Kyiv National University of Technologies and Design


Congratulations on the 90th University anniversary from the Pechersk District State Administration

On November 13, a delegation from the Pechersk regional state administration in the Kyiv city visited our university. During the visit, the head of the administration Natalia Kondrashova presented a Gratitude to the Kiev National University of Technologies and Design staff for high achievements in educational activities, active participation in the Pechersk region youth education and on the occasion of the  institution foundation 90th anniversary.

During the visit, the grand opening of a new art object "Tree of Inspiration in Beauty and Design", created on the territory of the university, took place. The art object is a four-lobed volumetric structure with four ribs-arches of a geometrized and at the same time free form, embodies the symbolism of the sun wheel, the life energy, a the universe model, traditional for Europeans.


The guests had the opportunity to get acquainted with our university. They visited assembly and conference halls, the Academic Council hall, equipped with modern audio and video equipment, LED screens.



During the visit, the main focus was on the educational and scientific aspects. The guests were shown the modern laboratories and centers operating at our university. In particular, the center for energy efficiency, which allows students and trainees of energy management courses to get acquainted with modern energy efficient technologies and get practical skills in their use.

A creative approach to the educational process is demonstrated by the Shoe Design Studio laboratory, which brings together the  teachers, students, graduates, university partners efforts to create commercial collections of shoes and leather goods for individual, serial and mass production using 2D and 3D technologies.

The guests were convinced that the creative component can be seen in all aspects of the our university activities, even when creating new computer classes, in which creative design is combined with modern computer and multimedia equipment.

Special attention was paid to the laboratories of the Faculty of Chemical and Biopharmaceutical Technologies, which allow students to master all their future profession nuances.

We sincerely thank the Pechersk district administration for congratulations and productive cooperation!