Kyiv National University of Technologies and Design


Faculty of Design


Volodymyr OVCHAREK

Head of the Department, PhD, associate professor

Address: Academic building 1, room 383, 2, Nemyrovych-Danchenko Str., Kyiv 01011

Phone: +38044-256-84-77, +38044-256-84-79

e-mail: [email protected]


About the Department

Mission Statement

The Department of Design provides higher education. It trains bachelors and masters in “Design” speciality and such training programmes as "Textile design", "Design of textile products", "Photo & video design", "Web-design" and "Motion-design" for full-time and part-time forms of studying. The Department provides a high level of teaching 17 disciplines.

The Department staff successfully conducts educational and methodical work, scientific research work, social and educational work. There are such specialized laboratories at the department:  special laboratory digital photographic studio (with screen and flashes); special laboratory digital photographic studio (with 3 computers); photographic studio “PROF. HERSH СHADHA STUDIO” (with digital photocamera, digital video camera “Canon”, video camera “Panasonic”, video tape-recorder, photo and video support, TV sets, digital dictaphone).

The Department makes research in the field of design. Teachers of the department have published over 200 scientific papers, 60 notes, over 20 manuals on “Design”.

History of the Department

The Department of Design of Kyiv national university of technologies and design was established in 1996 and trained specialists majoring in “Textile design” and “Design of textile products”. Since 2004 the department also trains specialists in photo&video design. The department has trained over 500 specialists for design of clothes, textile design and photo&video design sphere. The specialists have a high level of professional training. They work in Ukraine and abroad.

Study Programmes

The department of design trains bachelors (B, 4 years)  according to the following majors and bachelor’s training programmes and also masters (M, 1,5 year)  according to the following majors and master’s training programmes:

1) textile design (B, M);

2) design of textile products (B, M);

3) photo & video design (B, M);

4) web-design (B, M).

5) motion-design (B, M);

The training of specialists in the field of knowledge 02 “Culture and Art” is carried out according to education degrees of bachelors and masters:


Study programme:

Design (by types)


Bachelor of Arts

Prescribed period of study:

8 semesters (4 years)


ECTS Credits:



Language of the study course:

Ukrainian / English

Programme aim

Formation and development of general and professional competences in the area of design focused on acquiring of knowledge, abilities and skills by a student at planning and creation of certain image of design objects, mastering of techniques and principles of integration of artistical, culturological, design and functional and technological parameters of planning of the certain dimensional and spatial good, the complex object of design or design concept

Learning outcomes:

  1. Basic ideas about confectioning and marketing as a basis of consumer needs on design objects and articles
  2. Basic ideas about the main and additional constituents of planning
  3. Basic ideas about the system of planning of design objects, features of design techniques of separate objects and their complexes
  4. Free possessing the academic drawing techniques, laws, rules and techniques of representation of dimensional and spatial form in the real and virtual planes
  5. Free possessing the techniques of the spatial plastic arts representation in the virtual and real planes
  6. Possessing the basic knowledge and methods of organization of design and graphic environment, the materials and instruments characteristics, and the features of different graphic techniques as well
  7. Possessing the facilities of analysis of historical tendencies and modern problems of development of design, progressive experience on professional activity with the purpose of implementation of design innovations
  8. Possessing the methods of analysis of factors of influence on art and project directions formation
  9. Possessing the modern design systems and technologies

10. Realization of optimal choice of instruments and devices for fulfillment of different types of designs, taking into account the individual aspects of project task

11. Providing of culture of planning processes (progressive technology, rational organization of labour, business communication, office works etc.)

12. Ability of using the graphic and spatial language that has been formed on the basis of all design experience of humanity and on recent achievements of computer technologies in the artistic design and project graphic arts

13. Capability to determine the factors of influence of different materials properties in work with a form

14. Capability to implement of methodology of transformation of images of cultural heritage of humanity into creative designer ideas

15. Knowledge of requirements for development of the sign systems, combinatoric methods of form making with the purpose of development of visual and information projects

16. Modern ideas about the aesthetic requirements in design

17. Modern ideas about the methods of modelling in design system

18. Modern ideas about the in-spatial environment as an artistic system; the structure, varieties of elements and this system links

19. Formation of skills in the development of conceptual design; the consideration of the system of the project culture in design

20. Rapid and clear fulfilment of project work by means of various computer technologies


Study programme:

Design (by types)


Master of Design

Prescribed period of study:

3 semesters (1 year 6 months)

4 semesters (2 years)

ECTS Credits:



Language of the study course:

Ukrainian / English

Program aim

Forming and development of the general and professional competences in the area of design focused on the acquiring of the capability to use the methods of informal and social interpretation of the project, the project methods of theoretical and practical work, the essence of the heuristic methods of creative work, the content of the stages of preliminary and project activity, the requirements to planning of the multilevel design complexes

Learning outcomes:

  1. Ability to analyze the efficiency of the used methods and means of the development, the artistic qualities of the completed task
  2. Ability to carry out a technological analysis on the basis of materials research for presentation of a design product
  3. Ability to control the observance of selected technology for realization of the authorial original
  4. Ability to ground the theoretical expediency and practical efficiency of the introduction of the project analysis results in the development of design projects and complex design objects
  5. Ability to work out the technological conception of the design process conditioned upon the project task
  6. Possessing the scientific and practice methods of realization of creative information in the design activity
  7. Ability to use progressive methods and means of planning, that take into account the psychological features
  8. Ability to organize the research and methodical analysis of typology and associativeness in tectonics form construction
  9. Ability to select and apply the various types of scientific methods of information processing, realize the processing and analytical interpretation of information, summarize the results of research in the project activity
  10. Ability to apply the complex approach at conceptual problems solving of planning
  11. Sense of locality in modern tendencies and necessities of society with the aim of their use in modern design industry
  12. Ability of development of project task and aim, and their explication as a number of project tasks in creation of new design objects
  13. Knowledge of basis of prognostication of perspective forms of design objects development
  14. Knowledge of typology and methods of design projects organization
  15. Knowledge and ability of the rational use of the base ideas about the existent materials and instruments for design, modern information technologies etc. in professional activity
  16. A synthesis of project decisions on the basis of introduction of results of pre-project analysis
  17. Creation of original layouts of synthetic design objects as finished design product
  18. Modern ideas about formation of the design-planning process, the main project stages and methods of implementation of their constituents that provide consistent and quality implementation of the project
  19. Participation in organization, realization and introduction of the research process results
  20. Formation of aesthetic and artistic taste, social outlooks of population

Teachers of the department improve work of forming a new conception of design, which is based on mankind culture and scientific and technical development of society.

The main scientific projects of the faculty:

- Improvement of methods of articles designing of different-purpose textile: design, modeling, technologies (T. Struminska, PhD, assoc. prof., O. Vasylieva, assist.).

- Object designing of complex compositional systems in clothes design (O. Slitiuk, PhD, assoc. prof.).

- Research of tectonics evolution system in clothes design and tectonics imagine in clothes forming (R. Khynevych, PhD, assoc. prof., M. Sychova, PhD, assoc. prof.).

- Use of new information technologies in constructive-functional problem of design (S. Prasol, assoc. prof., O. Yavorskyi, PhD, assoc. prof.).

- Exhibit technologies in design (B. Ovcharek, PhD, assoc. prof., S. Potanin, senior teacher.).

- Research in sphere of computer technologies in design (O. Yavorskyi, PhD, assoc. prof., A. Omelchenko, assist.).

- Scientific research project-determined methodology of object and process modeling in photo-video design sphere (O. Yavorskyi, PhD, assoc. prof., A. Omelchenko, assist.).

Teachers of the department of design do scientific research and pass PhD defense in:

- Elaborating of complex quality appreciation of uniform clothes according to aesthetical indicators (O. Slitiuk, assoc. prof.).

- Synthesis of native language texts in adaptive dialogue systems (O. Yavorskyi, assoc. prof.).

- Improving of clothes design on the base of geometrical parameters of man body (R. Khynevych, assoc. prof.).

- Fashion as aesthetical phenomenon (O. Slitiuk, assoc. prof.).

- Elaborating of measures for improving vibration acoustic electrical motors (V. Ovcharek. assoc. prof.).

- Means of interpretation of natural design descriptions (on the example of realization in technological line of automated design “КОРТ” (O. Yavorskyi, PhD, assoc. prof.).

- Elaborating of protective mitten from high-temperature surroundings influences (T. Struminska, assoc. prof.).

Teachers of department are engaged in scientific activity according to scientific direction approved by the scientific council of KNUTD “Culture studies, aesthetics, constructive functional problems of ecology and life-support systems of man (supervisor – M. Kolosnichenko, Doctor of Engineering, professor, dean of the faculty of design).

Teaching Staff

There are 8 associate professors, 2 senior teachers, 3 assistants at the department. 6 teachers of the department are PhDs in engineering and 1 is PhDs in Art, 1 teacher is postgraduates on specialty 17.00.07 – design.

Many teachers are members of creative associations of Ukraine: National Union of Artists of Ukraine, Union of Designers of Ukraine, National Union of Journalists, National Union of Cinematographers and Photographic Art Union. They exhibit their art works in Ukraine and abroad.

Teachers of the department spread new knowledge and experimental achievements among professionals and lovers.

Teachers of the department give practical seminars for Association of small and medium enterprise in Dnipropetrovsk. There are original courses “clothes design” and “design of original textile” at Design Institute of Union of Designers of Ukraine.

Volodymyr OVCHAREK, PhD, head of the department

member of “Exhibition Union of Ukraine”, deputy head of organizing committee, juror of All-Ukrainian students festival of exhibition technologies “Expo-Star”, deputy head of organizing committee, juror of photo show competition “Hot ice”.

In 1976 V. Ovcharek graduated from Kyiv polytechnic institute, major “Electrical machines and apparatuses”.

In 1994 he graduated from commercial university, qualification “Marketing manager”.

In 1997 – retraining at Institute of market relations and business of international centre “Market”, major “Finance and credit”.

In 1986 – defended a thesis and became PhD in engineering.

He began his work at the department in 2006.

In 2005 V. Ovcharek began investigations in exhibition activity sphere namely: exhibition design, exhibition management and exhibition marketing.

Teaches such disciplines:

“Exhibition design”;

“Directing of shooting and editing”.

Educational and Laboratory Facilities

There are such specialized laboratories at the department:

- special laboratory digital photographic studio (with screen and flashes);

- special laboratory digital photographic studio (with 3 computers);

- photographic studio “PROF. HERSH СHADHA STUDIO” (with digital photocamera, digital video camera “Canon”, video camera “Panasonic”, video tape-recorder, photo and video support, TV sets, digital dictaphone);


- Training and creative workshop for ethnic and ecodesign;

- Training and creative workshop for art history and material culture;

- Training and creative workshop for artistic painting of fabrics;

- Training and creative workshop for project designing;

- Training and creative workshop for harness and tapestry weaving:

- Training and creative workshop for scientific fundamentals of designing;


- diploma project study;

- practical classes rooms.

Such Disciplines are taught:

1. Web-design
2. Geometry of graph-based mapping
3. Decorative art and artistic finishing of clothes
4. Design in exhibition technologies
5. Graphic design (according to directions of design)
6. Design-technologies of textile products
7. Differentiated systems of engineering and designing
8. History of art and material culture (according to directions of design)
9. Complex designing (according to directions of design)
10. Composition in video design
11. Photo composition and video-images
12. Computer-aided graphic design
13. Designing of industrial goods
14. Cultural and historical typology of fabrics and clothes
15. Photography art
16. Multimedia
17. Scientific research in design (according to directions of design)
18. Fundamentals of composition and chromatics (according to directions of design)
19. Fundamentals of forming
20. Perspective and shades
21. Engineering graphics
22. Designing
23. Production of photography and editing
24. Special subject according to scientific research direction
25. Special technologies in designing
26. Modern computer technologies for an artist
27. Modern printing technologies
28. Theoretical bases of textile products design
29. Theoretical bases of textile design
30. Theoretical bases of photo&video design
31. Theory and history of ethnodesign
32. Theory and history of ornament
33. Photographics
34. Artistic designing of textile products
35. Artistic weaving
36. Fonts composition and logotypes

Training and Methodological Support

Teachers of the department have published over 200 scientific papers, 60 notes, over 20 manuals on “Design”.


There are 250 full-time students and 50 correspondence-course students trained at the department of design.

Students have opportunity to present their creative design-project in such competitions and festivals in Ukraine and abroad:

-         “Pecherski kashtany” (Kyiv);

-         “Fashion seasons” (Mukachevo);

-         “Fashion seasons – glance in the future” (Kyiv);

-         “Priakhy” (Lviv);

-         “Computer desk of XXI century, “Merks” firm” (Kyiv);

-         “Expo-Star” (Kyiv);

-         “Suziria “Kashtan” (Kyiv);

-         “Feieriia barv” (Kyiv);

-         “Photo&video design”;

-         “Anti AIDS” – charity fund of O. Franchuk;

-         “Hariacha knyha” (Kyiv);

-         “Kraina mrii” (Kyiv).

Students of design department are participants of International festival “Kyiv-Fashion” (Ukrainian Fashion Week).


Creative work of students specialization textile design and design of textile products







Creative work of students majoring photo&video design



Learn more about the creative activity of students and teachers of the department of design can be clicking on this link

Opportunities for Students

The department trains bachelors, specialists, masters and students study according to curricula of master’s training program “textile design’, “design of textile products” and “photo&video design”.

“Textile design” specialists get skills of artistic weaving, fabric painting, lace and different knitting technologies and decorative technologies.

Students of “design of textile products” specialty get skills of culture reconstruction of clothes and creative search in modern fashionable innovations sphere and others textile products.

Students have possibilities to realize their creative plans in such directions:

- different-purposes clothes and different assortments;

- textile soft toy;

- framing window (curtain, blind);

- exclusive bed-clothes;

- exclusive dining-room clothes (table-cloth, table-napkin);

- blanket and others articles of “patchwork” style;

- exclusive textile artificial flowers and others.

Students of photo&video design major get skills of creative product developing, advertisement, education, information purposes. Students get practical skills of computer-graphic and multimedia surroundings use of Adobe, Corel, Autodesk, Macromedia company and modeling of author’s specialized technologies on the bases of surroundings. Department has digital photo and video laboratories. There is a post-graduate study according to the major 17.00.07 “Design”.

Students’ Clubs

Department has created some student creative and scientific groups. They are:

1. Characteristic of décor as a mean of individuality emphasizing (supervisor –T. Struminska, PhD, associate professor, M. Sychova assist.). The main spheres of activity are:

- research activity in sphere of clothes modern decoration and interior decoration;

- master-classes;

- works making for competitions.

2. Applied aspects of photograph (supervisor –V. Ovcharek, PhD, associate professor, senior teacher S. Potanin). The main spheres of activity are:

- giving lectures-presentations;

- master-classes;

- creation of exhibition “Hot ice” on specialty “Photo Art”.

3. Designing of creative clothes projects (supervisor – associate professor O. Slitiuk,  M. Sychova assist.). The main spheres of activity are:

- determination of functional characteristics feature of fashion modern trends;

- clothes making according to fashion modern trends;

- designing of collections of costume models for presentation.

4. Graphic reflection geometry (supervisors – associate professor S. Prasol, R. Khynevych). The main spheres of activity are:

- learning of applied geometry in courses, which student study;

- learning of principles of perspective reflections for design-projects.


There are many graduates of department of design. They are specialists in spheres of designing of clothes, interior, printing industry, photography, television namely:

- O. Shandrenko graduated from KNUTD in 2001, Ph.D., senior researcher, associate professor, the head of the department of clothes design KNUKIM.

- K. Marchenko graduated from the university in 2007. K. Marchenko is participant Ukrainian Fashion Week, Holiday Fashion Week and Baby Fashion Week. In 2004 designer created own trade-mark of clothes X’U. K. Marchenko co-operates with Cosmopolitan, Procter & Gamble, Adidas, UMS, Vogue, Martini, Drive Dance Project and others companies and projects.

- O. Przhonska graduated from the university in 2007. She participated in Workshop London College of Fashion. O. Przhonska is participant of Fashion Week (Kyiv).

- J. Herasko graduated from the university in 2009. In 2010-2011 she worked in “Esse film production”, “Adrenaline Brothers production”, “Family production”, “Radioactive film”, freelance stylist.

- T. Kyzieieva is a director photo studio “KIZEEVA”. She graduated from the university in 2007.

- O. Fersman graduated from the university in 2011. She got Grand-Prix in competition of young designers of clothes “Glance in the Future” 2012.

- A. Khudolii is a chief designer of “Kalyna” saloon.

- G. Novozhylova is a designer of interior and furniture.

- A. Shulha is a director of photo-studio (Odessa). He graduated from the university in 2009.

- K. Latyshev graduated from the university in 2009. He works an editor of magazine “Events of trade-union”.

- T. Perebyinis is a producer of television. He graduated from the university in 2008.

International Cooperation

The department has international relations with higher education institutions of Poland, Czech Republic. Students from China, Moldova, Iran study at the university.