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The Faculty of Design of KNUTD actively participates in international events, and at the same time supports active cooperation with its graduates. An outstanding event was the participation of students, graduate students and graduates of the Faculty of Design in the show of Neo.Fashion collections as part of Berlin Fashion week, which took place on September 6-8, 2022 in Berlin (Germany). In total, 15 shows of designers from all over the world were presented at the event, among which the collections of Ukrainian designers took a worthy place.

At the Neo.Fashion show, 12 collections were presented, developed at the Faculty of Design KNUTD under the guidance of teachers from the Department of Art and Fashion Design and the Department of Ergonomics and Design with the full support of the Dean of the Faculty of Design, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Prof. M. V. Kolosnichenko. Young designers and their supervisors addressed congratulatory words to the participants and spectators of the Berlin Fashion week.



Fragments of the KNUTD show at Berlin Fashion week, 2022


The following collections were well received: A girl (author Alina Kravtsova), Life on Mars (author Anna Kostochka), Bang (author Tatiana Chernaya) supervisor prof. O. V. Kolosnichenko); "Infiorescenza" (author Klontsak Marta-Olga, supervisor Prof. O. V. Yezhova); “Pseudo-romanticism” (author Padima Denis, supervisor Prof. T. F. Krotova); "Vanilla sensuality" (author Tatyana Kovaleva, supervisor Assoc. Prof. T. I. Nikolaeva); "Bohemia" (author Diana Trachuk, supervisor Assoc. Prof. G. V. Kokorina); "Labyrinth" (author German Tetyana, supervisor Prof. N. V. Chuprina); "Romance d'Arc" (authors Olga Serdyuk and Marina Kharchenko, supervisor Prof. N. V. Ostapenko); Folkgraphia (author Anastasia Navrotska, supervisor Prof. K. L. Pashkevich and Assoc. Prof. I. A. Prikhodko-Kononenko); “Liberty” (authors Tetiana Zhamaniuk and Anna Zaletska, supervisor Prof. K. L. Pashkevich and Assoc. Prof. O. D. Gerasimenko); “V for Victorian” (author Ekaterina Pogodina, supervisor Assoc. Prof. I. A. Prikhodko-Kononenko).

Collection "Folkgraphia" (author A. Navrotskaya)

Collection "Infiorescenza" (author M.-O. Klontsak)

Collection "Liberty" (authors T. Zhamaniuk, A. Zaletska)

We congratulate the participants of the international event Berlin Fashion week and wish creative inspiration and professional achievements to young designers! Thanks to the organizers Neo.Fashion and personally Jens Zander for the opportunity for our young designers to join the global fashion industry community!

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