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Head of the Department, PhD, associate professor

Address: Academic building 1, room 1-0398, 2, Nemyrovych-Danchenko Str., Kyiv 01011 

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About the Department

On May 28, 2003 a new department of interior and furniture design (IFD) was created at the faculty of design for human resource development in a new specialization, “Computer-aided interior and furniture design”.

It was for the first time in Ukraine that two independent professional fields were combined in one specialization – interior and furniture design.

First of all, that was caused by urgent need in professionals of such kind. Besides, it was expected that these professionals would be able not only to use a computer but to master modern computer-aided technologies to make them their main tool of their creative approach and project document preparation.

The IFD department was founded by Kostiantyn Sazonov, PhD, professor, academician of the Academy of Construction of Ukraine, and his colleagues: assoc. prof. O. Safronova, assoc. prof. O. Vyshnevska, senior teacher K. Donets, assoc. prof. S. Shchehlov, assoc. prof. L. Yevseyenko and assoc. prof. M. Chebykina.

The department has trained over 400 professionals in the interior environment and furniture design industry since 2003.

The department students and graduates are high-level professionals, winners of numerous All-Ukrainian and international contests; they are working both in Ukraine and abroad.


Teaching Staff

Highly-qualified professors and teachers of the IFD department provide special training of students for their specializations. 8 university departments of general education, fundamental and humanities profiles participate in training students of first to third years of education.

Not numerous but highly professional teaching staff at the department is responsible for training the students according to their professional specifics and the master degree training program.

The teaching staff, since the date of its foundation, managed to develop education plans and programs for fundamental and professional subjects, and they also appreciated the designer computer software they had, its adaptation and integration in the educational process. By consolidation of their scientific powers and organizational talents, mobilization of all material and intellectual resources, they managed to make their profession highly prestigious and demanded in the labor market.

There are 12  teachers, including 2 professors, 6  associate professors, 1 senior teacher, and 4  assistants at the department.

All the department teachers, in addition to their scientific and educational activities, are engaged in creative jobs for architecture and design companies according to their major of interior and furniture design.

Assoc. prof. T. Bulhakova is a member of Designers’ Union of Ukraine. Assoc. prof. O. Zavarzin is a member of National Union of Architects of Ukraine, a member of Urbanists Union of Ukraine and a member of American Institute of Architects.

Educational and Laboratory Facilities

The interior and furniture design department has a vast number of educational art studios and laboratories for the highest quality training of design professionals. Scientific and educational staff of the department has formed the necessary visual and methodological base for such studios:

Educational art studios of:

  • environmental design (training and scientific laboratory);
  • interior designing;
  • designing and project graphics – 2 studios;
  • designing and construction of furniture (a multimedia lecture hall);
  • shaping and graphic design.

The students carry out surveys on historiography of furniture forms, ornaments and interiors, their changes and development in various epochs at these educational art studios of art history and material culture (scientific adviser is prof. R. Mikhailova).

In these educational art studios the students carry out surveys on the basic principles of a modern furniture design and use of new graphic design instruments (scientific advisers are assoc. prof. T. Bulhakova, assist. R. Ahliullin).

A spacious class equipped with modern computers running licensed applications.

Scientific Activity

The activity of scientific and educational staff of the department is directed not only for implementation of modern innovational methods in the educational process but also for carrying out independent scientific studies aimed to solve topical problems of interior and furniture design, urban environment, discussion of these problems at All-Ukrainian and international conferences as well as at seminars within the department, involving students in scientific activities, organizing master classes for them based on leading profession-oriented institutions of Kyiv and Ukraine.

Besides, theses of best reports presented at the annual All-Ukrainian conference of young scientists and students are published in the university scientific editions “KNUTD Bulletin” and “Technologies and Design”.

Scientific themes of the department:

1. Culturology, aesthetics, constructive and functional problems of design in the context of ethnoculture, ecology and human life support systems. Scientific adviser: Doctor of Technical Sciences, prof. M. Kolosnichenko. Within the framework of the topic, research is carried out in the following areas:

  • Problems of interior design. Scientific and methodological problems of training specialists in creative specialization
  • The use of new information technologies in teaching professionally-oriented disciplines in design

2. Problems and prospects for the environmental design development. Scientific adviser: V. Abyzov, Doctor of Architecture, Professor.

3. Cultural and art history aspects in design. Supervisor: R. Mikhaylova, Doctor of Arts, Professor.

Students of the department participate in All-Ukrainian scientific conferences of young scientists and students, university and interuniversity design contests, republican contests or research works and diploma theses.

Based on completed researches, an entire complex of interior space design projects was developed in the department for hotels, restaurants, TV, theaters, and other institutions and organizations.

Such disciplines are taught:
  1. Composition Fundamentals and Chromatics (by sort of design)
  2. Design Graphics (by sort of design)
  3. Designing and Graphic Design Fundamentals
  4. Art and material culture (by sort of  design)
  5. Interior Design
  6. Design of Furniture
  7. Design of small architectural forms
  8. Landscape Design
  9. Interior and Furniture Design
  10. Interior and Furniture Design Graphics
  11. Modern Technologies of Design Activities (by sort of  design)
  12. Complex Designing (by sort of  design)
  13. Current Trends in the Architectural Environment Design
  14. CAD (Computer Aided Design)
  15. Fundamentals of 2D graphics
  16. Technical aesthetics
  17. Research practice
  18. Pre-diploma practice
  19. Training Practice
  20. Production practice

Programs for all subjects are authored by scientific and pedagogic employees of the department and are created taking into consideration best practices of Ukrainian and world design schools.

Training and Methodological Support

Training and methodological support of disciplines of the department which are the key for student professional training in the field of interior and furniture design is based on the following principles:

  • introduction of the package of measures to the practical training to create new high-quality advanced training programs;
  • application of new, including information and communication training technologies;
  • preparation and improvement of teaching materials of subjects (TMS) according to the requirements of the higher educational institutions of the III-IV levels of accreditation;
  • development of teaching guides, lecture notes and teaching materials on the subject-matter of disciplines taught at the department during the training of specialists in design in the area of art dress modeling and style and hairstyle design;
  • improvement of the level of educational and methodological work by creating new curricula, textbooks combining basic scientific researches and the educational process;
  • implementation of advanced forms of training organization and management and active learning methods;
  • implementation of teaching materials that meet the modern world standards.

Among educational and methodological manuals, the most important is Комп’ютерний дизайн корпусних меблів” (authors: K. Sazonov, O. Vyshnevska, K. Donets, L. Cherniaieva) and «Научно-исследовательская работа студентов. Часть 1»  (author: Assoc.E. Safronova).

This scientific and methodological edition was the result of complex, fruitful activities of the faculty in the field of studying innovative furniture design methods and principles.

A spacious class equipped with modern computers running licensed applications developed by INTEAR, a scientific company, with participation of the department teachers is used for education. The applications are used: AUTODESK AutoCad, 3DsMAX.

Importance of education following these principles is confirmed by the fact that they dominate among specialized licensed software used by furniture and interior companies in Ukraine.

Computer graphics software is studied in the department, too, such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign.

Scientific and pedagogical staff of the department prepared and published over 100 scientific and methodological editions, 23 lecture summaries, scientific and methodological materials and manuals including soft copy ones.

Educational programs

The department of interior and furniture design is graduate educational programs "Computer-aided Interior and Furniture Design" and " Landscape Design."

Bachelor's Degree Programs

Speciality: 022 «Design»

Study Programme: «Design (by types)»

Academic Degree: «BACHELOR»


Study programme:

Design (by types)


Bachelor of Arts

Prescribed period of study:

8 semesters (4 years)


ECTS Credits:



Language of the study course:

Ukrainian / English

Programme aim

Formation and development of general and professional competences in the area of design focused on acquiring of knowledge, abilities and skills by a student at planning and creation of certain image of design objects, mastering of techniques and principles of integration of artistical, culturological, design and functional and technological parameters of planning of the certain dimensional and spatial good, the complex object of design or design concept

Learning outcomes:

  1. Basic ideas about confectioning and marketing as a basis of consumer needs on design objects and articles
  2. Basic ideas about the main and additional constituents of planning
  3. Basic ideas about the system of planning of design objects, features of design techniques of separate objects and their complexes
  4. Free possessing the academic drawing techniques, laws, rules and techniques of representation of dimensional and spatial form in the real and virtual planes
  5. Free possessing the techniques of the spatial plastic arts representation in the virtual and real planes
  6. Possessing the basic knowledge and methods of organization of design and graphic environment, the materials and instruments characteristics, and the features of different graphic techniques as well
  7. Possessing the facilities of analysis of historical tendencies and modern problems of development of design, progressive experience on professional activity with the purpose of implementation of design innovations
  8. Possessing the methods of analysis of factors of influence on art and project directions formation
  9. Possessing the modern design systems and technologies
  10. Realization of optimal choice of instruments and devices for fulfillment of different types of designs, taking into account the individual aspects of project task
  11. Providing of culture of planning processes (progressive technology, rational organization of labour, business communication, office works etc.)
  12. Ability of using the graphic and spatial language that has been formed on the basis of all design experience of humanity and on recent achievements of computer technologies in the artistic design and project graphic arts
  13. Capability to determine the factors of influence of different materials properties in work with a form
  14. Capability to implement of methodology of transformation of images of cultural heritage of humanity into creative designer ideas
  15. Knowledge of requirements for development of the sign systems, combinatoric methods of form making with the purpose of development of visual and information projects
  16. Modern ideas about the aesthetic requirements in design
  17. Modern ideas about the methods of modelling in design system
  18. Modern ideas about the in-spatial environment as an artistic system; the structure, varieties of elements and this system links
  19. Formation of skills in the development of conceptual design; the consideration of the system of the project culture in design
  20. Rapid and clear fulfilment of project work by means of various computer technologies


Master's Degree Program

Speciality: 022 «Design»

Study Programme: «Design (by types)»

Academic Degree: «MASTER»

Faculty:  Design

Study programme:

Design (by types)


Master of Design

Prescribed period of study:

3 semesters (1 year 6 months)

4 semesters (2 years)

ECTS Credits:



Language of the study course:

Ukrainian / English

Program aim

Forming and development of the general and professional competences in the area of design focused on the acquiring of the capability to use the methods of informal and social interpretation of the project, the project methods of theoretical and practical work, the essence of the heuristic methods of creative work, the content of the stages of preliminary and project activity, the requirements to planning of the multilevel design complexes

Learning outcomes:

  1. Ability to analyze the efficiency of the used methods and means of the development, the artistic qualities of the completed task
  2. Ability to carry out a technological analysis on the basis of materials research for presentation of a design product
  3. Ability to control the observance of selected technology for realization of the authorial original
  4. Ability to ground the theoretical expediency and practical efficiency of the introduction of the project analysis results in the development of design projects and complex design objects
  5. Ability to work out the technological conception of the design process conditioned upon the project task
  6. Possessing the scientific and practice methods of realization of creative information in the design activity
  7. Ability to use progressive methods and means of planning, that take into account the psychological features
  8. Ability to organize the research and methodical analysis of typology and associativeness in tectonics form construction
  9. Ability to select and apply the various types of scientific methods of information processing, realize the processing and analytical interpretation of information, summarize the results of research in the project activity
  10. Ability to apply the complex approach at conceptual problems solving of planning
  11. Sense of locality in modern tendencies and necessities of society with the aim of their use in modern design industry
  12. Ability of development of project task and aim, and their explication as a number of project tasks in creation of new design objects
  13. Knowledge of basis of prognostication of perspective forms of design objects development
  14. Knowledge of typology and methods of design projects organization
  15. Knowledge and ability of the rational use of the base ideas about the existent materials and instruments for design, modern information technologies etc. in professional activity
  16. A synthesis of project decisions on the basis of introduction of results of pre-project analysis
  17. Creation of original layouts of synthetic design objects as finished design product
  18. Modern ideas about formation of the design-planning process, the main project stages and methods of implementation of their constituents that provide consistent and quality implementation of the project
  19. Participation in organization, realization and introduction of the research process results
  20. Formation of aesthetic and artistic taste, social outlooks of population




There are about 250 full-time students majoring in "computer-aided interior and furniture design" and “Landscape Design” at the department.

In the course of training the students of the department are performing the large amount of creative developments, constantly participates in all-Ukrainian scientific conference of young scientists and students.

In October 2015, the IFD Department graduates have received awards at various levels in the ХХІІІ – ХХІV Review Competition of Architectural and Design Projects in KNUCA. In addition, they took part in the VIII International Forum "Design Education 2015" in Kharkov, in which the graduation projects of design schools competition took place in various categories.


In March 2018, the students of the department Irina Gavrilyuk, Irina Vashchuk and Zavgorodnyaya Valeriya entered the final of the All-Ukrainian contest of young designers "Get me 2 the Top Ukraine", organized by the SBID (Society of British & International Design). And the student Maria Kukoba became the winner in the category of "Private space".


In 2017, the winner of the contest of young designers "Get me 2 the Top Ukraine" was also the the department graduate Lyuba Kushnir.


Department students, under guidance of their teachers, were participators and winners of the following All-Ukrainian and international creative professional contests:

  • International survey/contest of higher school graduate architecture and art diploma designs.
  • All-Ukrainian contest at II International Gift and Décor Exhibition.
  • All-Ukrainian contest “Ukrainian Design: The Very Best Of”.
  • Annual contest of architecture and interior design organized by a ceramic tile manufacturer, Spain.
  • Annual All-Ukrainian competition of young designers "Get me 2 the Top Ukraine", organized by SBID (Society of British & International Design).
Opportunities for Students

The students are introduced to the basics of scientific researches in the field of design and modern methods of scientific researches. 

The effective teaching methods, modern creative works of designers, computer equipment and unique professional-oriented software are actively used in the learning process. 

The students of the department gain knowledge both within the framework of general university regulations cycles and based on original programs of the professionally-oriented disciplines developed by leading lectures and designers, and are constantly upgraded to comply with international standards of training designers in different areas of project activity.

As a result of training at the department of interior and furniture design, under guidance of teachers, students carry out their research works, master their skills in collection of materials, analysis, generalization, substantiation of their scientific and design conclusions – i.e., they develop their own analytic way of thinking. They need this knowledge not only as scientists and professionals but also for communication in situations when they may be forced to express their opinions in business-like manner, convince a customer in a reason to choose one or another solution.

Combining the accumulated knowledge with its practical use, active participation in prestigious contests make it possible for the students to implement the most bold ideas and design solutions, improve their art of project presentation, and remain permanently in creative endeavor. What is important is the general environment idea accepted at the very beginning of the design process, and if a designer can imagine the whole picture – a unique style, an interesting idea, from designing complex surfaces to lighting the environment, filling it with furniture and other domestic things – it will be a quality project, and its implementation will surely bring satisfaction for both the customer and the contractor.

In the course of the study at the department of interior and furniture design, in their professional fields, the students master their knowledge of design and graphic design, formation and coloristics of interior, ads, exhibition design, aesthetic position as of interior décor, etc. 

In the course of studying fundamental and profession-oriented subjects, students use actively efficient studying methods along with modern creative designer developments, innovative samples of furniture accessories from leading manufacturers all over the world, computer equipment, and profession-oriented software.

Students of the department acquire their knowledge both within general university normative cycles and under original programs of profession-oriented subjects developed by leading teachers and designers that are modernized permanently in order to comply with international standards of preparing designers for various fields of designer activities.

After completion of the study, a graduate shall know:

  • design and furniture design methods;
  • interior design technologies;
  • design regulatory documents;
  • furniture production technologies;
  • the procedure and rules of using a computer-aided design system;
  • management and marketing fundamentals.

After completion of the study, a designer shall be able to:

  • use the existing methods of furniture design;
  • use standard methods of furniture production and develop new ones;
  • use technologies of design and interior arrangement;
  • develop computer systems for interior and furniture design.

During the course “Landscape Design”, students acquire knowledge in the field of design and graphic design, coloristics of design objects, advertising, computer graphics, modern technology and tools for phytodesign and landscape design in line with global trends and fashion, design of small architectural forms, furniture, dendrology, exhibition design, interior decorating aesthetic positions, etc.


According to the study results, students receive such knowledge and skills:

  • The development of interior design projects for various purposes and stylistic solutions with elements of flower arranging, design projects of the winter garden in the residential, public and industrial buildings;
  • creating gardens on flat roofs and terraces;
  • rules on the use of computer-aided design (CAD);
  • competent application of known methods for construction and design of small architectural forms;
  • define the requirements for the formation of landscape design objects in the urban environment;
  • furniture design using modern innovative materials and technologies;
  • creating a harmonious interior decoration by various means.

Receiving a furniture and interior designer diploma shall make it possible for a graduate to:

  • work for state, commercial, and joint venture companies designing and manufacturing furniture and interior;
  • open one’s own business in the field;
  • teach at higher and secondary educational institutions.

After receiving a Bachelor of Arts degree majoring in “computer-aided interior and furniture design”, graduates of the department have an opportunity to continue their education doing master’s degree according to appropriate faculty programs, and become qualified as Master of Design.

The faculty of design of KNUTD has the department of postgraduate studies according to the major 17.00.07 “Design” (list of scientific specialties 2011), and since 2016 the training of PhD in specialty 022 "Design" (list of scientific specialties 2015). 

In addition, the students of undergraduate studies of KNUTD, students of the department of interior and furniture design can be trained at the Institute of postgraduate education of KNUTD and get a second higher education as in the area of design (under the specialization “photo-video-design” or “artistic designing of costume”), and in the area of economics or light industry.

Studying at the department (third and fourth year of training) students have an opportunity to get military education and receive an appropriate state-recognized degree.

Students’ Societies

The department has organized and successfully operating students’ research and creative societies, the activity of which is aimed at improving the professional skills of students, energizing their creative potential and executive craftsmanship. Among the most significant activities of students in scientific and creative societies the following ones should be allocated:

  1. Modern science-based approaches to the design of public interiors (head: Associate Professor E. Safronova).
  2. Modern computer technologies in the environment design (head: Associate Professor E. Vishnevskaya).
  3. Future directions of scientific and practical activities in a modern environment design (head: Professor V. Abyzov)
  4. Postmodernism in the world and Ukrainian art culture (head: Professor R. Mikhailova)
  5. The use of modern technology in the interior (head: Associate Professor T. Bulgakova)
  6. Modern design technologies for the formation of interiors of renovated non-functioning industrial buildings for public and residential functions (head: Associate Professor S. Kisil)
  7. Modern trends in the educational environment design (head: Associate Professor D. Kosenko)

Among the graduates of the department of interior and furniture design are the young and prospective designers in the field of designing environments and modeling environment objects, specifically:

  • Kateryna Zhumenko and Anastasiia Kolesnyk, interior and furniture designers, founders of the I2Lab laboratory for interior creation. Graduates of the year 2009. Participating regularly in various international and All-Ukrainian contests, conferences, and lectures on interior, furniture, and industrial design. The year 2012: winning the “ЗаЗеркаlli” object design contest by creation of a “Wire” mirror (Moscow, Russia). 1st prize for the “Move” work in the second stage of “Bike Parking 2011” contest (Kyiv, Ukraine). Participation in the “Interior of the Year” contest of the “Home and Interior” journal nominated as a youth project (Kyiv, Ukraine). A prize for the best solution, “Battery”, based on the results of online voting, Bike Parking 2010 (Kyiv, Ukraine).
  • Dmytro Hlukhov, an industrial designer, architect. Graduate of the year 2010. Participant of numerous contests in development of lighting appliances. His items are exhibited in the art space of “Creative Space 12”, Kyiv. He participated in designing facade and decorative interior structures of “Ocean Plaza”, Kyiv.
  • Ruslan Ahliullin a leading interior and furniture designer in the company «Nenov furniture». He is a winner of the New Name Design contest at the II International Exhibition of Gifts and Décor, “Décor & Gifts”, May 26 to 29, 2005. He is a KNUTD postgraduate and a teacher of the IFD, disciplines: “Interior décor technologies” and “Furniture design”. 


  • Olga Poliakova is occupied with dwelling and public room interiors, a participant of “Interior-Mebel 2012” exhibition in Kyiv. Finalist of the contest "Ukrainian Wood Fashion 2017". She participated in ХХ survey/contest of diploma designs for architecture and art profile graduates of higher educational institutions of Ukraine, the year 2011 (II degree diploma). She is the 1st degree winner of the Small Academy of Sciences in the field of “Information Technologies”, 2006. She is a postgraduate student and lecturer of KNUTD IFD Department in the “Composition Fundamentals and Chromatics”.


  • Olga Singayevska – старший дизайнер в Лондонской компании «Clive Christian Harrods», специализирующаяся на дизайне интерьера и мебели для роскошных жилых помещений.
  • Irina Cherny - an interior designer in Kyiv Design Bureau of Victoria Faynblat.


  • Babanin Dmitry – a designer, the director of «IQOSA», Ryazhko Nikita and Vladimir Fil are designers, co-founders of the company that provides professional design and visualization. More than 10 graduates of KNUTD IFD Department work in «IQOSA» team.


  • Oksana Drumova together with her sister created her own brand of women's clothing.


  • Tatyana Rogoza and Vyacheslav Rukavishnikov - design studio "Rogoza Design" received the highest award of the international award "European Property Awards" for their project "Beauty salon Maxim Kulikov", which became the best in the category "Leisure Interior Design 2017-2018".



  • Anna Tarabanova –an interior designer in «Yo dezeen» - architectural design studio with extensive experience in the field of interior design of public and residential buildings.