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Faculty of Chemical and Biopharmaceutical Technologies

Tetiana Derkach, Doctor of Education (habil.), professor

Dean of Faculty of Chemical and Biopharmaceutic Technologies


Kyiv National University of Technologies and Design
Faculty of Chemical and Biopharmaceutic Technologies
Mala Shyianovska (Nemyrovycha-Danchenka) Street, 2
Kyiv 01011

Faculty Office: 1-0354

Phone number: +38044-280-54-18

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Faculty Administration

Dean of Faculty of Chemical and Biopharmaceutic Technologies

Tetiana Derkach, Doctor of Education (habil.), professor

Deputy Dean

PhD, associate professor

Deputy Dean

PhD, associate professor

Specialist, I category


Specialist, I category

Iryna Filchakova

Specialist, I category


Faculty Information

The mission of the faculty is to meet the needs of the population in the training of competitive specialists in the field of chemical, industrial pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical technologies; active participation in the personal achievements, upbringing and improvement of abilities of specialists.

The goal is to educate young people for formation their potential in the educational process, their creative abilities and an active social position.


‒ providing of high-quality training of specialists in chemical technologies and engineering; biotechnology and bioengineering; pharmacy, industrial pharmacy; environmental protection technologies;

‒ development of scientific research in the field of chemical technologies and bioengineering; industrial pharmacy;

‒ international integration of scientific and educational activities of the faculty due to participation in international educational and scientific projects, competitions, exhibitions in the field of chemical and biopharmaceutical technologies, academic mobility, publishing activity, etc. 

Faculty graduates work at enterprises of light and chemical industries, consumer services, industrial research and design institutes, trade enterprises, universities, ministries of different profiles and public institutions.

Faculty Offers

Academic Degree: «BACHELOR»

Speciality: 161 Chemical technologies and engineering

Educational Science Program «Chemical technologies and engineering»

Speciality: 162 Biotechnology and bioengineering

Educational Science Program «Biotechnology»

Speciality: 183 Environmental protection technologies

Educational Science Program «Ecology and technologies of environmental protection»


Academic Degree: «MASTER»

Speciality 226.02 Industrial pharmacy

Educational Science Program «Industrial pharmacy»


Academic Degree: «MASTER»

Speciality: 161 Chemical technology and engineering

Study Programme: «Chemical processing technologies of polymer and composite materials»

Study Programme: «Technical Electrochemistry and Electrochemical Power Engineering»

Study Programme: «Chemical technologies for the production of medicines and medical supplies»

Speciality: 162 Biotechnology and bioengineering

Study Programme: «Biotechnology of high molecular weight compounds»

Specialty 226 Pharmacy, industrial pharmacy

Study Programme: «Industrial pharmacy»


Academic Degree: «Ph.D.»

161 Chemical technology and engineering

226 Pharmacy, industrial pharmacy.


Terms of full-time studies

Bachelor’s Degree – 3 years 10 months;

Master of industrial pharmacy – 4 years and 10 months;

Master’s Degree 1 year 4 months.

Ph.D. Degree - 4 years.


The Faculty of Chemical and Biopharmaceutical Technologies is one of the oldest at the university. In the tumultuous 1930s of the last century, when the Kyiv Polytechnic Institute of Leather Industry was founded, it included the chemical and technological faculty. The faculty started training specialists for the leather, shoe and fur industries. For 90 years, the department of leather and fur technology was the leading department in the training of specialists for this field, and today it remains the only department in higher education institutions of Ukraine. Throughout the entire historical period, the faculty provides fundamental training in chemical disciplines for students of all specialties. The uniqueness of educational programs specializing in chemical technology and engineering lies in the training of highly qualified specialists in the field of polymer materials and chemical fibers, electrochemistry, leather and fur technologies.

At the current stage of the faculty's development, new areas of specialist training in the field of ecology, industrial pharmacy and biotechnology are being successfully developed. Training at the faculty is carried out according to modern educational programs based on innovative approaches, technologies and teaching methods.

The faculty is an active center of scientific and research activity, constantly develops its personnel potential, acts as the initiator of the creation of platforms for scientific discussions and the development of innovative projects.

The faculty's activities cover a wide range of organizational, educational, methodical, scientific and educational work.

Since 2017,  the faculty has been included in the ranking of the American magazine "CEOWORLD Magazine", which is a leader in the world of business and technology. The rating of the 100 best medical and pharmaceutical schools in the world shows the constantly growing success of KNUTD, starting from 71st place in 2017, reaching 61st place in 2022.

The Faculty of Chemical and Biopharmaceutical Technologies was admitted to the International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP) in 2021, and since this year it has been a full member, which has contributed to the activation of pharmaceutical education and industrial pharmacy activities.

Scientific Activity and Foreign Partnership

The scientific staff of the Faculty works for the creation of non-traditional sources of raw materials for the production of fibers, polymer composites, the development of new techniques leather and fur production, new autonomous electrochemical power sources, rational use of raw materials and recycling, the pharmaceutical drug development and biotechnology.

Faculty has extensive international links. International scientific and technical cooperation realizes through implementation of projects within the comprehensive bilateral agreements on scientific and technical cooperation and participation in international exhibitions, fairs, conferences, symposia, international scientific programs, on establishing direct relations with foreign educational and research institutions.


Today, more than 1,200 students study at the faculty, of which more than 600 are students from the People's Republic of China. All specialties of the faculty are accredited according to the IV educational qualification level. Postgraduate and doctoral studies are actively carried out at the faculty. Students acquire practical skills at leading scientific institutions of the National Academy of Ukraine, at modern enterprises of the light, chemical and pharmaceutical industries. The faculty also trains foreign students from four countries.


Our experienced, innovative faculty staff is looking forward to work with you!