Kyiv National University of Technologies and Design


KNUTD 90th Anniversary: achievements of the Department of Drawing and Painting 2020

Year of the 90th anniversary of the Kiev National University of Technology and Design Department of Drawing and Painting celebrated by many creative achievements, which keep the status of our University at the level of the leading higher education institutions among the design HEIs of Ukraine, Europe and the world. In particular, the anniversary of the Alma Mater are dedicated to:

1. Personal exhibition of E.P. Gula, timed to the 90th anniversary of KNUTD, held in ART "Bratislava", Kiev, March 2020.

2. Teachers of the department were involved in teaching at the Kyiv Institute of Tsiluy Technological University, People's Republic of China: conducting lectures and practical classes by teachers of the department: Assoc. Prof. Dubrivna A.P., Assoc. Prof. Rudenko M.F.

3. In September 2020 year at the Department of Drawing and Painting was opened an international exhibition of creative paintings and graphics by students of the Faculty of Design KNUTD and students of the Kiev Institute of Technological University Tsilu, dedicated to the 90th anniversary of KNUTD.

4. Traditionally, every year students are involved in various forms of scientific and creative work of the department.

Students BDr3-18, BDr4-18, BDr5-18, BDr 6-20. (Supervisor: Serbinova KO) The Art Project "Alley of Samchykivsky Painting" was implemented, which was entered into the Book of Records of Ukraine (Kyiv, Kharkivske Shosse 21) as the longest painting in Ukraine (86 meters).

5. Teachers conducted research in the field of painting and graphics. In particular, more than 200 exhibits were shown in 48 exhibitions of various levels, where:

12 participants - in International art exhibitions: (87 exhibits)

14 participants - in the All-Ukrainian art exhibitions: (51 exhibits).

22 participants - in regional art exhibitions: (63 exhibits).


6. In 2020, students participated in the All-Ukrainian and International competitions of student creative works and received 35 prizes.

Within the framework of the IX International scientific-practical conference "Energy efficient university" the award in the nomination "Energy saving - the way to the future" was given to the students of the department:

  • Grand Prix -Kupchenko K., 1st place -Prykhodko I.
  • Nomination "Alternative energy sources" -1 place Beregovy O.
  • Nomination "Original design solution" -1 place Gapon A.
  • Nomination "Audience sympathies" -1 place Lyashenko R.


7. The department has an art school: "UKRAINIAN GRAPHIC ART AND DESIGN", the team of which is headed by Professor KNUTD, painter, graphic artist Gula Eugene Petrovich, member of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine, a member of the Union of Designers of Ukraine.

Professor of the department, Kolisnyk Oleksandra Volodymyrivna, a member of the Union of Designers of Ukraine, is a member of the editorial board of the scientific journal Art and Design, which has a category B.


8. An important indicator of the activity of the department is the publication activity of the members of the department based on the results of research work. In total, in the current, jubilee year, the scientists of the department published 2 monographs, 1 chapter in a collective monograph in the language of the European Union, 19 articles in professional publications, including 2 in category B journals, 3 abroad. Also, teachers and students of the department during 2020 took part in 49 conferences of different levels

All the achievements and prospects of the Department of Drawing and Painting of the Faculty of Design are related to the Kyiv National University of Technology and Design!

Congratulations to our Alma Mater on the anniversary, we wish success and prosperity!