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The versatility of Kyiv National University of Technologies and Design is expressed in every manifestation of creativity and desire to present the world with talented and successful citizens. Designers, fashion designers, stylists, and actors – today, you can choose any creative profession and realize your full potential. Our University is an active organizer, participant, and partner of art events of different scopes. One of them has long been known in many parts of the modern world.

We are proud of the popularity of the electro-rock opera “Orpheus and Eurydice Forever”, which holds two records – the National Register of Records of Ukraine – for creating the first electro-rock opera in Ukraine and for the use of the largest number of musical instruments. Its author and composer is a Ukrainian musician, singer, Honored Artist of Ukraine Michael Brunsky – Professor, teacher of vocal disciplines at the Department of Performing Arts of Kyiv National University of Technologies and Design, and lead actor.

Over the years of its existence, this work of art has become a stunning event in the world of vocals and aesthetics. Dozens of performances on national stages, and grand performances abroad. KNUTD as a partner in the production of the music show “Orpheus and Eurydice Forever” was announced from the stages of the following halls:

  • National Opera of Ukraine, Kyiv, 2016;
  • Lviv Theatre of Opera and Ballet, 2016;
  • FREEDOM Event Hall, Kyiv, 2017;
  • Odesa Opera and Ballet Theatre, Odesa, 2017;
  • Odesa Opera and Ballet Theatre, Odesa, 2018;
  • National Palace of Arts “Ukraina”, Kyiv – October 21, 2018;
  • National Opera of Ukraine, Kyiv, 2018;
  • Dubai Opera, Dubai, 2019;
  • Music Hall “Yacht Club”, Abu Dhabi – March 16, 2019;
  • Kyiv Academic Drama Theater in Podil, Kyiv, 2019;
  • FREEDOM Event Hall, Kyiv, 2020;
  • Operafest Tulchyn Festival, Tulchyn – August 28, 2021.



Our University community provides great support to talented and professional colleagues who gain international recognition and spread the Ukrainian art style with their works. Try to realize your potential in KNUTD!

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