Kyiv National University of Technologies and Design


Faculty of Design


Tetiana NIKOLAIEVA, PhD, Professor, Head of the Department

Designer, member of Union of designers of Ukraine (from 1989)

Address: Academic building 1, rooms 367, 371, 2, Nemyrovych-Danchenko Str., Kyiv 01011

Phone: +38044-256-21-77

About the Department

Kyiv National University of Technologies and Design, as one of the leading higher educational institutions of Ukraine, has conducted a high-quality training of fashion designers, production engineers of clothing, footwear, and knitwear manufacture in the field of light industry since 1930. It has become the center of Ukrainian design education for fashion designers training.

The speciality “Artistic designing of costume” was established in Kyiv Technological Institute of Light Industry in 1987. The department of artistic designing of costume was founded in 1992. To this time of specialists in fashion industry were teached, mainly, in Moscow and Leningrad. The first teachers and founders of the creative major were professor T. Nikolaieva, associate professors V. Mudra, L. Latysheva, N. Shekhirieva, O. Mamchych, M. Dorokhina, I. Kovalenko, A. Shapoval, V. Smazhenko, R. Khalliieva which are still working.

The department was the first creative one in technological high school.

For period from 1992 the stuff of the department has prepared more than 700 experts and authorities in fashion industry. From 2004 years the department of artistic designing of costume began to prepare experts in the specialization “styling and hairdressing”.

Students and graduating students of department get the high level of professional education, they conquer in many all-Ukrainian and international competitions, work in Ukraine and abroad. A department was the repeatedly recipient of an award by the diplomas of Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, gratitudes of Kyiv City administration, by the diplomas Unions artists and Unions of designers of Ukraine.

The Department management is going to expand research and artistic activities while keeping up the best traditions of the faculty and university as a whole.

Study Programmes

Bachelor degree study programmes

Study programme:

Design (for the species)


Bachelor of Arts

Prescribed period of study:

8 semesters (4 years)

4 semesters (2 years)

6 semesters (3 years)

ECTS Credits:




Language of the study course:

Ukrainian/ English

Program aim

Forming and development of general and professional competences in area of design, sent to the receipt by a student of knowledge, abilities and skills in process at planning and creation of certain image of design objects, mastering of receptions and principles of integration of artistic, culturological, structurally-functional and technological parameters of planning of certain spatial good, complex design objects or design-projects

Learning outcomes:

  1. Basic ideas about confectioning and marketing as of basis of consumer necessity on design objects and articles
  2. Basic ideas about the main and additional constituents of planning
  3. Basic ideas about the system of planning of design objects, features of design-projecting of separate objects and their complexes
  4. Free possessing of receptions of academic drawing, of conformity to law, rules and receptions of reflection of spatial form in the real and virtual planes
  5. Free possessing the receptions of the spatial plastic arts presentation in virtual and real planes
  6. Possessing basic knowledge and methods of organization of project and graphic environment, descriptions of materials and instruments, and also of features of different graphic facilities
  7. Possessing facilities of analysis of historical tendencies and modern problems of development of design, progressive experience of professional activity with the purpose of introduction of project innovations
  8. Possessing the methods of analysis of factors of influence on artistic and project directions forming
  9. Possessing the modern design systems and technologies
  10. Realization of optimal choice of instruments and adaptations for implementation of different types of project works, taking into account the individual aspects of project task
  11. Providing of culture of planning processes (progressive technology, rational organization of labour, business communication, office works etc.)
  12. Ability of using the graphic-spatial language that was formed on the basis of all project experience of humanity and on last achievements of computer technologies in the artistic planning and project graphic arts
  13. Capacity for determination of factors of influence of different materials properties on work with a form
  14. Capacity for introduction of methodology of transformation of characters and images of cultural heritage of humanity in creative designer intentions
  15. Knowledge of requirements for development of the sign systems, combinatoric methods of creation of forms with the purpose of development of visual and informative projects
  16. Modern ideas about the aesthetic requirements of design
  17. Modern ideas about the methods of projecting and modelling in design system
  18. Modern ideas about an in-spatial environment as artistic system; structure, varieties of elements and connections in this system
  19. Forming of skills of project conception development; consideration of the system of project culture in design
  20. Rapid and clear project job processing by means of various computer technologies


Master degree study programmes

Study programme:

Design (for the species)


Master of Design

Prescribed period of study:

3 semesters (1 year 6 months)

4 semesters (2 years)

ECTS Credits:



Language of the study course:

Ukrainian/ English

Program aim

Forming and development of general and professional competences in area of design, that is sent to the receipt by a student capabilities to use the methods of the semantic and social filling of project, project methodologies of theoretical and practical work, essence of heuristic methods of work, maintenance of the stages of preliminary and project activity, requirements to planning of multilevel design complexes

Learning outcomes:

  • Ability to analyse efficiency of the used receptions and facilities of development, artistic qualities and characteristics of the completed task
  • Ability to carry out a technological analysis on the basis of materials research for presentation of design product
  • Ability to control the observance of selected technology for realization of authorial original
  • Ability to ground theoretical expediency and practical efficiency of introduction of project analysis results in development of design projects and complex design objects
  • Ability to work out the technological conception of design process, conditioned by a project task
  • Possessing the research and practice methods of realization of creative information in design activity
  • Ability to use progressive methodologies and receptions of planning, that take into account psychological features
  • A capacity for organization of research and methodical analysis of typology and associativeness in tectonics and construction of form
  • Ability to gather additionally and apply the various types of scientific methods of information treatment, produce treatment and analytical interpretation of information, summarize the results of research in project activity
  • Ability to apply complex approach at the decision of conceptual tasks of planning
  • Sense of locality in modern tendencies and necessities of society with the aim of their use in modern design industry
  • Ability of development of project task and aim, and their explication, as of the row of project tasks in creation of new design objects
  • Knowledge of bases of prognostication of perspective forms and design objects development
  • Knowledge of typology and methods of design projects organization
  • Knowledge and ability of the rational use in professional activity base ideas about existent materials and instruments for a design, modern information technologies etc.
  • A synthesis of project decisions on the basis of introduction of results of pre-project analysis
  • Creation of original layuots of synthetic design objects as finished design product
  • Modern ideas about forming of design-planning process, main project stages and methodologies of implementation of their constituents that provide successive and quality implementation of project
  • Participating in organization, realization and introduction of an experience process results
  • Forming of aesthetic and artistic taste, social looks of population



The higher-education teaching personnel of the department has formed the art school «Research of the tectonic structure of the dress in the development of perspective clothing collections» which is engaged in determining the style functioning patterns and the principles of reconstruction of the historical costume.

The art school of the department is working to research and improve the process of the style-designing of a new range of clothing, tectonic structure of the dress in the development of perspective collections and methods for reconstruction and of historical and folk costume.

Performing the scientific researches the department has implemented a number of project design developments of corporate, professional and spectacular costume by request of the Ukrainian Railways, The Border Guard Service of Ukraine, the Customs Service of Ukraine, hotels, restaurants, television, theaters and other institutions and organizations.

The major areas of the scientific work of the department are:

  • The analysis of tectonic structure of historical, modern and folk costume (prof. T. Nikolaieva, sen. teach. A. Baranova, аss. M. Koroliova)
  • The fashion and dress code forecasting (assoc. prof. N. Chuprina, N. Kudriavtseva)
  • The bionic dress forming (PhD, prof. T. Nikolaieva, assoc. prof. I. Davydenko, PhD, assoc. prof. T. Nikolaeva, sen. teach. A. Baranova)
  • The problems of using form and color in the definition of modern clothing collections (teacher I. Haiova)
  • The historical aspects of national clothes forming (assoc. prof. G. Kokorina,
  • assoc. prof. T. Pashkovska, аss. O. Mykhailiuk)
  • The problems of reconstruction of the historical and folk costume (PhD, assoc. prof. G. Kokorina, assoc. prof. I. Davydenko, sen. teach. I. Haiova)
  • The analysis of the problems in forming an integral dress form (PhD, assoc. prof. N. Chuprina, assoc. prof. V. Smazhenko, PhD, assoc. prof. T. Nikolaieva)
  • The development of special purpose clothing (PhD, assoc. prof. O. Kolosnichenko, аss. T. Shafranska)
  • The methodology of modern scientific researches in the area of design (PhD, assoc. prof. N. Chuprina, assoc. prof. T. Nikolaieva, ass. Yu. Kukosh)

In recent years the teachers of the department of artistic designing of costume have been performing the scientific researches and under their results the PhD theses in Engineering Science on the following topics have been defended:

Development of art and technological design principles of the collection of contemporary women's costume on the basis of Ukrainian national clothes (assoc. prof. N. Chuprina)

  • Improving the process of designing of full-fashioned sweaters considering the
  • characteristics of cloths (аss. K. Kyselova)
  • Improving the process of designing of the component form Canon's clothing
  • (аss. V. Malynovskyi)
  • Development of the reconstruction process of Ukrainian historical man's suit (assoc. prof. G. Kokorina)
  • Improving the style and ergonomic designing of special heat-protective clothing  (assoc. prof. O. Kolosnichenko)
  • Improvement of the method of artistic design of children's clothing based on bionic forming  principles (assoc. prof. T. Nikolaieva)

The results of scientific researches published in the curse of the defense of theses form the basis of scientific and research work of the department, involving students (having the development in processing of term and graduation papers of the Master of Design).

In addition, academic staff of the department is active in research activities within the scientific direction, approved by the Academic Council of the KNUTD «Cultural studies, aesthetics, constructive and functional problems of ecology and human life support systems» (scientific adviser – Doctor of Engineering, professor, dean of faculty of design M. Kolosnichenko).


On April 20, 2018, platform 2 was held, within the framework of the International Conference "Actual Problems of Design." More than 40 participants from the leading educational institutions of Ukraine and abroad in the field of design took part in the work of the platform.

The subjects of the reports were recognized as relevant and interesting. With great interest the audience received the report of Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor O.Chepelyuk (Kherson National Technical University), M. Kisel (Kharkov State Academy of Design and Arts), M.Kostelnoi (University of Economics and Law "Krok"), H .Kudryavtsevoi and G.Kokorinoyi (KNUTD).




With the experience of the chair of artistic modeling of KNUTD's costume, in connection with the 30th anniversary of the opening of the training of specialists in the field of design and the 25th anniversary of the department, the head of the chair of the KMK KNUTD, professor T. Nikolaeva acquainted the participants of the conference.

Teaching Staff

The department trains students according to qualification levels of Bachelor and Master in the following professional spheres and master training programs:

  • fashion design
  • styling and hairdressing

The department has 17 teachers, including 1 professor, 9 associate professors, 3 senior teachers, 4 assistants. 5 teachers of the department have a degree of Doctor of Philosophy (PhD); in addition, three persons are studying under the postgraduate training program majoring in 05.18.19 - technology of textile, garments and knitted items and 17.00.07 - design.

Teachers of the department are members of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine (assoc. prof. V. Smazhenko, assoc. prof. A. Shapoval). They were awarded the honourary title “Associate professor of the KNUTD” for outstanding achievements in creative, educational research. Yet more teachers – the representatives of the department are members of the Union of Designers of Ukraine: assoc. prof. I. Davidenko, assoc. prof. N. Kudriavtseva, PhD, assoc. prof. N. Chuprina, senior teahers I. Haiova and A. Baranova. And the head of the department T. Nikolaieva is a board member of this Union.

During the existence of the department the academic staff has been publishing more than 25 textbooks, teaching guides and guidance manuals, monographs in the direction of research and creative activities.

  1. Ніколаєва Т.В. Основи теорії формоутворення костюма: навч.посібник / Т.В. Ніколаєва, Н.В. Чупріна. – К.: КНУТД, 2004. – 156 с.
  2. Ніколаєва Т.В. Тектоніка формоутворення костюма: навч.посібник / Т.В. Ніколаєва. – К.: Арістей, 2005. – 226 с.
  3. Ніколаєва Т.В. Тектоніка формоутворення костюма: навч.посібник (друге видання) / Т.В. Ніколаєва. – К.: Арістей, 2008. – 340 с.
  4. Ніколаєва Т.В. Тектоніка формоутворення костюма: навч.посібник (видання третє, доповнене) / Т.В. Ніколаєва. – К.: Арістей, 2011. – 376 с.
  5. Чупріна Н.В. Методологія сучасних наукових досліджень: навч.посібник / Н.В. Чупріна. – К.: КНУТД, 2009. – 245 с.
  6. Чупріна Н.В. Прогнозування формоутворення як етап художнього проектування костюма: монографія / Н.В. Чупріна. – К.: КНУТД, 2010. – 180 с.
  7. Мамчич О.С. Проектирование и творческий источник: навч.-метод.пос.для іноз.студ. ВНЗ / О.С. Мамчич. – К.: КНУТД, 2010. –  99 с.
  8. Мамчич О.С. Візуалізація образу та проектування костюма в різних художніх системах: навч.-метод.посібник для студ. ВНЗ / О.С. Мамчич, П.В. Гаркін. – К.: КНУТД, 2011. – 45 с.
  9. Чупріна Н.В. Методологія сучасних наукових досліджень з дизайну: навч.посібник / Н.В. Чупріна. – К.: КНУТД, 2011. – 265 с.
  10. Чупріна Н.В. Спецдисципліна за напрямом наукового дослідження: навч.посібник / Н.В. Чупріна. – К.: КНУТД, 2011. – 265 с.

At the department of artistic designing of costume the subjects that make up the full cycle of professional training of designers in the field of artistic designing of costume and style and hairstyle design are taught. There are both fundamental and professionally oriented courses and disciplines at the choice of the educational institution under the training orientation of the specialists and free-choice disciplines. The programs of all disciplines are the author's developments of the academic staff of the department and take into account the best practice of design education of the relevant design schools of Ukraine and the world.


About 250 full-time students and nearly 50 external students (for the professional directions and the master's training programs "artistic designing of costume" and "styling and hairdressing") are studying at the department of artistic designing of costume.

In the course of training the students of the department are performing the large amount of creative developments, constantly participates in national and international competitions of artists of clothing and fashion designers and international competitions in hairdressing, where they obtain prize awards constantly:

  • "In Vogue Vilnius" (city of Vilnius, Lithuania)
  • "Les Etioiles De La Mode" (city of Liege, Belgium)
  • "Smirnoff International Fashion Awards" (city of London, UK)
  • "The Admiralty needle" (city of Saint Petersburg, Russia)
  • "Assembly of fashion" (city of Moscow, Russia)
  • "Assembly of irrepressible fashion" (city of Vilnius, Lithuania);
  • "Kremlin Stars" (city of Moscow, Russia);
  • "Crystal Silhouette" (city of Kyiv),
  • "Pearls of the Season" (city of Kherson),
  • "Golden thread" (Poznan, Poland),
  • "Pechersky chestnuts" (city of Kyiv);
  • "Constellation" (city of Kyiv),
  • "Chestnut"(city of Kyiv);
  • "Magic needle"(city of Kyiv),
  • "Golden amphora" (city of Sofia, Bulgaria),
  • "Podium" (city of Shakhty, Russia),
  • "Russian Silhouette "(city of Moscow, Russia);
  • "Fashion Seasons - Look to the Future" (city of Kyiv) and many others.

For the last 10 years their creative developments have received more than 600 awards of various levels, including 25 Grand Prix.

In addition, in recent years the students of the department of artistic designing of costume - coming dress and hairstyle designers are the regular participants of International festivals «Kyiv-Fashion» and UFW (Ukrainian Fashion Week).

While studying at the University under the professional directions "artistic designing of costume" and "styling and hairdressing" the students acquire knowledge of artistic designing of costume, knitted products, shoes and leather products, spectacular costume, corporate style and souvenirs and promotional products , hairstyle design and creation of the image, advertising, computer graphics, batik, artistic weaving. The students are introduced to the basics of scientific researches in the field of design and modern methods of scientific researches. 

The effective teaching methods, modern creative works of designers, latest samples of sewing equipment produced by the world leading companies, computer equipment and unique professional-oriented software are actively used in the learning process. 

The students of the department gain knowledge both within the framework of general university regulations cycles and based on original programs of the professionally-oriented disciplines developed by leading lectures and designers, and are constantly upgraded to comply with international standards of training designers in different areas of project activity.

As a result of training the students have the opportunity to acquire such professional skills and abilities that will be useful to them in the work as a designer-artist-dress designer or master of design:

  • formation and development of modern and future style fashion trends in artistic designing of costume, image and hairstyle;
  • creation of design-projects of the dress of  different purposes and stylistic decision;
  • performance of different types of project works and presentations of dress design projects,
  • as well as making imaginative decisions regarding image and hairstyles;
  • based on an analysis of current fashion trends in dress, the development of an individual harmonious image using the constituent elements of style and image;
  • based on knowledge of the methods of implementation and presentation of creative information in design-projects, to implement the principles of training of graphic part of design-project by means of computer graphics and photographics;
  • solving creative tasks in the development of corporate style for the design-projects of dress or for own or professional activity.

The faculty of design of the KNUTD has the department of postgraduate study under the specialty 17.00.07 "Design", and therefore the students of the department of artistic designing of costume, as well as other university departments have an opportunity to enter the postgraduate study, defend the dissertation and get the scientific degree of the Ph.D. in History of Arts under the specialty 17.00.07 "Design".

The teachers of the department of artistic designing of costume together with the leadership of the Kiev College of the KNUTD have developed an integrated curriculum for admission to the 3rd year, full-time and part-time educational form on the basis of the junior specialist.

The students of the department of artistic designing of costume have an opportunity to study the 3rd and 4th courses, receive military education and obtain the relevant state standard diploma.

Student Clubs

While studying students of the department of artistic designing of costume, under the guidance of teachers, perform analytical and creative and scientific and research works, acquire skills to collect materials, to analyze, generalize and ground scientific conclusions - in other words, to develop their analytical thinking that will be the basis for further design activities.

The department has organized and successfully operating student research and creative clubs, the activity of which is aimed at improving the professional skills of students, energizing their creative potential and executive craftsmanship. Among the most significant activities of students in scientific and creative clubs the following ones should be allocated:

1. Scientific aspects of design activity in the fashion industry (head - PhD in Technical Sciences, associate professor N. Chuprina).

There are main priorities in the work of student club:

  • forecasting of structure as stage of front end engineering design in the fashion industry;
  • main factors of design development of modern clothing in the fashion industry conditions;
  • associative methods of searching creative solutions in dress design;
  • development of scientifically-based design-project of modern clothing in the fashion industry.

2. Reconstruction of historical and ethnographic costume in the development of material culture (heads- PhD in Technical Sciences, associate professors G. Kokorina, associate professor I. Davydenko, T. Pashkovska). Among the key areas of the activity of student club the following should be distinguished:

  • conducting of thematic costume exhibitions together with museums of Kyiv and Ukraine;
  • study of the history of Ukrainian fashion of soviet period: reconstruction, exhibitions, publications;
  • conducting of master classes in the matters of fashion and dress design; reconstruction of the national costume of Ukraine:
  • reconstruction, exhibitions, publications;
  • the creation of the exhibition "Traditions and Fashion" in the subject "History of art and material culture" and its exhibition at the Museum of History of the KNUTD.

3. The development of creative dress collections (heads - PhD in Technical Sciences, associate professors T. Nikolaeva,O. Kolosnichenko, associate professors N. Kudriavtseva). The main aspects of the subject disclosure of the student club are:

  • description and systematization of the characteristic properties of functional and imaginative features of modern trends of the fashion industry;
  • definition and description of the type of consumer and its image in the conception of the development of dress assortment;
  • development of creative and working dress sketches for the selected type of the dress collection consumer;
  • making collections of modern models of clothes based on the results of research of theme- primary source and modern fashion trends;
  • development of principles of presentation of dress model collection (at various festivals of clothing and competitions of young fashion designers of clothing of national and international scope).

Among the graduates of the department of artistic designing of costume are the leading designers of Ukraine in the area of design and artistic designing of clothes, including:

Diana Dorozhkina, a designer of the "Fashion House of Diana Dorozhkina", the alumna of 2000. Creative skills of the said designer are noted on numerous national and international competitions - she won the Grand Prix "Young Fashion Stars" (city of Liege, Belgium, 2000), the "Crystal Silhouette" (city of Kyiv, 2003), "Competition of cruise collections "10x10" (2004) and others. The sole Ukrainian designer who was admitted to the Association of High Fashion of Russia (2005). Demonstrations of her collections based on evening dresses and corsets, fur and leather clothes were repeatedly held in Europe and the USA
Aina Gasse, a chief designer of the design-studio "Aina Gasse", the alumna of 2000. In the same year created the first collection presented in the framework of the Ukrainian "Seasons of fashion" and in April 2008 presented a new collection of the season autumn-winter 2008/09 in Milan. In January-February 2009 the brand name «Aina Gasse» showed the industrial collection of the season autumn-winter 2009/10 for buyers in pret-a-porter fashion week in Paris and Milanovendemoda in Paris and Milan. The next achievements of designer are to create their own factory and network of boutiques, the production yield with its trend to the European market.
Tetiana Zemskova, Olena Vorozhbit, the famous Ukrainian designers, founders of the brand "Zemskova/Vorozhbit", graduated in 1992. In 1994, after the first significant show of clothes collection within the program "Culture of Ukraine", their works were selected for exhibitions at the Museum of Fashion in Toulouse (France) where they are presenting until now. Since 1997 the designers are working on their own brand "V&Z", under the auspices of which they are presenting their collections since that time. From that year they are annually presenting two dress collections on the podium of the UFW (Ukrainian Fashion Week). Since then a design duo presents their collections with a stable success at many fashion festivals and design competitions in Kyiv, Moscow, Saint Petersburg, the Baltic States and Europe
Anzhela Lysytsia, a leading Ukrainian stylist, the alumna of 1992. Her art works are known to many from the New Year's television musical "Evenings on a Farm Near Dikanka", "Figaro", "Cinderella", "Sorochyntsi Fair", etc. While studying at the department artistic designing of costume collaborated with the French magazine ITRT, participated and became the winner of numerous professional student competitions and festivals in the area of dress design. After graduation she worked in France and in Kyiv House of knitted patterns. At the same time she introduced its first full author's collection on the first "Fashion Seasons", and then she saw the first regular customers. Now she is the designer of own dress-making studio.
Olena Burenina, a young Ukrainian designer, the alumna of 2008. In 2006, being a student of the department of artistic designing of costume she became the winner of the contest "Fashion Seasons - Look to the Future", and in 2007 presented a large n author’s collection within the framework the UFW (Ukrainian Fashion Week). In 2009 became the winner of the TV project-contest of young designers "ProFashion." Now is actively developing its own brand.
Masha Reva, a young Ukrainian designer, the alumna of 2010. The winner of the competitions of young fashion designers Bazaar Fashion Forward-2010. She was trained in New York, by the iconic designer Walter Van Beirendonck. The next stage in the development of her creative career is training in the most prestigious international fashion school – the School of St. Martin. Actively develops its own creative brand.

Foreign Cooperation

From 2001 the department of artistic designing of costume of the KNUTD was recognized as the best in the said industry in the review of design schools in Ukraine, and since then does not leave the leading place in Ukrainian design education.

The department is actively developing the international partnership with foreign educational institutions and organizations in the field of fashion and design. Within the certain foreign partnership projects the department cooperates with all related universities of Ukraine, as well as the Universities of Russia, Bulgaria, Poland, Slovakia, Kazakhstan, France and Italy.

In addition, the department also maintains international relations with higher educational institutions adjacent in the direction of professional training of the CIS and foreign countries - Russia, Lithuania, Moldova, Belarus, Georgia, Tajikistan, Turkey, Poland, Czech Republic, UK, China, Iran, etc.

Under the distance educational form in 2012 the department of artistic designing of costume prepared a group of students – the masters (of 10 people) for Kazakhstan.

For more than 10 years, the department trains the students from China. Graduates of the department are actively working in the most famous and prestigious fashion houses, companies and educational institutions abroad.

The department of artistic designing of costume has the title of International Department and received a certificate of the International Academy "Platon" to conduct educational activities in the field of artistic designing of costume internationally. Since 1996 under the International agreement concluded between the KNUTD and International Association of Universities "Platon" the academic staff of the department is preparing students - designers for Bulgaria and Greece. Over the past years more than 100 were prepared under the qualification "Bachelor of Arts".

Being the creative and educational unit in the field of higher education, the department is a member of the International Association of Universities "Platon", so that is able to spread their achievements in the area of creative and educational activities outside Ukraine.

The department has agreements on creative cooperation in the field of student exchange to participate in creative competitions and exhibitions with the Saint Petersburg State University of Technologies and Design and the Russian State University of Tourism and Service (city of Moscow).


In 2013 the agreement on creative cooperation with the Institute of Marketing and Fashion (city of Paris, France) was signed. In the framework of this agreement the exchange of educational and methodological literature, joint participation in creative competitions and exhibitions are performed, the student exchange for practical training and academic training under the qualification "bachelor" is planned.