Kyiv National University of Technologies and Design



On June 2, the walls of the Kyiv National University of Technologies and Design hosted the final of the student competition «MISTERIYA  KNUTD», in which 14 participants competed for the title of «MISS» and «MISTER» of the University.

Vice-Rector of Scientific and Pedagogical Activities, Professor, Doctor of Economics Oksana Morgulets addressed the participants with a welcoming speech.

All participants won five competitions: the first exit and an acquaintance, a creative number, a dance battle, an intellectual competition and the final fashion show. Evaluated the skills of the jury which included: actor, host and member of the League of Laughter in various teams Vadim Shapovalov; designer-decorator, teacher of creative master classes, art therapist Tetyana Remeneva; performer, composer, participant of the show «Voice of the Country» and semifinalist of the show «Ukraine has talent», co-founder and soloist of the band «Manifest & Leo» Lev Remenev; Chairman of the Trade Union of Students and Postgraduates of the National University of Physical Education and Sports of Ukraine Andriy Mykhalchuk and Stanislav Kravtsov - the founder of the largest innovative English antischool in Ukraine.

The show turned out fantastic! Participants showed a high level of creative skills, talents, their own uniqueness,  revealed unique images of beauty and style.

The most anticipated moment of «MISTERIYA KNUTD 2021» was the announcement of the winners. According to the results of the competition the winners of the titles were:

«MISS KNUTD 2021» - Dariia Balyura (Faculty of Economics and Business)

«MISTER KNUTD 2021» - Denis Varyanenkov (Faculty of Design)

«I VICE-MISS KNUTD 2021» - Angelina Koryakina (Faculty of Design)

«I VICE-MISTER KNUTD 2021» - Oleg Strelyuk (Faculty of Design)

«II VICE-MISS KNUTD 2021» - Dariia Mayorova (Faculty of Economics and Business)

«II VICE-MISTER KNUTD 2021» - Maxim Mokienko (Faculty of Fashion Industry)

«MISS CREATIVITY KNUTD 2021» - Tamila Polishchuk (Faculty of Economics and Business)

«MISTER CREATIVITY KNUTD 2021» - Egor Baklanov (Faculty of Design)

«MISS CHARISMATIC KNUTD 2021» - Nataliia Grishchyshyn (Faculty of Chemical and Biopharmaceutical Technologies)

«MISTER CHARISM KNUTD 2021» - Valentin Kovalenko (Faculty of Fashion Industry)

«MISS GRACY KNUTD 2021» - Anastasia Achkan (Faculty of Fashion Industry)

«MISTER ORIGINALITY KNUTD 2021» - Roman Lysenko (Faculty of Economics and Business)

«MISS  OF AUDIENCE SYMPATHIES KNUTD 2021» - Anna Turchenyuk (Faculty of Design)

«MISTER OF AUDIENCE SYMPATHIES KNUTD 2021» - Oleg Pasichnyk (Faculty of Design)

The event was organized by the student self-government and the Primary trade-union organization of students KNUTD.