Kyiv National University of Technologies and Design


Congratulations on Science Day in Ukraine


Dear colleagues,

Happy National Science Day!


It is a celebration of bold innovative ideas and discoveries, knowledge and innovation, a time to honour the research traditions and achievements of scientists that we are rightly proud of and have high hopes for.

Today, despite all challenges, thanks to indefatigable industry of the academic research community of the Kyiv National University of Technologies and Design, modern science has been enriched by the novel scientific schools and unique, highly demanded technological developments.

The daily efforts of academic staff of the Kyiv National University of Technologies and Design is a powerful driver in boosting social development, thus contributing to launching new technology, new concepts and implementing scientific achievements that will strengthen Ukraine's economy and enhance the welfare of its people.

The merits of KNUTD scholars and their high professionalism have gained wide international recognition which is a matter of special pride for the University and inspires further scientific endeavours and important strategic research.



I am confident that your selfless labour will fill you with genuine happiness from research creativity as well as grant meaningful practical outcomes.

Wishing each of you peace, health, family comfort and well-being, strength and inspiration, professional intuition and growth, new promising scientific topics, wide public recognition, new ambitious projects and discoveries for the glory of Science and Ukraine!


May your efforts will always be rewarded by the triumphs of Science!