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Laughter is a cure for all troubles. KNUTD «League of Laughter» opened its doors to students in autumn 2017. Absolutely all KNUTD students have a unique opportunity to join the club, regardless of the level of acting skills and the course at which they study.

The format of the KNUTD «League of Laughter» season corresponds to the format and all canons of the official television version of the «League of Laughter» show. More than 20 teams took part in the tournament during the two seasons of KNUTD «League of Laughter». The finalists take part in the official student «League of Laughter».

The national team of KNUTD from the «League of Laughter» took the 2nd place out of 8 teams in the humor tournament in 2019 from the Pechersk Regional State Administration.

The finalist teams also take an active part in the official student «League of Laughter» and have even repeatedly become its finalists. They took part in the «League of Laughter» festival in Odessa.

KNUTD «League of Laughter» is currently developing, expanding and waiting for new actors in the coming seasons.