Kyiv National University of Technologies and Design
Faculty of Fashion Industry
About the Department

Head of Department, Professor, Dr. Sc.

Address: building 1, room 1-0377a, 1-0377; 1-0375, 2, Nemirovich-Danchenko str., Kyiv 01011

Phone: +38044-256-21-34, +38044-256-21-48

The Department trains highly qualified specialists in three fields: Textiles examination. The Department implements a variety of educational innovation projects giving students the opportunity to meet with academic scholars, representatives of light industry enterprises, share their own creative ideas, participate in various competitions, trainings, meetings and round tables. The Department regularly communicates with leading enterprises and institutions of Kyiv and Ukraine. Along with a deep theoretical background, our students, have the opportunity to gain practical experience in leading professional organizations.


The Department was established in 1953. In different years the Department was headed by outstanding chairs: M. Pozhydaiev (Ph.D), A. Kovalskii (Ph.D), R. Yefremov (Ph.D), V. Rybalchenko (Ph.D). Since December 2007 the department is headed by Doctor of Engineering Sciences, Professor N. Suprun.

Teaching Staff

N. SUPRUN, the Head of the Department, PhD, Professor

A. SLIZKOV, Doctor of Engineering Sciences, Professor

O. SMACHYLO, PhD, Associate Professor

J. VASHCHENKO, PhD, Associate Professor

M. MARKHAI, senior teacher

Scientific Activity

The main scientific interests of the Department are: "Theory and practice of modifications of multifunctional clothing and medical textile components of plant origin"; "Theoretical and practical basis for the creation of multifunctional fabrics made from textile fibers for mass market articles".

Research interests of the Department also include the study of technologies and equipment of light and textile industry; research of performance properties of textile materials used to protect humans and the environment; forecasting properties of textile materials.

In the field of spinning - "Determination of optimum flax fiber cottonizing process parameters and the optimal variant of the mixture cottonized yarn and chemical fibers for household fabrics".

Training Courses

The Department provides training in such fields as: Commodity science and Commercial business, Technology and design of textiles, Design, Technology of light industry articles, Consumer services, Photo video design, Teachers training.

Training courses

  • Analysis of spinning technologies
  • Range of fabrics
  • Introduction to the profession
  • Examination of goods
  • Examination of light industry goods
  • Examination of textiles
  • Consumer protection
  • Identification of goods
  • Confectioning of materials
  • Confectioning of materials for clothing
  • Confectioning of light industry products
  • Materials science
  • Materials science and Confectioning
  • Materials science and fundamentals of goods production technology
  • Materials science in garments
  • Materials science in leather articles
  • Methods and tools of scientific research
  • Methods and tools for quality estimation of textiles
  • Standards and technical regulations
  • Fundamentals of scientific research
  • Launching of trade
  • The equipment of technological processes in the textile industry
  • Fundamentals of technical creativity and patents
  • Fundamentals of technical expert examining of materials and products.
  • Theoretical foundations of expert examining
  • Fundamentals of products technology
  • Fundamentals of textiles technology
  • Fundamentals of technology and range of  light industry products
  • Planning of technical expert examining (Principles of  expert examining)
  • Cause-and-effect relations in expert examining of textile materials and products
  • Forecasting activities in expert examining of textile materials and products
  • Designing of spinning industries
  • The development of light industries
  • Product certification and product safety
  • Special subject on graduation paper theme
  • Modern printing technologies and materials
  • Textile materials science
  • Technical regulation (principles of standardization, Metrology and quality management)
  • Merchandising (Theoretical foundations of commodities)
  • Merchandising (non-food items)
  • Commodity (food products)
  • Merchandising of textiles
  • Commercial business
Training and Methodological Support

Methodical work of the Department is focused on providing teaching at high level. The main published textbooks and manuals prepared by the teachers of the Department are:

  • Конфекціювання матеріалів для одягу. Посібник з грифом МОНУ. Супрун Н.П., Дрегуляс Е.П., Волинець Т.О. - Київ. Знання. – 2008. - 125с.
  • Матеріалознавство швейних виробів. Волокна та нитки. Підручник для студ. вищих навч. закладів / Н. П. Супрун. - К. Знання, 2008. - 183 с.
  • Матеріалознавство швейного виробництва. Матеріали для одягу. Супрун Н.П. Підручник з грифом МОНМСУ. Київ, КНУТД. – 2009, 156 с.
  • Основи проектування технологій прядильних виробництв/Слізков А.М. та ін. – К.: КНУТД, 2007. – 424 с.
  • Основи текстильного матеріалознавства. Супрун Н.П., Шустов Ю.С. Київ, КНУТД. - 2009. 260 с.
  • Основи технологій прядильних виробництв / А.М. Слізков та ін. – К.: КНУТД, 2007. – 423 с.
  • Прогнозування фізико-механічних властивостей. А.М. Слізков. – К., 2013.

  • Статична обробка результатів вимірювань та експериментальних в текстильній промисловості. А.М. Слізков, О.Б. Демківський, С.М. Краснитський, Ю.М. Пилипенко. Навчальний посібник. К.: 2012.

  • Сучасні проблеми  виробництва безпечного у споживанні та екологічно чистого текстилю. Монографія. Супрун Н. П., Щуцька Г. В. Київ.: КНУТД. – 2013– 108с.; 

  • Текстильне матеріалознавство. Навч. посіб. для студ. вищих навч. закладів / Е. П. Дрегуляс, В. В. Рибальченко, Н. П. Супрун. - К. КНУТД, 2011. - 430с.
  • Товарознавство хутра та шкіри для виробів легкої промисловості. Навчальний посібник/ Супрун Н. П., Щуцька Г. В.,Смачило О.В. К.: Кафедра. – 2013. – 130с. 
  • Волокнисті матеріали та вироби легкої промисловості з прогнозованими бар'єрними медико-біологічними властивостями [Текст] : монографія : [в 2 ч.] / С. М. Березненко, В. І. Власенко,……, А. М. Слізков, Н. П. Супрун / - Київ : КНУТД, 2014.


Fields and Degrees of Specialization

The Department provides training in such fields as: Commodity science and Commercial business, Technology and design of textiles, Design, Technology of light industry articles, Consumer services, Photo video design, Teachers training.

Fields and Degrees of Specialization

The department provides training in the field of knowledge 18 - Production and technology specialty 182 - Technology of light industry in two educational degrees:

Bachelor, educational program "Examination of textile materials and products";

MA, educational program "Examination of textile materials and products."

After receiving higher education graduates can enter to postgraduate specialty 05.18.19 - "Technology of textile, garment and knitwear" and 05.02.01 - " Materials Science ".



On the department conducted active research work of students, the results of which are reported at the annual scientific student conferences taking place in Kyiv National University of Technology and Design, in other domestic and foreign institutions. Students regularly take part in Ukrainian Conference of Young Scientists and Students' Research potential of young people nowadays. In autumn 2013 the department took first place in the conference of young scientists and students "Actual problems and prospects of development of modern materials" Crimean pool International scientific and practical conference "Scientific achievements - in practice."


Students’ Clubs

Environmentally safe textiles, Quality, Expert textileman.

The Department provides after classes activity in such students’ clubs as:

  • "Ecological textile materials", scientific supervisor Prof. N. Suprun;
  • "Quality" scientific supervisors - Prof. N. Zashshepkina;
  • "A textile expert”, supervisor Prof. A. Slizkov.

The Department actively participates in the development, manufacture of clothing and accessories for disabled people of all ages and disease types. During the year the Department carried out the management of "Textile products for disabled people" charity program under the leadership of N. Suprun. Employees of the Department , J.Vashchenko  and V. Vasilenko, cooperating with the students from the students’ clubs, prepared a wide range of eco gifts and exhibits for  3 exhibitions held this year. In 2013, the Department renewed the tradition to make and demonstrate the products for disabled children. To commemorate the International day of disabled people 3 such collections were donated to Kyiv kindergarten for children with diseases of the musculoskeletal system.


1. Oksana Pilyavska
"Textiles - contact"
Chief Manager of sewing thread

2. Elena Panchenko
OOO "Altair"
Chief specialist spinning

3. Konoval Vadim M.
JSC "Pionteks"
Chief Engineer

4. Belly Tatiana
"Kyiv National University of Culture and Arts»
Head. laboratory

5. Premier Anna G.
"Kyiv National University of Culture and Arts»
Head. laboratory

6. Mudrik Inna V.
JSC "Tehnofiltr"
engineer weaving

7. Eduard Nasyrov Albertovich
He worked in the fashion house "Capital" designer
While still at university Nasir EA actively participated in various competitions and shows. Today is the lead designer. His name is known not only in Ukraine but also abroad.

8. John Haytina
Technical Director of TH "Altair"

9. disgraced Yulia P.
Manager Commercial Department Open House "Altair"

10. Anna Tolschikova
Manager Commercial Department Open House "Altair"

Foreign Partnership

The Department participates in scientific research, conferences, and seminars in such countries as the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, and Germany.