Kyiv National University of Technologies and Design


Faculty of Design


Yevhen GULA

Professor, Head of the Department

Address: Academic building 1, room 438, 2, Nemyrovych-Danchenko Str.

Phone: +38044-256-29-80


About the Department
History of the Department

Department of drawing and painting was established in June 2000. A founder of the department was V. Kolesnikov, professor, national artist of Ukraine. Scientific teaching staff of the department teaches the following disciplines: “Drawing”, “Painting” and “Plastic anatomy” for the students of the faculty of design. Students of the faculty of design acquire fundamental knowledge and professional skills in academic and creative workshops under the supervision of the teachers who are to the leading artists of Ukrainian. Academic activities at the department are provided by the antique gypsum models and demonstrators of plastic poses. At the department they also teach special disciplines for faculty of technologies, service and fashion: “Drawing and principles of composition”, “Basics of painting”, “Principles of drawing and art graphics”.

In 2003 at the department they opened new individual professional direction “Graphic design” (within training direction 6.020207 “Design”) for training specialists in industry graphics and advertising. Since then the department is graduate in speciality “Design (by types)” and graduates specialists with qualification “graphic designer” as well as masters of design in graphic design area.

Students of the faculty of design acquire basic knowledge and profesional skills in academic and creative workshops under the supervision of teachers who are the members of creative unions of Ukraine, such as National Union of Artists of Ukraine, Union of Designers of Ukraine and others.

In 2008 the first graduation of students in specialisation “Graphic design” took place. Graduates are prepared to work in advertising area, at companies with the development of corporate identity (logo, emblem, business documents, business cards, packaging), on television, at enterprises where the designing of entertainment activities takes place. Graduates knowledge of modern means of computer-aided design enables supply of promotional products in the Internet.

The department has close contacts with National Academy of Art and Architecture, Lviv National Academy of Arts, the Institute of Design and Decorative and Applied Arts of Boychuk and others. Today the department is headed by K. Cherniavskyi, PhD, associate professor.

Study Programmes

Department of drawing and painting is graduate chair in the training direction of «Design» (for bachelors) and in specialty «Design by types» (for specialists and masters).

The department has been training specialists for the academic levels of Bachelor (B, 4 years), Specialist (S, 1 year), Master (M, 1 year) within the training direction «Design» for the professional direction (B), specialization (S) and master training program (M) of specialty «Design»:

  • Graphic Design (B, S, M)

Training specialists of higher education in the field of knowledge 0202 «Fine Arts» is performed in academic levels, with acquisition of such qualifications:


 Academic level:

 Bachelor (4 years)

 Diploma qualification:

 Bachelor of Fine Arts

 Training direction:

 6.020207 Design

 Professional direction:


 Academic level:

 Specialist (1 year on the basis of Bachelor’s diploma)

 Diploma qualification:

 Graphic Designer


 7.02020701 Design (by the types)


  • Graphic Design


 Academic level:

 Master (1 year on the basis of Bachelor’s diploma)

 Diploma qualification:

 Master of Design


 8.02020701 Design (by the types)

 Master training programs:


Department teaching staff formed an art school «Rukh u prostori ta chasi» (Movement in space and time), which founder is National Artist of Ukraine, professor V. Kolesnikov (head of the deparment of drawing and painting from 2000 till 2014).

Art school of the department works in the direction of research of modern conceptions development and innovation aspects evolution of design-projecting and graphic design within modern art and material culture.

Lecturers of the department of drawing and painting conduct researches in the area of painting, graphics, design, as well as in the sphere of pedagogic methods improvement with the objective to improve knowledge mastering by students. They constantly participate in art and design international, national and regional exhibitions, competitions, symposiums, as well as in scientific methodological conferences.

Teaching staff of the department take an active part in the work of the scientific methodological seminar on urgent problems of art culture, aesthetics, design and graphic design theory that is focused on the formation of new design concept based on ecology culture and homan’s life (acting at the faculty of design).

A significant contribution to scientific creative researches was made by a professor of the deparmtnet of drawing and painting Yevhen Gula – the author of the book, in which plastic anatomy is viewed as the primary basis of academic drawing. Innovative approach in presenting the material contributes to students’ interest in further knowledge deepening of anatomy and plastic which helps with the creation of aesthetic vision and upbringing of artistic taste for future artists and designers.

On the basis of scientific research conducted by the department, by order of state and public institutions, creative and educational institutions, enterprises and organizations they performed a number of design development projects of corporate identity, art and artistic design of interior space, as well as in the creation of social and artistic projects that have urgent relevance in modern society.

Main directions of the department scientific work are:

  • Creative and innovative work of the department teaching staff at exhibitions, scientific creative symposiums, pulication of creative works on paining and graphics in the media (prof. A. Pavlenko, associated professors V. Bystriakova, L. Markosian, senior teacher M. Rudenko);
  • Design-education in the context of contemporary society culture (prof. Y. Hula, associate prof. A. Dubrivna, senior teacher O. Maznichenko);
  • Research problems of design education in Ukraine (associate prof. M. Osypchuk, T. Kuhai, senior teacher L. Alieksieienko, assistants M. Chernysh, I. Yermak);
  • Peculiarities of the perception by students art training direction in questions of scientific researches in design (associate prof. M. Bohdanets, I. Yelisieiev, senior teachers L. Pilhuk, Y. Basanets);
  • Formation of students scientific work directions on the masters training program «Graphic design» (associate prof. K. Cherniavskyi, V. Kolesnikov, senior teacher M. Sivkova-Salohub, assistant O. Halchynska).

The results of scientific researches on these directions are put into the basis of research work of the department with involving students (which has the development in designing courseworks and diploma projects of Master of design).

At the same time scientific and teaching staff of the department are active in scientific work within the scientific direction approved by the Academic Council KNUTD «Culture, aesthetics, structural and functional problems of ecology and human’s life support systems» (supervisor – M. Kolosnichenko, PhD, professor, dean of the faculty of design).

Teaching Staff

The faculty of the department is training students on design speciality for professional direction and master curricula of direction “Graphic design”.

21 teachers work at the department, including 2 professors (prof. E. Gula, prof. A. Pavlenko), 10 associate professors, 6 senior teachers, 3 assistants. The overwhelming majority of the academic staff is members of National Union of Artists of Ukraine. For outstanding achievements in creative, scientific and educational work 5 teachers of the department were awarded the honourary title of “Associate Professor of KNUTD”. Besides, K. Cherniavskyi is a Deputy Chairman of NUAU (National Union of Artists of Ukraine).

Lecturers of the department constantly work in the area of painting and drawing, regularly exhibit their creative works in various exhibitions, both within Ukraine and abroad; participate in international scientific and practicatl conferences in the speciality.

Academic staff of the department is regularly updated by young graduates. To participate in educational process they involve leading experts in drawing, painting and graphic design, and represantatives of scientific institutions, organisations and higher education institutions.

Kostiantyn CHERNIAVSKYI, PhD, Associate Professor, Head of the Department.

Graduated from National Academy of Art and Architecture, member of National Union of Artists of Ukraine. K. Cherniavskyi is PhD in Art History. He is a laureate of Kyiv city chairman Scholarhip for talented youth, a Chair of Youth Association “Kyiv Organisation of National Union of Artists of Ukraine”. He is a constant member of National Exhibitions of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine. In 2012 he defended his thesis “Architecture and art ceramics in interior design of children’s medical and recreational institutions”. He is PhD in Art History on speciality 17.00.07 Design. Since 2012 he is an associate professor of the department of drawing and painting of KNUTD (Kyiv National University of Technology and Design). He is an Executive Secretary of NUAU (National Union of Artists of Ukraine). Since 2014 he is the head of the department of drawing and painting of KNUTD. His creative works are in the National Art Fund of Ukraine, in the museums of Ukraine and Poland.

Training and Laboratory Premises

The department of drawing and painting has its workshops, which are equipped with modern facilities and various still-life painting fund, for conducting practical classes in the disciplines «Drawing» and «Painting». Students are provided with educational exteriors and plaster models of antique sculpture samples.

For conducting lectures and practical trainings in special disciplines there are educational audiences and the hall of diploma projects at the department. In recreational areas there are samples of students’ works and department teachers’ works - professional artists.

All components of logistic support of the department educational process are constantly evolving and being updated. Five training creative workshops, four scientific creative laboratories and design studio for designing of advertising graphics are functioning at the department, including:

  • Training creative workshop on designing character font compositions
  • Training creative workshop on project and design graphics – 2 workshops
  • Training creative workshop on drawing and painting – 5 workshops
  • Training creative workshop on plastic anatomy studying
  • Training creative workshop on composition and chromatics
  • Training creative workshop on designing of advertising graphics
  • Training creative workshop on prototyping and working in the material
  • Training creative workshop on art history and material culture

In training creative workshops on project and design graphics and on designing of advertising graphics students of the department headed by the leaders - experienced professionals in this area of fine arts embody into the practice knowledge about scientific and practical methods for implementing creative information in complex design projects, improve their ownerhsip of the visualization projects principles, means of design graphics, project graphics and advertising graphics to promote their own creative solutions.

In training creative workshops on designing character font compositions, prototyping and working in the material students perform graphic designs to international and national competitions, produce and work out creative design projects of social and advertising direction, create and prepare for exposition competitive and exhibition works in the area of graphic design.

In training creative workshop on plastic anatomy studying students conduct informational theoretical and practical researches of a human body plastic structure that assists to improve working on design projects.

Specialists’ training at the department of drawing and painting involves extensive use of computer technology and software of educational process training. In conducting lectures they increasingly use multimedia tools and practical classes, especially in professionally oriented and practical courses, are conducted in computer classrooms of the university, where software necessary to perform the curriculum is installed.


Disciplines Taught at the Department

Teaching staff of the department conducts different types of academic load (lectures, seminars, practical and laboratory classes, course and diploma projecting and others) in disciplines assigned to the department of drawing and painting.

At the department the following disciplines are conducted:

  1. Design-graphics (by the types of design)
  2. Esthetic problems of design and arts
  3. Painting
  4. Graphic design industry
  5. History of art and material culture (by the types of design)
  6. History of advertising and design
  7. Complex design-projecting (to the types of design)
  8. Composition of graphics
  9. Computer-aided graphics
  10. Prototyping and work in the material
  11. Picture and basics of composition
  12. Scientific research in design (to the types of design)
  13. Basics of painting
  14. Basics of composition and cromatics (to the types of design)
  15. Fundumentals of computer equipment
  16. Basics of picture and artistic graphics
  17. Fundumentals of environmental design
  18. Basica of drawing and painting
  19. Fundumentals of forming in graphic design
  20. Plastic anatomy
  21. Engineering graphics (to the types of design)
  22. Design (to the types of design)
  23. Packaging design
  24. Drawing
  25. Screen print
  26. Special disciplines to the direction of scientific research (to the types of design)
  27. Corporate identity and graphics
  28. Photography and photo graphics
  29. Fonts

Programs developed by the teachers on the above subjects are authorial and take into account best practice of design education of relevant design schools in Ukraine and worldwide.

Academic Methodological Courseware

Department teaching staff prepared and published more than 230 scientific methodological textbooks, 48 abstracts of lectures (including electronic files), more than 20 tutorials in speciality «Design» (including electronic files).

Academic methodological work of the teachers of drawing and painting department is conducted in the following directions:

  • application of new, including information and communication training technologies;
  • implementation of progressive forms of educational process organization and active teaching methods;
  • preparation and improvement of teaching methodological complexies of courses (TMCC) according to demunds of higher educational institutions of III-IV accreditation levels;
  • development of tutorials, abstracts of lectures and academic methodological materials on the topic of disciplines taught at the department for training professional designers in graphic design;
  • implementation of academic methodological materials that meet modern world standard. 


Over the years of department exestance the academic and pedagogical staff published more than 20 academic and teaching methodological aids, monographs in the direction of research and creative activities, among which the most significant may be considered the following works:

  1. Елисеев И. А. Живопись: каталог / И. А. Елисеев. - К. : ООО «Атлант Юэмси», 2006. – 64 с. : ил.
  2. Гула Е. П. Пластическая анатомия: уч. пособие для студ. ВНЗ / Е. П. Гула. - К. : КНУТД, 2007. – 87 с.
  3. Сивкова-Салогуб М. Л. Цветоведение. Рассмотрение колористических проблем в историческом аспекте с учетом специализаций дизайна: учебное пособие / М. Л. Сивкова-Салогуб. - К. : КНУТД, 2007. - 106 с.
  4. Дубривна А. П. Основы пленэрной живописи: уч. пособие для студ. ВНЗ / А. П. Дубривна. - К. : КНУТД, 2008. - 82 с.
  5. Колесников В. Г., Осипчук Н. В., Басанец А. П. Рисунок: уч. пособие для студ. ВНЗ / В. Г. Колесников Н. В., Осипчук Н. В., Басанец А. П. - К. : КНУТД, 2008. - 148 с.
  6. Колесников В. Г. Движение в пространстве и времени: монография / В. Г. Колесников. - К. : Аристей, 2009. - 136 с. :ил.
  7. Богданец Н. Г. Графика, живопись, скульптура: каталог / Н. Г. Богданец. - Мюнхен: Украинский свободный университет, 2009. – 60 с. : ил.
  8. Колесников В. Г. Путешествие во вселенной чувств: монография / В. Г. Колесников. - К. : АГАТ ПРИНТ, 2010. - 235 с. :ил.
  9. Колесников В. Г. КОЛЕС: монография в 2-х томах / В. Г. Колесников. - К. : АГАТ ПРИНТ, 2012. – 852 с. :ил.
  10. Гула Е. П. Пластическая анатомия - основа рисунка / Е. П. Гула. - К. : [Издано при содействии Киевского союза художников книги], 2013. - 344 с. 


In addition, during the formative years of the department teachers are prepared and published educational materials for the teaching of subjects:

Full name



Гула Е. П.

Пластическая анатомия 1-я часть


Павленко А. Ф.

Наброски человеческой фигуры


Дубривна А. П.

Конструктивное пластическое и тоновое построение драпировки


Гула Е. П.

Пластическая анатомия 2-я часть


Колесников В. Г.

Рисунок мягким материалом


Бойко Б. М.

Графика пятна натюрморта


Быстрякова В. Н.

Техника акварельной живописи


Осипчук Н. В.

Композиционно-декоративное решение живописи на старших курсах


Сивкова-Салогуб М. Л.

Цветоведение. Вводный курс


Сивкова-Салогуб М. Л.

Рисунок головы с плечевым поясом


Дубривна А. П.

Технология и техника пастели


Павленко А. Ф.

Дубривна А. П.

Основы рисунка и художественной графики


Тихонюк В. И.

Основные приемы письма плоским пером для графиков


Гула Е. П.

Основы композиции


Быстрякова В. Н.

Основы формообразования І курс


Быстрякова В. Н.

Основы формообразования ІІ курс


Богданец Н. Г.

Рисунок, свет и тень в рисунке


Пильгук О. А.

Рисунок одетой фигуры


Осадчая А. Н.

Гравюра на дереве и линолеуме


Пашукова С. Г.

Композиция геометрических форм на плоскости


Бондаренко Л. Г.



Колесников В. В.

Рисунок с натуры мягким материалом (сангина, соус, уголь) с добавлением фактуры и других материалов


Розуванова М. Ю.

Этюд главы акварельными красками


Басанец А. П.

М. В. для выполнения практ. и самостоятельных работ по курсу живопись


Дубривна А. П.

Пленэрная живопись


Гула Е. П.

Пластическая анатомия для студентов І курса


Сивкова-Салогуб М. Л.

Цветоведение. Рассмотрение колористических проблем в историческом аспекте с учетом специализаций дизайна


Ромашова И. С.

Рисунок предметов быта, интерьера и экстерьера


Сивкова Л. Ю.
Сивкова-Салогуб М. Л.

Методические рекомендации и требования к выполнению ДП


Кугай Т. А.

Методические указания к выполнению КР по дисциплине «Работа в материале»


Сивкова Л. Ю.

Конспект лекций к выполнению самостоятельной работы по дисциплине «Основы проектирования среды»


Колесников В. Г.
Чуприна Н. В.
Кугай Т. А.

Графический дизайн и реклама. Метод. указания к выполнению научного раздела магистерской выпускной квалификационной работы.


Кугай Т. А.

Средства и технические приемы выполнения художественных произведений в основных графических техниках


Сивкова Л. Ю.
Пуханова Л. В.

Проектирование рекламной графики. Требования к КР


Колесников В. Г.
Богданец Н. Г.



Черныш М. О.



Быстрякова В. Н.

Основы формообразования. Композиционно-пластическая организация трехмерного объема


Быстрякова В. Н.

Основы формообразования


Гула Е. П.
Пильгук О. А

Интеллектуальная собственность


Басанец Ю. П.



Руденко М. Ф.

Живопись. Техника акварельной живописи


Осипчук Н. В.
Басанец А. П.

Живопись. Натюрморт. Декоративное решение постановки


Елисеев И. А.



Богданец Н. Г.

Шелкография. Офорт (глубокая печать)


Ящук О. В.

Композиция графики


Павленко А. Ф.
Осипчук Н. В.
Басанец А. П.

Основы рисунка и живописи


Мазниченко О. В.
Сивкова Л. Ю.

Проектирование рекламной графики


Черныш М. О.

Основы истории искусства и материальной культуры


Розуванова М. Ю.
Колесников В. В.

Техники монументального искусства. Витражи настенная роспись


Павленко А. Ф.
Сивкова-Салогуб М. Л.

«Основы рисунка и живописи».


Колесников В. В.
Розуванова М. Ю.

Техники монументального искусства. Витраж и настенная роспись


Кугай Т. А.

Макетирование и работа в материале


Ермак И. О.

Рисунок. Школа Ашбе


Павленко А. Ф.
Осипчук М. В.
Басанец О. П.

«Основы рисунку и живописи»


Осипчук Н. В.
Басанец А. П.

«Основы картины и художественной графики»


Осипчук Н. В.
Басанец А. П.

«Композиция графики. Законы единства и соподчинения в графическом дизайне» для выполнения практических работ для студентов направления
подготовки 6.0202.07


Дубривна А. П.

Основы рисунка интерьера и мебели для студентов специальности «Дизайн», специализации 06.0202.10 «Компьютерный дизайн интерьера и мебели», дневная Форма обучения


Ермак И. О.

Рисунок. Этапы построения натюрморта


At the department of drawing and painting more than 730 students of full-time course and 115   students of correspondence department are trained. Students regularly participate in professional international, regional contests, exhibitions and receive awards (All-Ukrainian students festival of exhibition technologies «Expo Star», All-Ukrainian contest of social advertising «Family and work - our concern», «All-Ukrainian contest of drawing», «International contest of poster and computer animation», All-Ukrainian art exhibitions).

In the process of training, students of the department perform grand volume of creative developments, constantly participate in all-ukranian and international competitions of young artists, graphic artists, illustrator designers and designers of corporate identity, where they constantly win prize awards.

Students of the department under their teachers’ supervision are the participants and laureates of the following all-ukranian and international creative professional competitions:

  • International contest of young designers «Pechersk chestnuts»
  • All-Ukrainian students festival of exhibition technologies «Expo Star»
  • All-Ukrainian contest of social advertising «Family and work - our concern»
  • All-Ukrainian contest of designers «Constellation «Chestnut»
  • All-Ukrainian contest of drawing among students of art educational institutions
  • International contest of poster and computer animation
  • All-Ukrainian art exhibitions of young artists in the field of art, project design and corporate identity
  • All-Ukrainian contest of social poster «Fashion and safety sex» and many others

Recreational premises of the department are used as exhibition hall to demonstrate creative works both teachers of the department - professional artists and students of the university. During the period of 2000-2014 years more than 40 art exhibitions were held by the department of drawing and painting.

Thus, students have the opportunity not only study disciplines in the direction of «Design» and also take a direct part in artistic activities of Ukraine. University students repeatedly won prizes in competitions of drawing and painting among higher educational institutions of artistic direction.

In addition, in recent years students of the department of painting and drawing - future graphic designers are permanent members of the international projects «By poster on expenditures» and «Energy-saving University».







Perspectives for Students

At the department of drawing and painting they create all conditions for full aquisition of knowledge and skills by future specialists who must be fluent in modern artistic means for full expression of their abilities while performing real projects. In-depth study of the fundamentals of graphic design and its combination with computer design makes it possible to represent domestic products in a competitive way.

During the study students get aquainted with basics of scientific researches in the field of design and with modern methods of scientific researches.

In educational process they actively use effective methods of training, modern creative developments of designers, the newest samples of artistic creativity of leading world artists, computer technics and unique professionally oriented software.

Students of the department acquire knowledge both within universitywide standard courses and in original programs of professionally directed disciplines which are developed by the leading lecturers and designers as well as are constanty modernized with the aim to correspond international standards of designers training in different directions of design activities.

As a result of their studies students of the department have the opportunity to aquire such professional abilities and skills which will help them in the work of an artist designer or a master of design.

Students of the deparment of drawing and painting according to the results of acquisition of academic level «Bachelor of Fine Arts» in professional direction «Graphic design» have the opportunity to continue their studies in Magistracy for master training program «Graphic design» that has been functioning at the department and acquire qualification «Master of design».

Apart from that on the basis of Bachelor’s diploma in the field of knowledge 0202 «Fine Arts» (qualification by diploma – «Bachelor of Fine Arts») students of the department of drawing and painting may acquire full higher education in academic level «Specialist» and acquire qualification «Graphic designer» (in specialization «Graphic design»).

Within the faculty of design of KNUTD postgraduate studies has been functioning in speciality 17. 00. 07 «Design», and in its turn students of the department of drawing and painting as well as of other faculty departments have an opportunity to pursue postgraduate studies, defend thesis and aquire degree of Ph. D. of Fine Arts in  speciality «Design».

Lecturers of the department together with administration of Kyiv college of KNUTD developed integrated curricula for entering the 3-d course of full-time and correspondence forms of studies on the basis of a young specialist.

Besides, studying at senior courses at KNUTD students of the department of drawing and painting can pursue studies at the Institute of Postgraduate Education of KNUTD and acquire second higher education both in the field of design (in specializations «artistic costume modelling» and «photo and video design») and as well in the field of economy or light industry. Term of evening form studies – 3 years.

Students of the department of drawing and painting have the opportunity of studying at 3d and 4th  courses acquire military education and get an appropriate state standard diploma.

Students' Сlubs

In pursue of studies students of the department of drawing and painting under the teachers’ supervision perform analitical creative and scientific research works, acquire skills of material gathering, of analisis, generalisations, justification of scientific conclusions – in other words they develop their analitical thinking which will become the basis in their futher desing activity.

At the deparment there have been arranged and successfully functioning students clubs which activity is directed to the increase of professional students skills, activation of their creative potential and executive skills.

Among the most significant directions of students’ activities in creative clubs it is necessary to point out the following ones:

1. Development of new basic and individual projects of graphic design of various purposes and stylistic solution (director – national artist of Ukraine, professor V. Kolesnikov). Basic proprieties in the work of the students club are:

  • implementation of design projects of industrial and commercial graphics of various purposes and stylistic solution based on modern innovative technologies;
  • creation of real or virtual models of objects artistic compositions and design projects of advertising and industrial graphics;

2. Creation of individual design of corporate identity for design objects of various purposes (director – K. Cherniavskyi, PhD in Art History, associate professor). Among the main areas of student clubs activity it is necessary to distinguish the following:

  • solving creative problems in the development of corporate identity for interior design projects or for their own professional activuty;
  • Conducting research, modeling and comparative analysis of options for creative graphic images and forms.

Graduates of the department – experts in graphic design actively work in the field of advertising, at organizations on the development of corporate identity (logos, emblems, business documents, business cards, packaging), in the publishing field, on TV (acquisition of animation technologies), at enterprises where design of entertainment activities takes place. Acquisition of computer technologies enables to design promotional products in the interior.

Professional skills and knowledge about the methods of implementation and presentation of creative information in design projects give graduates the opportunity to implement the principles of graphic part design project preparation by means of computer graphics and photo graphics. Accordingly, they can effectively work in the printing industry, at publishing houses and periodicals.

Today graduates of the department are in-demand highly qualified experts in the field of graphic design and advertising, corporate identity, as well as they are teachers at higher educational institutions in various fields of design in Ukraine and abroad.

International cooperation

Teaching staff of the department of drawing and painting support international relations with Higher Educational Institutions and artists from many countries (Russia, Georgia, Bulgaria, Poland, Czech Republic, Great Britain, Iran, India, etc.). During the years of its functioning at the Department there were trained more than 80 international students from Russia, China, Belarus, Lithuania, Armenia, Turkmenistan, Serbia, Moldova, Iran. For over 10 years, at the department they have been training students from China.

Lecturers of the department are the members of editorial boards of international journals, together with students present their reports at international conferences.

Fine Art works of Faculty lectures (painting, batik, sculpture) are presented at exhibitions of countries of CIS, Western Europe, Canada.

Apart from that the department also maintains international relations with adjacent in the direction of professional training specialists of higher educational institutions of CIS  countries and far abroad countries - Russia, Lithuania, Moldova, Belarus, Georgia, Tajikistan, Bulgaria, Poland, the UK, China, Iran, etc.