Kyiv National University of Technologies and Design



A touching and significant event for the University community took place on June 19, 2024, in the final month of the 2023-2024 academic year.

Rector of the University Ivan Gryshchenko, Professor, Doctor of Economics, Academician of the National Academy of Pedagogical Sciences of Ukraine, in the presence of honorary guests of the University, members of the Supervisory Board, artists, faculty members, undergraduate and postgraduate students, opened the Alley of Internationalisation of KNUTD. Ivan Gryshchenko greeted the audience and expressed his hope that the flags from the Alley would become guides for foreign students and graduates of KNUTD from around the world at important decision-making times, a constant link with the Motherland and remind us all of the unchanging values of freedom, equality and justice.

The host of the event, Liudmyla Ardelian, Honoured Artist of Ukraine, Ukrainian theatre and film actress, TV presenter, Associate Professor of the Department of Performing Arts and Culture of the Educational and Research Institute of Culture and Creative Industries of KNUTD, presented the concept of the Alley of Internationalisation of KNUTD. The idea of this alley has existed for a long time, and the decision to create and open it today is symbolic. The project concept is based on the main approaches set out in the KNUTD Internationalisation Programme for 2024-2028.

Rector Ivan Gryshchenko noted “that one of the main principles of the Magna Charta Universitatum is that higher education institutions are the guardians of the traditions of European humanism. Thus, today the University is an active participant in international, including foreign economic cooperation. It actively integrates into the world community by implementing international projects and grants, deepening international cooperation in education and research every year, while developing international relations in several interrelated dimensions: internationalisation of educational activities; internationalisation of research activities; internationalisation of social development”.

The enemy, who has treacherously attacked Ukraine, wants to seize not only the territory and destroy the infrastructure of our country but also destroy our educational and scientific centres, universities, research institutions, libraries, and museums. It is not working! We are defending our land. We are developing science and education so that our achievements are in demand throughout the civilised world. We have achievements both before the war and in these difficult times.

This is evidenced by the State Prizes in Science and Technology, awarded to KNUTD employees in recent years. The University is among the TOP 100 most prestigious design schools in the world. We were the first Ukrainian university to open a Ukrainian Institute in China.

KNUTD is also a leader in terms of the number of international students. They called it the most popular university of the century. All these are components of what KNUTD is called the flag of national education.

Of course, we are proud of what we have done. At the same time, today is an opportunity to thank our partners for their support, cooperation and attention to us. To declare this, as well as the fact that KNUTD is not only a national but also an international university, we are opening the Kyiv Alley of Unity of the educational space of the planet.

On this occasion, we are raising the flags of the countries, whose students study at KNUTD, and the European Union. Among them, the Ukrainian one is equal among equals. The flag of Ukraine is a symbol of struggle, victory, and love for the Motherland. This is how the national flag is perceived today not only by Ukrainians but also by all people in the world who share universal values, expressing solidarity and support for all those who consider themselves Ukrainians.

It was to it that all the others came. Here, in the centre of Kyiv, envoys from many nations came to get their most precious treasures – knowledge. Thus, the world recognises that Ukraine is an innovative country, and that the education received here is prestigious and competitive.

We are opening the Alley of Unity of the educational space of the planet during the war when the enemy wants to tear Ukraine away from the civilised world and destroy our country.

It has not and will not succeed because we are not alone. And the products of the University –  science, technology and education – are the most necessary weapons to accelerate the victory and rebuild the country.

The University is rightly called a temple of science. Here, students acquire not only knowledge and practical skills. It teaches them to think, create, and cherish high dreams.

The Ukrainian philosopher Hryhorii Skovoroda, who called himself a catcher of the "bird of truth", wrote that philosophy or wisdom directs the whole range of its activities to give life to our spirit, nobility to our heart, and quality to our thoughts, as they are the head of everything. All of this will be facilitated by the Alley of Unity. Its essence is clearly expressed by the artworks on the University’s territory, in particular, “Inspiration in Beauty and Design” and “From the Visible, Know the Invisible”. It is a kind of amulet and adviser to the creators of good.

May the Alley of Internationalisation also become the embodiment of the unity of nations and peoples in educational, scientific and cultural exchanges. 27 flags are flying on it, a continuation of the meaning expressed by the artwork “Inspiration in Beauty and Design”. It seems to close the art space of the University territory. If the previous compositions inspired and encouraged creativity, this one is a kind of evidence of what has been done, which increases the motivation to improve. Here, the flags urge you to raise your head and look up to feel proud of belonging to a great nation, in whose territory envoys from other countries study.

This is not only greatness, but also a great responsibility to the University, the country, and the world. Under the glow of the flags that show respect for Ukrainian education, everyone wants to become stronger to make a significant contribution to supporting the Ukrainian flag, the Ukrainian university, Ukrainian education, and thus Ukraine!

So, 27 flags have been raised: Ukraine, the European Union, Azerbaijan, Algeria, Bulgaria, Cyprus, China, Czech Republic, Egypt, Estonia, France, Georgia, Greece, Germany, Greece, Iraq, Italy, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Nigeria, Poland, Portugal, Turkey, Ukraine, Vietnam, United Kingdom, United States, and Vietnam.

Not only today, but always, let us be worthy standard-bearers of education, science, goodness and victory over evil.

Together – to our Victory!