Kyiv National University of Technologies and Design



Despite the difficult times for the country, this year, thanks to the full support of the Rector of the University, Academician Ivan Gryshchenko, the positive dynamics of international academic mobility of the University faculty members, including at the Faculty of Arts and Fashion, is increasing.

From May 27 to 31, 2024, under the academic mobility program within the framework of the Erasmus + KA171 project, Olena Yershova, Head of the Department of Information Support and Technology Transfer, PhD; Natalia Ostapenko, Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Fashion, Professor of the Department of Fashion and Style; Olha Yezhova, Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences (Usak University) took part in the 5th International Staff Week at Usak University.

The 5th International Staff Week started on the campus of Ushak University with a welcome speech by the Rector, Prof. Dr. Ekrem Savas. On the first day of the event, which was attended by academic and administrative staff from 38 universities of 21 countries, the Rector delivered a welcoming speech to the guests and emphasized the importance of the International Staff Week for Ushak University, which they are holding for the fifth time, and noted that such events are important for expanding bilateral cooperation and cultural interaction.

As part of the first day’s activities, a meeting with foreign students studying at Ushak University was held in the lobby of the Congress and Culture Center, where they presented the culture of their countries. After visiting the Culture Promotion stands, international student ensembles performed in the big hall of the Congress and Culture Center. Dr. Tolga Kargin, Chief Coordinator of the International Office, also delivered a speech. One of the highlights of the first day of the International Week was a visit to the exhibition of creative works in painting, ceramics, traditional Turkish art and fashion design in the lobby of the Center.

The next day, the International Department organized a powerful tour of the university campus – a huge area with many modern academic buildings, conference rooms, a scientific and technical library, dormitories, a sports complex, dining halls, etc.

The international workshop on the design of leather goods, textiles and ceramics, etc. was of particular interest.

An equally interesting event was the participation of an international team in a workshop to identify cultural values and share experiences of intercultural communication.

During the extremely busy two days of the International Week program, a number of events were held at the Faculty of Fine Arts of Ushak University. The participants from the textile field were hospitably welcomed by the Dean of the Faculty of Fine Arts, Professor Mithat Yilmaz.

A roundtable discussion was held to exchange experiences and ideas, discuss joint international projects and art events, and prospects for further international cooperation in art and fashion. Associate Professor Shirin Kozak Cezici from Ushak University, familiarized the guests with the peculiarities of teaching creative disciplines. The tours to ceramics workshops, classrooms of traditional Turkish art, painting, graphics, etc. were informative and intense.

In the corridors of the Faculty, original creative works of students in ceramics and textiles are presented.

The Head of the Department of Textile and Clothing Design, Dr. Ozlem Kaya, conducted a tour of the spacious classrooms of the Faculty, including a workshop on design and technology of clothing production, shared her experience in training students for the fashion industry, and spoke about teaching methods and techniques.

The internship at Ushak University within the framework of the 5th International Staff Week at Ushak University provided an opportunity to gain new experience, modern knowledge to improve the quality of education and training of fashion industry specialists, and improve language skills. Based on the results of the international internship, the lecturers of the Department of Fashion and Style, Fashion Technology made proposals for changes to the curricula of the educational components of educational and professional programs in the specialty 182 Light Industry Technologies.

At the end of the 5th International Staff Week at Ushak University, KNUTD faculty members received certificates of participation in the event.

It should be emphasized that as a result of the internship, the Cooperation Agreement between KNUTD and Ushak University was extended for five years.

The presentations of the countries participating in the event, which was attended by the Rector of Ushak University, left unforgettable warm impressions on the participants of the International Week.

We are grateful for the support of the project curator Tuba, as well as the teachers of Ushak University for the experience gained and communication in improving the system of training fashion specialists, and for the activities carried out to popularize the historical and cultural values of the country and Ushak. The result of the internship is the acquisition of invaluable professional and cultural experience, improvement of foreign language skills and expansion of the international cooperation program.

We believe that the professional opportunities and competitive potential of future fashion designers of our University in the labor market will be growing thanks to the experience of international cooperation!