Kyiv National University of Technologies and Design



On May 18, 2023, a guest lecture was held at Kyiv National University of Technologies and Design by Andriy Kvakov, the Head of the Design Department at TSM GROUP Corporation. The lecture focused on the topic of "Flexible Automated Productions, Robotic Systems, and Technical Means of Automation" and was intended for undergraduate students majoring in the following fields:

  • 121 "Software Engineering" (Educational program: "Software Engineering")
  • 126 "Information Systems and Technologies" (Educational program: "IT Project Management")
  • 151 "Automation and Computer-Integrated Technologies"
  • 131 "Applied Mechanics" (Educational program: "Applied Mechanics")
  • 133 "Industrial Mechanical Engineering" (Educational program: "Mechanical Engineering")

The lecture was also attended by graduate students pursuing the following specializations at the master's level:

  • 151 "Automation and Computer-Integrated Technologies" (Educational program: "Automation and Computer-Integrated Technologies")
  • 131 "Applied Mechanics" (Educational program: "Mechatronics and Robotics")
  • 133 "Industrial Mechanical Engineering" (Educational program: "Industrial Engineering")

The event was moderated by Vladyslava Skidan, PhD, Associate Professor and Head of the ICT Department, and Antonina Volivach, PhD, Associate Professor at the ICT Department.

Guest lecturer Andriy Kvakov aimed to uncover the essence of applying modern technologies used in industry for the automation of production processes to the students. Special attention was given to flexible automated productions, which enable fast and efficient manufacturing of various high-quality products

The lecture covered the following aspects:

Flexible automated productions: key concepts and principles of flexible automated productions that involve the ability of production to quickly respond to changes in market demands and manufacture various types of products.

During the lecture, the speaker emphasized the importance of using robotic-technological complexes in flexible automated productions. An example of a general robotic complex was provided to illustrate the principle of its functioning.

Robotic complexes offer significant potential in ensuring high speed, accuracy, and repeatability in manufacturing operations.

The lecturer presented various variants of existing robots and their practical applications. Automation tools: modern technological solutions and devices used in automated production processes.

During the lecture, students received information about modern developments in the field of automation and the wide application of sensors, controllers, specialized software, and other technical components in technological processes.

Additionally, students were provided with examples of technical automation devices used in the production systems of SIC company, which are applied in automated manufacturing systems in most countries worldwide. LIDAR sensors for data reading and processing were highlighted, showcasing their wide utilization in logistics, security systems, mining industry, automotive manufacturing, and electronics. Barcode readers such as CLV60 (used in chemical and food industries), Lector63x (applied in logistics centers), and Lector61x (utilized in electronics production) were also discussed.

Of particular interest was the information on the application of industrial controllers, frequency converters, and modern electric motors in automation processes.

During the lecture, emphasis was placed on the importance of developing specialized software and utilizing various types of controllers. Lecturer Andriy Kvakov provided students with valuable knowledge and insights into modern technologies and trends in the field of flexible automated manufacturing, robotic systems, and automation devices. The information received allowed students to understand the significance of using automated technologies in contemporary industries and their potential for optimizing production processes and increasing productivity.

Following the lecture, a discussion was held regarding the importance of acquiring the necessary specialized and professional competencies for future employment in the chosen field of study by the students.

We are sincerely grateful to the management of "TSM GROUP" corporation and its representative, Andriy Kvakov, for the valuable opportunity to hear the professional insights from a business representative and gain real-world insights. The meeting facilitated the convergence of academic and practical experiences, emphasizing the importance of collaboration between the university and the business sector in preparing students for future professional challenges.