

"Black & White" nomination:

1st place - Litvinova Alexandra (Faculty of Design)

2nd place - Smolenskaya Bogdana (Faculty of Fashion Industry);

"Artistic photo" nomination:

1st place - Gordienko Oleksandr (Faculty of Economics and Business);

2nd place - Shevchenko Darina (Faculty of Economics and Business);

3rd place - Yencheva Sofiya (Faculty of Economics and Business).

"Composition" nomination:

1st place - Shchelochkina Yuliya (Professional College of Arts and Design KNUTD);

2nd place - Goma Darina (Faculty of Design);

3rd place – Tereshchenko Anna (Faculty of Design).

Thank you to everyone who joined the organization and holding of the competition!