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Admission Requirements


To obtain a temporary residence permit foreigner or a person without citizenship, who arrived to Ukraine to study, should submit:

1. application;

2. passport document of a foreigner or a document certifying the stateless person, visa type D, unless otherwise provided by law and international treaties of Ukraine and copies of passport pages with personal data and visa (if applicable) ;

3. Ukrainian translation of a passport page with personal data or a document certifying a person without citizenship, certified in accordance with law;

4. The petition of host (educational institution) with the obligation to inform the State Migration Service of Ukraine about dismission from such institution;

5. Document confirming studies in Ukraine

6. Health insurance, unless otherwise provided by international treaties of Ukraine;

7. Receipt of payment of the state fee or document that confirms privileges for its payment;

8. Four photographs of a foreigner or a stateless person 3,5-4,5 centimeters in size, matte (submission of photos in headgear which do not hide the face of a person is permitted, if religious beliefs do not allow to appear before third parties without headgear, provided that in their passport documents they are portrayed in hats);

9. copy of the identification number issued by the tax authority (if any).


The term to consider application

Within 15 working days of the receipt of documents by a regional body or subdivision of State Migration Service of Ukraine.


The term of appeal to State Migration Service of Ukraine and responsibilities in the event of breach

Not later than 15 days before the end of the permitted period of staying in Ukraine. For foreigners and stateless persons arriving from countries with visa entry procedures, one must have a long-term visa D.


Acts of legislation governing the provision of services:

  • Law of Ukraine "On Legal Status of Foreigners and persons without citizenship "
  • Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine 04.06.2007 №795 "On approving the list of paid services provided by the subdivisions of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the State Migration Service, and fees for their provision."
  • Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine dated March 28, 2012 № 251 "On approval of the design, production and issue of permanent residence and a temporary residence permit and technical description of forms and amendments to the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine dated December 26, 2002 р. № 1983 ".
  • Decree of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine "On State Duty" from 21.01.93 N 7-93
  • Order of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine dated July 15, 2013 № 681 "On approval of the temporary order of consideration of applications for registration of permanent residence permit and a temporary residence permit"

Obtaining a temporary residence permit is the basis for registration of residence. Registration of residence is at the address of a university dormitory, where foreign student will stay.

Registration of physical persons’ residence in Ukraine is regulated by the Law of Ukraine "On freedom of movement and choice of residence in Ukraine" and the order of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine of  22.11.2012 № 1077 "On approval of the registration of residence and place of individuals in Ukraine and samples required for of this document."

Residence - accommodation, situated on the territory of the administrative-territorial unit in which a person lives permanently or temporarily.

Person is obliged to register their residence within one month after cancellation of registration on the previous place.

Registration / removal of residence is carried out in the day of person’s application.

Registration of residence at the request of the person can be made simultaneously with de-registration of the previous residence.

For registration of residence person or his legal representative shall submit centers of administrative services (hereinafter - Centre):

1. A written application for registration of residence;

2. The  document, which includes information about accommodations, receipt of payment of the state fee or document about exemption from state fee;

3. documents confirming:

- The right to live in an apartment - order, certificate of ownership, contract of employment (sublease, rent) or other documents. In the absence of these documents registration is done with the consent of the owner / owners of housing, tenant and his family members for registration of residence. In case of registration of residence in the center, the administrator of the center can witness the lease agreement of premises;

- The right of residence or registration in the institution  - a letter of acceptance to a specialized social service institutions, institutions of social services and social protection of the person, a copy of the certificate of registration of a homeless person;

- Application for deregistration of residence (in case you registrate the residence simultaneously with de-registration of the previous residence).


Services for registration of temporary residence permit in Ukraine and registration of residence are provided by University staff