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KASICH Alla Aleksandrovna

Head of the Department, Doctor of Economics, Professor

Address: 01011 Kiev, Nemirovich-Danchenko, 2 st., educational building 4, Department Offices: 4-0608, 4-0610, 4-0604

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About the department

The strategic goal of the Department of Management is to provide teaching of disciplines at a high theoretical and methodological level, taking into account the current stage of development of management science and taking into account the requirements of employers; carrying out scientific, educational, methodological, educational work for the purpose of providing educational services that meet the standards of higher education; the formation of a competitive specialist through the acquisition of the necessary cultural and professional competencies by the youth.

Components of the department's competitiveness: professionalism, experience and creativity of teachers; student activity and perseverance; cooperation with professional organizations and employers.

The department is graduating and prepares students for the following specialties: 073 Management (educational degrees "Bachelor", "Master", "Doctor of Philosophy"), 281 Public Management and Administration (Bachelor Degree).

The competitive advantage of the bachelor's and master's programs of the department of management is their practical orientation and flexibility in accordance with changes in the economic environment, the requirements of the present; qualitative training of qualified specialist managers for various sectors of the economy and government; the ability of graduates to apply the obtained theoretical and methodological knowledge in a real economy.

1. Specialty 073 Management, educational degree "Bachelor" (term of training 4 years):


1.1. Specialization (English language educational program) "Management" - the profession of manager is included in the world ranking TOP 25 Best Business Jobs. The prospect of increasing the number of vacancies in this specialty is about 300 thousand vacancies per year. The program offers a comprehensive approach in the field of management of modern enterprises and mastering them through theoretical and practical training.

The aim of the program is to provide students with basic knowledge of the functioning and development of enterprises to form their corporate culture, organizational and production structure, effective management system, creative thinking. This program forms the practical skills of professional management in the field of management and administration.


2. Specialty 073 Management, educational degree "Master" (term of training 1,5 years):

2.1. Specialization (educational program) "Management" - the aim of the program is to train highly skilled, professional and creative managers with contemporary insights and ways of thinking about managing and implementing opportunities for enterprise development, which can also take full participation in scientific research aimed at developing new methods of management.

2.2. Specialization (educational program) "Management of Innovative Activities" - The program is aimed at forming in graduates integrated and strategic approaches to management of innovative activity of the enterprise and mastering them through theoretical and practical training; development of general and professional competencies in the field of innovative activity management, that based on the student's acquisition of knowledge, skills and skills in organizing business processes in the field of innovation activity.

3. Specialty 073 Management, educational degree "Doctor of Philosophy" (term of training 4 years). The purpose of the program is to train specialists in accordance with the requirements of level 8 of the National Framework of Qualifications in the field of management, which involves gaining competencies sufficient for the production of new knowledge, solving complex problems of research and innovation activity, mastering the methodology of scientific and pedagogical activity, as well as conducting own scientific research, the results of which have a scientific novelty, theoretical and / or practical significance for all-Ukrainian or world science. 

Prospects for students

Graduates of the department hold leading positions and positions of specialists, the main areas of their professional activities are related to organizational, managerial, administrative and informational and analytical activities in the corporate sector and in the sphere of state, regional and municipal management.

Graduates of the department are ready to solve the main professional tasks, including: carrying out system analysis; development of strategic directions of development and ensuring competitiveness; planning and forecasting of the object of management activity; development and introduction of innovations; organization of processes of management and development of rational forms of management; making effective management decisions; development of effective systems of motivation and wages; creation of a favorable social and psychological climate in the team; conflict management; conducting scientific researches; carrying out advisory activity.

Graduates from the specialty 073 Management can work as managers of all levels of management in the corporate sector; specialists of industrial, logistic, economic, marketing, personnel and other functional divisions of enterprises; organizers of small and medium business; consultants for information, logistics, personnel development management.

A management specialist may hold the following positions:

  • managerial staff in the departments of enterprises (planned economic, production, labor and wages, technological, marketing, personnel management, foreign economic activity);
  • Deputy Head of the company on: economics, logistics, finance, and others;
  • Head of the enterprise (general, functional, subsidiary enterprises in the integrated structures);
  • Head of the Department, Director of the Department (in the apparatus of state authorities);
  • expert, analyst, consultant, organizer, manager for market development, organizations, economic processes;
  • researcher (economics).

Graduates from the specialty 281 Public management and administration can work: in state authorities, local self-government and public organizations and can provide administrative services on the principles of openness, transparency, accountability, professionalism.

An expert in public administration and administration may hold the following positions:

  • heads and leading specialists of the local government agencies of the cities of regional subordination;
  • managers and leading specialists of enterprises, institutions and organizations of various forms of ownership and their deputies;
  • on leading positions in central government bodies;
  • on leading positions in local government bodies;
  • on leading positions of local self-government bodies;
  • managers (directors) in the social sphere;
  • heads of individual sections of trade union organizations;
  • heads of public organizations. 

Graduates of the Department of Management work in various spheres of the economic complex, at enterprises of different forms of ownership, both in Ukraine and abroad. The most famous among them: V.V. Golub - candidate of technical sciences, professor, deputy chief of humanitarian department of the Secretariat of the President of Ukraine; V.P. Shevchenko - candidate of technical sciences, Deputy Head of the Treasury of Ukraine; M.A. Yohna - candidate of technical sciences, professor, vice rector on international relations of Khmelnytsky National University of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine; O.E. Chumakova - director of Trajectory LLC; R.V. Jankovy - deputy of the Kiev regional council, M.M. Karapishchenko is a chief specialist at the Ministry of Economy of Ukraine.


The Department of Management begins its history since 1930 when the Faculty of Engineering and Economics created the Departments of Planning, Economics of Labor, General Economics and Accounting. In the process of development of the department the names were changed in accordance with changes in curricula and specialties, their redistribution took place. But the direction of "Production Management" was formed in the activity of the department since 1967 (the department was called "Management and Economy of the Enterprise", and in the late 1990s - "Department of Management").

The heads of the department worked:

1930-1938 - Prof. Gornostaj-Polski A.M.;

1938-1953 - Assoc. Messierznikov G.Sh.;

1953-1967 - Prof. Adamova N.A.;

1967-1978 - Prof. Ispiran G.P.;

1978-1981 - Assoc. Simonov O.Y.;

1981-1999 - Prof. Rojok V.D.;

1999-2005 - Prof. Chmelov V.S.

2005-2006 - Assoc. Denisenko L.O.;

2006-2017 - Prof. Goncharov Yu.V.;

since 2017 - Prof. Kasich A.O.

The years of functioning of the department have been transformed into experience, traditions, image, which today's teachers, post-graduate students and students are continuing. 

Scientific and pedagogical workers

As of 01.09.2019, 21 teachers work at the department, including: 3 doctors of economic sciences, professor, 13 candidates of sciences, including 13 associate professors.

Teachers of the Department of Management have many years of experience working in higher educational institutions, have high pedagogical qualifications, constantly introduce innovative approaches to teaching.

KASICH Alla Aleksandrovna, Head of the Department, Doctor of Economics, Professor.

In 1993, she graduated from Kyiv Taras Shevchenko University, and in 1999 she finished graduate school in the same university. In 2001 she defended her Ph.D. thesis at the specialized academic council of Kyiv Taras Shevchenko University (specialty - business, management, marketing). In 2004 she was awarded the title of associate professor. In 2009 she defended her doctoral dissertation at the specialized scientific council of the Research Institute of the Ministry of Economy of Ukraine (specialty - economics and management of the national economy). In 2011, she was awarded the academic rank of professor. Internship: USA, Open World Program, 2010; Slovak Republic, 2012; Czech Republic, 2016

She was awarded with the Diploma of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, the Excellence in Education of Ukraine.

Member of the specialized scientific council D 11.151.01 with the right to accept and conduct defense of theses for obtaining the degree of doctor (candidate) of economic sciences in specialty 08.00.03 - "Economics and management of national economy" and specialty 08.00.04 - "Economics and management enterprises (by types of economic activity)", Institute of Industrial Economics of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.

Trained two candidates of economic sciences.

She has over 200 scientific works and methodological developments, is the author of a monograph, co-author of 12 monographs, 1 textbook with a stamp of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine. The index of citing scientific and metrical databases: Google Scholar - 10, Scopus - 1.

She teaches disciplines: "Strategic Management", "Change Management", "International Management".

Head of the students of the winners of the All-Ukrainian and International competitions of students' scientific work in the field of "Management", "World economy and international economic relations", "Accounting, analysis and audit", "Oil and gas industry" and others.

Explores questions of managing innovation and investment activities, forming national innovation systems, activating modernization processes in the economy, and managing the cost of corporations. 


OLESHKO Anna Anatolievna, Doctor of Economics, Professor.

Works at the Department since 2017. Teaches disciplines: "State and Regional Administration", "Public Administration". Investigates issues of public administration, management.


PAVLENKO Iryna Anatolievna, Doctor of Economics, Professor.

Works at the Department since 2017. Teaches disciplines: "Communication Management and Consulting in Innovation Activity", "Innovations Management and Technology Transfer", "Management and Leadership". Explores questions of innovation activity of enterprises.


BONDARENKO Svetlana Mikhailovna, Ph.D. in Economic Sciences, Associate Professor.

Works at the department since 1994. Teaches disciplines: "Quality management", "Quality management", "Competitive management". Explores questions of quality management and corporate social responsibility.


BREUS Svitlana Ph.D. in Economics, Associate Professor.

Defended Ph.D. thesis «Increase of Economic Security Level on the Base of Production Technological Reconstruction», speciality 21.04.01 «National Economic Security».

Teaching subjects: «Project management».

Research interests: innovative development of economy, state economic security, economics of higher education, economic security of higher educational establishments.

Author and co-author of over 150 scientific publications.


BUGAS Natalia Valerievna, Ph.D. in Economic Sciences, Associate Professor.

Works at the department since 2003. Teaches disciplines: "Production management", "Business and public administration", "Management of foreign economic activity". Explores questions related to cost management of enterprises based on the introduction of budgeting.


BUGAS Vasyl Valerievich, Ph.D. in Economic Sciences, Associate Professor.

Works at the department since 2010. Teaches disciplines: “Leadership in Management”, “Operational Management”, “Business and Public Administration”. Explores problems of the insurance market, intellectual capital management of enterprises.


VOLOSHENKO Elena Aleksandrovna, Ph.D. in Economic Sciences, Associate Professor.

Works at the department since 2004. Teaches disciplines: "Ecological and energy management", "Management", "Management in tourism". Explores questions of management of environmentally-oriented development of light industry enterprises.


DIDENKO Yevgeny Aleksandrovich, Ph.D. in Economic Sciences, Associate Professor.

Works at the department since 2004. Teaches disciplines: "Anticrisis management", "Organization of production and labor", "Organization and planning of entrepreneurial activity", "Management of innovations", "Management in production", "Management of organizations", "Economic security". Explores questions of economic security of domestic light industry enterprises.


KOSTYUK Galina Volodymyrivna, Ph.D. in Economic Sciences, Associate Professor.

Works at the department since 2000. Teaches disciplines: "Project management", "Business process management". Explores questions of logistics processes in the enterprise.


KOVALENKO Marina Sergeevna, Ph.D. in Economic Sciences, Assistant.

Works at the department since 2000. Conducts practical classes: "Organization and planning of production", "Economics and organization of chemical production". Explores the economy of the shoe sub-industry and the chemical industry.


NEVMERZHITSKA Svetlana Nikolaevna, Ph.D. in Technical Sciences, Associate Professor.

Works at the department since 1996. Teaches disciplines: "Operational management", "Personnel management", "Innovative management". Explores questions related to operational, production management and personnel of the enterprise.


PIDKUYKO Aleksandr Aleksandrovich, Ph.D. in Public Administration, Associate Professor.

Works at the department since 2017. Teaches disciplines: "Territorial management and local self-government", "Antimonopoly regulation". Explores questions of development of territorial communities in the regions of Ukraine".


FEDORIAK Ruslan Mikhailovich, Ph.D. in Economic Sciences, Associate Professor.

Works at the department since 2005. Teaches disciplines: "Time management", "Organizational skills and abilities", "Organizational behavior", "Organization and normalization of labor", "Management of conflicts in the labor collective". Works on improving the systems of efficiency assessment of personnel management of enterprises, exploring issues of energy management.


TSALKO Tetyana Rostislavivna, Ph.D. in Economic Sciences, Associate Professor.

Works at the department since 2000. Teaches disciplines: "Production management", "Operational management", "Controlling". Explores issues of controlling, budgeting, managing financial flows of enterprises.


TSYMBALENKO Nataliia Ph.D. in Economic Sciences, Associate Professor.

Works at the department since 2019. Teaches disciplines: "Public Administration", "Theory of Public Administration". Explores issues of public administration, personnel management.


KIRILKO Natalia Nikolaevna, Senior Lecturer.

Works at the department since 2009. Teaches disciplines: "Management of exhibition activity", "Professional skills of standstand", "Marketing in the industrial sphere", "Organization and stimulation of labor". Explores problems in the field of exhibition activity.


The personnel structure is constantly updated, first of all, at the expense of young graduates of the Faculty of Economics and Business of the Kyiv National University of Technology and Design who have shown a high level of knowledge and ability to research and teaching activities.

Practitioners are involved in the learning process as well as experienced lecturers from abroad, in particular Professors D. Faas (Germany), M. Banai and G. Gardner (USA) who conducted classes for students and master classes for teachers management, as well as the exchange of experience in applying modern teaching methods.

Educational and laboratory premises

The department has a modern material base: 2 lecture rooms, 3 auditoriums for practical classes, a methodological room (4-610a) and a teaching staff (4-610), 2 computer classes, in which 28 computers of different types are installed, copying, audiovisual equipment; educational-methodical laboratory, which provides students with educational materials, a diploma design cabinet.

Material and technical support of the department allows to fully ensure the educational process throughout the cycle of preparation of bachelors and masters in specialties 073 "Management" and 281 "Public management and administration". The condition of the premises is certified by sanitary and technical passports, which are in accordance with the existing normative acts.

Main disciplines of the department and their methodical support

The department carries out systematic training and updating of educational and methodological literature, searches for new forms and methods of activating the educational process (business games, situational classes, etc.).

Educational-methodical complexes are developed for all disciplines, which determine the programs of disciplines, educational and production practices; methodical guidelines for the implementation of coursework and thesis, to independent work, to perform control work by students of correspondence form of training, etc.

The main disciplines of the department are

for the specialty 073 Management: Management, Anticrisis and risk management, Production management, Innovation management, Creative management, Strategic management, Environmental and energy management, Leadership in management, Business process management, Export and import operations management, Quality management, International management, Theories of Organizations, Theory and Practice of Managing Decision Making, Change Management, Human Resources Management;

for the specialty 281 Public Administration and Administration: Public Administration, Theory of Public Administration, State and Regional Administration, Business and Public Administration, System and Managerial Analysis of the Competitiveness of the National Economy, Territorial Administration and Local Government, Strategic Planning of the State Development, Regional and Administrative Management. 

Research activities

The department is the center of research on the development of the theory and methodology of management of modern corporations, state and regional management, activation of investment and innovation activity, human resources management.

Research work at the Department of Management is carried out in the following way: preparation of scientific personnel with scientific degrees; execution of thematic research work at the expense of state financing and at the expense of customers; publication of scientific publications (manuals, monographs, articles); approbation of the results of scientific research at scientific conferences of different levels; addition of students to scientific work.

Since 2017, on the basis of the department, there is an All-Ukrainian competition of student research papers in the specialty “Management” of the direction “Investment and Innovative Management”, and since 2018 - an All-Ukrainian competition of master's theses in the direction of “Personnel Management.”

During recent years, the following scientific and pedagogical workers of the department successfully defended Ph.D. theses: Didenko Y.O., Fedoryak R.M. (2012), Kharchenko T.A., Dvoretsky A.A. (2013), Voloshenko E.A., Bugas V.V. (2014), Salimon O.M. (2015). Post-graduate students of the Department of Management Kirillko N.V., Tkachenko M.A.

The state budget subjects, in which the teachers of the department take part:

  1. Economic and ecological principles of recycling of polymer waste in the context of the development of urban infrastructure.
  2. Economic security of higher educational institutions: development of measures to minimize socio-economic losses in conditions of external aggression.

During 2015-2017, the staff of the Department of Management published 269 scientific papers, of which 76 articles in scientific publications and 10 articles in foreign publications. Scientific articles are published by professors of the department mainly in the scientific specialized editions of Ukraine, which are part of the international scientific-metric databases, including Scopus, Web of Science. In 2016 a manual "Organization and Stimulation of Labor" was published.

Publication activity of the teachers of the Department of Management for the last three years is presented below.

Quantitative indicators of the publishing activity of the teachers of the Department of Management


2017 р.



The number of PVAs in total




incl. doctors, professors




candidates, associate professors




Protected theses




Received academic title of assistant professor




Total number of published scientific works




Volume of published scientific works, pr.p.












Articles in professional scientific journals




Articles in foreign publications




Articles in other editions




Abstracts of reports




Methodical developments





The Department of Management is the organizer and participant of scientific conferences and seminars. Seminars which are held jointly with the Ukrainian Association for the Development of Management and Business Education already became a tradition.

The main directions of scientific research of the faculty of management:

  • management of innovation and investment development and competitiveness of industrial enterprises and the national economy;
  • improvement of the system of public administration in the conditions of decentralization and development of local self-government;
  • increasing production efficiency in the period of transformation processes and taking into account global challenges;
  • realization of strategic decisions in the field of management of enterprises and organizations;
  • economic and environmental aspects of the development of innovative entrepreneurship;
  • development and management of integration processes.

An important part of the leadership of the department is the organization of the research work of the students of the department. The main forms of student science are: participation in the student's scientific circle "Creative Manager", preparation of scientific articles, participation in scientific conferences and all-Ukrainian competitions of students' scientific works, etc. Among the areas of research of students and problems as the introduction of European approaches to quality assurance; the development of innovation-oriented entrepreneurship, the introduction of modern methods of innovation management at Ukrainian enterprises.

In recent years, the students of the department were the winners:

The second stage of the All-Ukrainian competitions of student's scientific papers on the specialties "Management", "Light industry";

All-Ukrainian and International Olympiad on Quality Management among Youth in the framework of the Global Project "Youth Quality Movement" of the Quality Relay. 

Scientific cooperation with other organizations

The Department of Management of the KNUTD and the Ukrainian Quality Association Certification Authority carry out a joint project for the training and certification of personnel in accordance with the requirements of the Harmonized Scheme of the European Organization for Quality. The contract between KNUTD and UQACA is concluded on December 15, 2009, No. 20, according to which the University carries out the training of management specialists in accordance with the requirements of the Harmonized Scheme of the European Organization of Quality, and the UQACA carries out the certification of these specialists.

To carry out the project at the Department of Management, work was carried out on the development and preparation of curricula and programs, lecture materials, etc. documents that now meet the requirements of the Harmonized Scheme of the European Organization for Quality and form a course on qualification "Junior Manager of Quality Systems EOQ" for students specialty 073 "Management".

According to the results of the conformity assessment, the KNUTD is listed in the Register of Educational Organizations as a higher educational institution that meets the requirements of the European Organization for Quality.

Graduates of the Department of Management have the opportunity to pass the exam without additional training for obtaining the Certificate of Competence EOQ. The CEA certificate is recognized in Europe and beyond. The certificate of EOQ expands the possibilities of international career and free choice of graduates of the Department of Management in Ukraine and in European countries.

The management department maintains business relations for a long time, conducts scientific cooperation with such organizations as:

  • Ukrainian Association of Quality (Kiev)
  • Ukrainian Association for Management Development and Business Education (UAMDBE) (Kyiv)
  • PJSC "KSK" Cheksil "(Chernihiv)
  • PJSC "Texterno" (Ternopil)
  • Sumykamol Ltd. (Sumy)
  • Scorpio Ltd. (Kiev)
  • JSC Unicon (Dnipropetrovsk)
  • Publishing House "Chair" (Kiev)
  • University "National Academy of Management" (Kiev)
  • University "University of Economics and Law "KROK" (Kyiv)
  • State Enterprise Institute of Industrial Economics, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine (Kiev)
  • State Enterprise Institute of Economics and Forecasting of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine (Kiev)
  • State Enterprise "Research Institute of Social and Labor Relations of the Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine" (Kiev)
  • Kremenchuk National University named after Mikhail Ostrogradsky (Kremenchuk)
  • Lviv Institute of Management (Lviv)
  • National University of Water Management and Natural Resources (Rivne)
  • National University of the State Tax Service of Ukraine (Kyiv Oblast, Irpin)
  • National University "Lviv Polytechnic" (Lviv)
  • National University of Food Technologies (Kiev)
  • NTU "KPI" (Kiev) 
Foreign partnership

International cooperation involves integrated interaction of educational, cultural, scientific and business levels with higher educational institutions, embassies, organizations and institutions of foreign countries.

The Department of Management maintains and develops international relations with higher educational institutions and organizations from foreign countries.

International cooperation is realized through participation in joint educational projects and international conferences, round tables, symposiums, etc.

On the basis of the Department of Management under the leadership of the Head of the Department, Kasich A.A. The center of the Interstate Institute of Ukrainian-Kazakh Relations is working on the preparation of scientific publications, analytical materials for governmental and non-governmental organizations, conferences and roundtables, business forums in cooperation with Ukrainian and Kazakhstan partners.

Head of the Department Kasich A.A. is a member of the editorial board of the professional scientific journal "Vestnik Baranovichi State University" (series "Economic sciences").

Scientific cooperation with colleagues from the Institute of Technology and Business in the city of České Budějovice (Czech Republic) is actively developing, the result of which is the publication of joint publications, the organization of scientific conferences.

In recent years the professors of the department have been trained in foreign countries:

associate professor Kostiuk G.V. - Graduate School of Management in Warsaw (Republic of Poland), 2015;

assistant professor Bugas N.V. - Graduate School of Management in Warsaw (Republic of Poland), 2015;

Associate professor Voloshenko E.A. - Mendel University in Brno (Czech Republic) with the support of the Eastern European Center for Fundamental Research, 2016;

prof. Kasich A.A. - Institute of Technology and Business in the city of České Budějovice (Czech Republic), 2016

The department is constantly engaged in the preparation of bachelors and masters in management for the People's Republic of China.