Kyiv National University of Technologies and Design



At the beginning of May, a course of open lectures by Hana Volfova, PhD, a member of the Department of Marketing and Management of ŠKODA AUTO UNIVERSITY (Czech Republic), was held at the Department of Entrepreneurship and Business within the international project of the INTREPID-HEI Consortium.

The listeners of the course of open lectures were students of higher education in the 1st-2nd courses of the specialty 076 Entrepreneurship and trade, and teachers of the department of entrepreneurship and business. First-year applicants listened to open lectures within the framework of the "Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship" educational component.

The course was open to all students, both university graduates and scientific and pedagogical workers.

The first lecture took place on May 3, 2024 and was entitled "Basic Brand Elements". The lecture revealed the key aspects of brands in modern business and in the international business environment, included modules focused on the study of the basics of brand policy, brand elements, brand value and its marketing advantages.

After the lecture, the winners gained new knowledge about the basics of brand policy, the importance of brands in the marketing environment; learned to identify the main elements of brands and understand the main approaches to brand values.

The second lecture on the topic "STP activity and marketing" was held on May 10, 2024, Hana Volfova shared with the applicant’s theoretical material on the critical marketing concepts of segmentation and positioning (STP). The lecture covered such topical issues as: studying the basics of segmentation and its importance for business promotion; market segmentation criteria; the process of selecting the target segment; evaluation of the target segment; positioning strategies; branding and rebranding. At the beginning of the lecture, the winners were given the task of defining the target audience of levitating houses (mobile homes that use the force of gravity and renewable energy sources, capable of floating at a height of up to 50 m), during the lecture, the winners had to refine the presentation given to them in the online graphic design tool Canva, using the acquired knowledge.

During open lectures, there was a lively discussion between the winners and the lecturer about the issues and the role of marketing in the development of their own business, the winners actively asked Hana Volfova questions and received comprehensive answers.

We sincerely thank Hana Volfova for incredibly interesting, informative, and useful lectures, and we would like to thank the partners of the INTREPID-HEI Consortium ( ) for fruitful cooperation and for the possibility of implementing foreign experience in the educational process of Kyiv National University Technologies and Design.