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Every year on March 9, Ukrainians around the world celebrate the birthday of Taras Hryhorovych Shevchenko, the great Kobzar, an outstanding Ukrainian poet and artist. In the mind of every citizen of our country, T.H. Shevchenko takes the place of a national hero. Thanks to his life and work, the great artist still inspires the patriots of Ukraine to fight for truth, freedom, and the future of our mother Ukraine. On this day, solemn events are held throughout the country, and KNUTD is no exception. Despite the disturbing morning and missile attacks across the country, the concert “Together with Kobzar to our VICTORY” was held at the University. It was opened by the rector of KNUTD, Academician of the National Academy of Pedagogical Sciences of Ukraine, Laureate of the State Prize, Professor Ivan Mykhailovych Hryshchenko.


The concert began with a commemoration of the great Kobzar with immortal lines performed by students of the BAMPsk-22 group: Yury Shvets, Tetyana Miroshnichenko, and Oleksandr Skachedub, pupils of Vitaliy Kino’s acting studio.

I don’t care if

I will live in Ukraine or not.

Who will remember or forget

Me in the snow in a foreign land –

It doesn’t matter to me.

But it’s not the same for me,

How Ukraine will be fallen asleep by evil people

Cunning ones, and in the fire

She, robbed, will be woken up ...

Oh, not the same for me.


The concert was attended by the outstanding masters of the Ukrainian stage: Maestro Volodymyr Hryshko – People’s Artist of Ukraine, laureate of the Taras Shevchenko State Award, full Knight of the Order of Merit, soloist, and Prima of the Metropolitan Opera.


Petro Chornyi is a Ukrainian singer, musician, composer, and actor, Honored Artist of Ukraine, popularly known as “Black Gold of Ukraine”.


Mila Nitich is a Ukrainian singer, finalist of the TV project “Chance”, laureate of “Alla’s Golden Star” at the international competition “New Wave” in Jurmala, participant of the Ukrainian selection of “Eurovision 2011”, laureate of the award “Woman of the 3rd Millennium” in the nomination “Ranking”.


Anatoly Hovoradlo, a soloist of the legendary Ukrainian band Svitiaz, musician, composer, singer, Honored Artist of Ukraine, People’s Artist.


Ihor Havryliuk is a poet and composer, soloist-vocalist of the Ternopil Regional Philharmonic, who sang together with Mykhailo Kulyniak, ex-Minister of Culture of Ukraine and currently Dean of the Faculty of Cultural and Creative Industries of KNUTD.


Oksana Pekun is a Ukrainian pop singer, TV presenter, music director, and presenter of the “Folk-music” program, People’s Artist of Ukraine.


Ilona Savytska is a young Ukrainian singer.


It is especially pleasant that the assembly hall was full of spectators, and Shevchenko’s words sounded like a national anthem of insubordination. His eternal words inspire and sound like a prophecy, “And glory, mountains blue, to you, in ageless ice encased! And glory, freedom’s knights, to you, whom God will not forsake. Keep fighting – you are sure to win! God helps you in your fight! For fame and freedom march with you, and right is on your side!”. Taras Shevchenko lived for 47 years, he always remained a son of his land, remembered and missed it like a mother. And today we honorably carry the memory of KOBZAR in our hearts.