Kyiv National University of Technologies and Design



The Institute of Law and Modern Technologies has started a collaboration with the National Network for the Development of Local Philanthropy ("Philanthropists"), an organization that is at the forefront of philanthropy and volunteerism development in Ukraine.

On February 8, 2024, at a business meeting, the organization "Philanthropists" was represented by fundraiser Victoria Zablotska and content creator Natalia Kovalchuk.

The "Philanthropists" spoke about the organization's areas of activity and its vision, which consists of promoting the development of social capital and the culture of philanthropy for the sustainable development of communities in Ukraine.

During the meeting, the parties discussed collaboration plans, specifically:

Institute of Law and Modern Technologies:

-      Expanding students' social competencies through access to specialized educational programs and practical workshops;

-      Enhancing the level of social responsibility among the university community by involving them in volunteer initiatives and projects with a positive social impact;

-      Expanding the network of contacts with professionals, charitable foundations, and social enterprises, opening new opportunities for collaboration and development;

-      Integrating real cases of social activity into the educational process, improving the quality of education and providing students with practical experience.


-      Further spreading their ideas and goals among the younger generation, promoting a culture of philanthropy and social entrepreneurship;

-      Identifying and supporting young talents who can join the organization's projects or initiate their own initiatives;

-      Gaining new ideas and approaches to solving social problems through collaboration with scholars and university students;

-      Strengthening their position in society through the demonstration of the successes of joint projects and initiatives.

The parties expressed hope that future collaboration would create synergy between academic knowledge and practical experience in the field of philanthropy, enhance the social impact of both sides, and open new horizons for students of the ILMT in specialties 014 Secondary Education, 035 Philology, 052 Political Science, 054 Sociology, 081 Law, offering them a unique opportunity to engage in social initiatives that have a real impact on the development of our communities.