Kyiv National University of Technologies and Design



On September 28, 2021, the Department of Private and Public Law of the Institute of Law and Modern Technologies of the Kyiv National University of Technology and Design organized an excursion to the Supreme Court - the highest judicial body in the court system of Ukraine. The students were accompanied by Inna Kovalenko - Associate Professor of Private and Public Law, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Deputy Director of the Institute of Law and Modern Technologies  KNUTD for educational work.


During the tour, young people visited a unique architectural monument - Klovsky Palace, which is a representative building of the Supreme Court. It is worth noting that each element of the room is unique in its style, decoration and has a certain symbolic meaning. Visitors toured the baroque interiors of the palace, got acquainted with its history, listened to a story about the activities of the Grand Chamber of the Supreme Court and its courts of cassation.

Students had the opportunity to visit the courtroom, where the cases of judges of the Grand Chamber of the Supreme Court are heard. Unforgettable impression on the visitors was made by the Plenary Hall decorated on the theme of the formation of the statehood of Ukraine. These are, in particular, paintings depicting Yaroslav the Wise with Ruska Pravda, Hetman Pylyp Orlyk with the first constitution of Ukraine, the first President of Ukraine Mykhailo Hrushevsky with the fourth universal.


In the Museum of the Supreme Court, visitors learned about the development of the judiciary and the judiciary in Ukraine, saw the robes of judges of different periods of time.