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The next week will be very "hot" for the Department of Performing Arts and Culture. After all, on June 17, the state exams will begin, at which students of higher education who are completing their studies at the Kyiv National University of Technology and Design in the specialty 026 "Scenic Art" will present their final attestation papers. For the department that trains actors and producers, this is not just a stage of completing studies and obtaining a bachelor's degree. Graduation exams are a real artistic phenomenon, where bright creative projects of future artists will be presented. This year, the graduation performances will be presented by two powerful creative workshops of the department - the workshop of the famous actor, director, theater organizer, professor of the department, People's Artist of Ukraine Lev Mykolayovych Somov and the outstanding director, actor, teacher, artistic director of the Arts Center "New Ukrainian Theater", acting head of the department Vitaly Anatoliyovych Kino. The week of performances by students of these workshops has every chance to turn into a real festival of modern theater art. The plays "Romeo and Juliet", love against war, according to V. Shakespeare, the Homericly funny classic comedy "How important it is to be Earnest " according to O. Wilde , the poignant drama "Looking for a Person" according to the play by K. Sergienko, an enchanting fairy tale for children and adults "Peter Pan and all, all, all" based on the motifs of D. Barry , workshop of L. Somov.

Performances of V. Kino's workshop will be presented to the state examination commission on the stage of the Theater on Mykhailivska Street (24, Mykhailivska St.). This is a phantasmagoria for adults "Erotic dreams of our city" based on the novels of the modern Ukrainian writer T. Malyarchuk , the play " Shakespeare " - lessons of tragedies based on V. Shakespeare and the performance of the correspondence acting course "Poker with fate" based on the play by K. Kholod during the war.

All these creative projects have passed a professional check, because in recent months they have been played several times for a wide range of spectators - friends and relatives, students and teachers of the university, stakeholders and professionals in the field of culture and art. All performances have favorable reviews and positive reviews from respected highly professional reviewers.

But the best "review" for novice actors will be your applause, sincere smiles, and maybe even tears, which you can give to young artists if you come to the performances next week.

Scene from the play "Romeo and Juliet"

Scene from the play "How important it is to be Earnest"

Photo from the play "Shakespeare"

Scene from the play "Shakespeare"