Kyiv National University of Technologies and Design


Faculty of Economics and Business


Prof. Dr. CHUBUKOVA Olga Yuriivna,

Head of Department of Economic Cybernetics and Marketing

Address: 01011 Kyiv, Nemirovich-Danchenko Str., 2, Education Building 1, room. 1-0331

Telephone: +38044-256-21-00


About the Department

The Department of Economic Cybernetics was established in February 2003. Doctor of Economics, Professor Chubukova Olga Yuriivna was appointed the head of the department. In 2014 the department of marketing joined the department of economic cybernetics.

Mission statement

Specialists in economic cybernetics and marketing are leaders, experts with knowledge of all economic sciences, information technologies and skills in programming and modeling.

Having chosen the motto "I want, I can, I know," specialists in economic cybernetics and marketing get to know the world, master  sciences, acquire practical skills to work as analysts, managers, top managers at companies, government institutions, banks, stock exchanges, research institutes.

Taking into account formation and development of information society in the world, information economy, the specialists in economic cybernetics become universal specialists whose main task is to manage the state, a company, their own business. 

Teaching Staff

We are the department of over 26 people working together for the education of students. The current faculty and staff for the department of economic cybernetics and marketing at Kyiv National University of Technologies and Design is:

Chubukova Olga Yuriivna, Head of Department,  D. E, Professor

Ruban Vladyslav Yakovych, D. E., Professor

Khomenko Oleksiy Ivanovych, D. E., Associate Professor

Yevseytseva Olena Sergiivna, PhD, Associate Professor 

Geseleva Natalia Valeriivna,  D. E., Associate Professor

Koretskii Sergii Leonidovych, D. E., Associate Professor

Izovit Tetiana Leonidivna, PhD, Associate Professor

Koval Olena Mykolaivana, PhD, Assosiate Professor

Podolna Valentyna Victorivna, PhD, Associate Professor

Usyk Svitlana Petrivna, PhD, Associate Professor

Iarenko Anatolii Valeriiovych, PhD, Associate Professor

Ivanchenko Nadia Oleksandrivna, PhD, Associate Professor

Synenko Oleksandr Ivanovych, PhD, Associate Professor

Shykovets Katerina Oleksiivna, PhD, Associate Professor

Kucher Serhii Leonidovich, PhD, Associate Professor

Kvita Halyna Mykolaivna, PhD, Associate Professor

Zharinova Alla Heorgiivna, PhD, Associate Professor

Zymbalevska Yuliia Viktorivna, Associate Professor

Dieieva Olena Mykhailivana, assistant

Murovana Lyubov Viktorivna, assistant

Pecherskykh Lesia Kostiantynivna, assistant

Chmeljova Anna Volodymyrivna, assistant

Bardin Yaroslav Olegovych, assistant

Ralle Natalia Victorivna, assistant

Kulazhenko Volodymyr Valeriovich, assistant

Pysanets Kostiantyn Kostiantynovych, assistant

Our experienced, innovative, and nationally and internationally recognized department members are looking forward to meeting you. We are here to share with you a journey that is rich in academic accomplishments, study abroad experiences, helping you on your way to a fulfilling professional career in Ukraine and everywhere in the world.