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Faculty of Chemical and Biopharmaceutical Technologies

Olga BAULA, PhD, professor

Dean of Faculty of Chemical and Biopharmaceutic Technologies


Kyiv National University of Technologies and Design
Faculty of Chemical and Biopharmaceutic Technologies
2,  Nemyrovycha-Danchenko St.
Kyiv 01011

Faculty Office: 1-0354

Phone number: +38044-280-54-18

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Faculty graduates work at enterprises of light and chemical industries, consumer services, industrial research and design institutes, trade enterprises, universities, ministries of different profiles and public institutions.

Faculty Offers

Academic Degree: «BACHELOR»

Speciality: 161 Chemical technologies and engineering

 Educational Science Program «Chemical technologies and engineering»

Speciality: 162 Biotechnology and bioengineering

Educational Science Program «Biotechnology»

Speciality: 183 Environmental protection technologies

Educational Science Program «Ecology and technologies of environmental protection»

Specialty 226 Pharmacy, industrial pharmacy

Educational Science Program «Industrial pharmacy»


Academic Degree: «MASTER»

Speciality: 161 Chemical technologies and engineering

Study Programme: «Chemical processing technologies of polymer and composite materials»

Study Programme: «Technical Electrochemistry and Electrochemical Power Engineering»

Speciality: 162 Biotechnology and bioengineering

Study Programme: «Biotechnology of high molecular weight compounds»

Specialty 226 Pharmacy, industrial pharmacy

Study Programme: «Industrial pharmacy»


Terms of full-time studies

Bachelor’s Degree – 4 years

Master’s Degree 1 year 4 months.


One of the oldest faculties founded at the Tanning Industry Institute (later Kiev Technological Institute of Light Industry, and finally, Kyiv National University of Technologies and Design) was the Faculty of Chemical Technologies. In 1930 there were functioning the Department of Leather and Fur Technology, the Department of Chemistry (now - Department of Electrochemical Power Engineering and Chemistry). The first dean of the Faculty of Chemical Technologies was the founder of the Institute, Myhailo Kotov, Honored Scientist of Ukrainian SSR, Professor, Doctor of Technical Sciences (1930 – 1951).

In different years the faculty was headed by outstanding deans: Ivan Shkaranda, professor, Honored Worker of Higher School of Ukraine (1951-1962); Grygoriy Zhyla, PhD (1962-1963); Mykola Checheniev, PhD (1963-1974); Viktor Iefremov, associate professor (1974-1981); Borys Iegorov, associate professor, (1981-1982); Oleksiy Tsymbalenko, associate professor, (1982-1988).

In order to prepare engineering and scientific for chemical industry in 1958 on the basis of Faculty of Chemical Technologies was established the Department of Technology of chemical fibers (currently - Department of Polymer and Chemical Fibre Technology).

In 1994-2004, the faculty was headed by Alla Strokan, PhD, associate professor. During this period, the Faculty has grown considerably. New departments were created: Department of finishing production, Department of organic and analytical chemistry (currently – Department of Industrial Pharmacy), were opened specialties: Technical electrochemistry, Chemical engineering equipment and finishing production.

From 2004 till 2013, the Dean of the Faculty of Chemical Technologies was Viacheslav Dolgih, PhD, associate professor. Under his leadership at the Faculty were opened new specialties and specializations: Chemical fibre technology, Electrochemical energy and environmental safety, Polymer nanocomposites and their production technology, Cosmetics technology, Management in industrial pharmacy.

From 2013 till November, 2014 Olga Andreieva, professor, Doctor of Technical Sciences was the Dean of the Faculty.

The actual Dean of the Faculty is Olga Baula, PhD, associate professor.

Faculty Administration

Dean of Faculty of Chemical and Biopharmaceutic Technologies

PhD, professor

Deputy Dean

PhD, associate professor

Deputy Dean

PhD, associate professor

Senior Dispatcher


Senior Dispatcher


Scientific Activity and Foreign Partnership

The scientific staff of the Faculty works for the creation of non-traditional sources of raw materials for the production of fibers, polymer composites, the development of new techniques leather and fur production, new autonomous electrochemical power sources, rational use of raw materials and recycling, the pharmaceutical drug development and biotechnology.

Faculty has extensive international links. International scientific and technical cooperation realizes through implementation of projects within the comprehensive bilateral agreements on scientific and technical cooperation and participation in international exhibitions, fairs, conferences, symposia, international scientific programs, on establishing direct relations with foreign educational and research institutions.

The International team for the development of the European Union “Energy Caps” project on the creation of the effective power sources for electric cars.
The team consists of the representatives of Belgium Solvay”, Poland “Poznanska Politechnika”,
Ukraine “KNUTD” and small enterprises “UNASKO” (Ukrainian National Academy of Science) and France “Recupil”

Direct contacts are established with 55 international partners, including the St. Petersburg University of Technology and Design, D. Mendeleyev University of Chemical Technology of Russia, University "Platon" (Greece), Technical University of Tajikistan, Mogilev Technical Institute (Belarus), Liberec Technical University (Czech Republic), Stockholm Royal Technical University (Sweden), Beijing Technical Trading University (China), Polytechnic Radomski (Poland) and partners from France, Slovakia, Belgium, Greece, Romania, Lithuania and others. Number of grants is increasing, students have possibility to study abroad.


During more than 90 years of functioning the Faculty has graduated about five thousands specialists, including more than 500 professionals for countries of near and far abroad.

Faculty trains teaching staff through doctoral and postgraduate studies. Specialized Scientific Council for doctoral and master's theses acts in the fields of:

  • electrochemistry;
  • technology of polymer composite materials;
  • technology of leather and fur;
  • biotechnology;
  • industrial pharmacy.

Our experienced, innovative faculty staff is looking forward to work with you!