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Faculty of Mechatronics and Computer Technologies


SKIDAN Vladyslava Valentynivna

Head of the Department, PhD, Associate Professor

Address: Kyiv, Mala Shyianovska (Nemyrovycha-Danchenka) Street, 2, academic building 4, room. 4-0901, 4-0903, 4-0908, 4-0910, 4-0912, 4-0914

Phones for inquiries: 044 256-21-30, 044 256-21-89


About the department

The Department of Information and Computer technologies was based to train specialists in the area of information technology and specialists who will be able to respond quickly and effectively to challenges in society, in the digital transformation and global challenges, competitive in the international labor market, competent in solving the most difficult problems in field of digital technologies. 

Basic conceptual foundations of activity and development department


Training of socially responsible highly qualified competitive specialists in the area of information systems and technologies.


The purpose of the department is to gradually gain leadership in the educational and professional sphere, integration into the international scientific and educational environment with careful preservation of national and corporate achievements, values and traditions developed at the university, maximum satisfaction of requirements and expectations of stakeholders.


The development strategy of the department is to constantly improve the quality of training of specialists and ensure their competitiveness in the labor market due to the new methodology of the purposefulness of the educational process to the limit of perfection,constant focus on the best world achievements in the educational and professional area.

Main objective:

  1. Positioning the University in the global educational environment on the basis of the formation of the worthy image of the university (brand) an international reputation and competitive advantages in the field of education and science, coverage of scientific and research activities in the world.
  2. Managing the quality of education through innovation - providing and guaranteeing quality training for information technology specialists using innovative methodology
  3. Building science,innovation, information and education an interactive environment through the introduction of modern science, technology, application of information and communication technologies. Also, the university has all tools for teaching and managing, developing and implementing pedagogical innovations.
  4. Formation, use and development of the Department: Science, personnel, organization and logistics on a new innovative basis.
  5. Formation of corporate culture department, the main features of which are activities and self-development, social support and protection of participants in the educational process.

A department is graduating and carries out preparation of specialists on specialities:

Speciality a 121 Software Engineering

An educational degree is "Bachelor".

Educational program "Software Engineering".

Speciality "Software Engineering" is aimed at developing reliable and efficient software and is related to all aspects of its production (from the initial stages of creating specifications to maintaining the system life cycle after transfer to the customer). The specialization "Software Engineering" is focused on the training of specialists involved in the development, debugging, performance testing, software modification.


An educational degree is "Bachelor".

Educational program "IT Project Management"

The specialty "Information systems and technologies" is aimed at creating and combining intellectual objects into a single information space; the implementation of the interaction of intellectual objects with the environment and people; develops competencies in basic knowledge in the field of Information Systems and technologies, in particular the development, implementation and operation of modern models, methods and tools for managing IT projects.


An educational degree is "Bachelor". Educational program "Automation and computer-integrated technologies".

An educational degree is "master's Degree". Educational program "Computer-integrated technological processes and productions".

Specialty 151 "Automation and computer-integrated technologies" is aimed at training specialists capable of comprehensively solving the problems of developing new and modernizing and operating existing automation systems and computer-integrated technologies using modern software and hardware and information technologies, performing theoretical studies of automation objects , substantiation of the choice of technical means of automation, design of automation systems and development of applied software for various purposes.

Scientific and pedagogical staff of the department

Vladyslava SKIDAN, Head of the Department, PhD, Associate Professor

Vladyslava SKIDAN, PhD, Associate Professor, Head of the Department. Twice a scholarship holder of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine for young scientists.

Graduated from Kyiv National University of Technologies and Design in 2008. In 2013, she was awarded the scientific degree of candidate of technical sciences, and in 2019, the academic title of associate professor. The scientific output includes more than 80 printed works, including articles in specialized scientific publications, publications included in the Sсopus scientometric database, 6 patents, 2 monographs, and 2 training manuals.

Courses taught: Multimedia technologies; Design of automation systems; Analysis of software requirements.

Research interests: modern information and computer technologies.


Antonina VOLIVACH, PhD, Associate Professor, Deputy Head of the Department 

Graduated from the State Academy of Light Industry of Ukraine in 1996 with a degree in "Automation of Technological Processes and Production." She has been working at the university since 1996. In 2021, she was awarded the scientific degree of PhD in Technical Sciences. She is the author of over 70 scientific papers, including articles in specialized scientific publications and publications that are included in the Scopus bibliographic database, as well as 5 copyright certificates.

Courses taught: "Object-Oriented Programming," "Creation and development of IT products", "Technical Means of Automation, Flexible Automated Production and Robotic Complexes," and "Computer-Integrated Systems Design."

Research interests: Assessment of Educational Risks Using Information Technologies and European Approaches.


Volodymyr PAVLENKO, Dean of the Faculty of Mechatronics and Computer Technologies, PhD, Associate Professor

Graduated from Kyiv National University of Technologies and Design in 2000.

Courses taught: Technological measurements and devices; Microprocessor and software automation tools.

Research interests:  the use of information and communication technologies in the context of improving the quality of educational services, taking into account resource-efficient and clean sustainable development industries.


Valeria DROMENKO, PhD, Associate Professor

Graduated from Kyiv Technological Institute of Light Industry (KTILI) in 1990. She has been working at the University since 1992.

Courses taught: Computer-integrated technologies; Computer technology and programming; Modeling of computer-integrated systems; Computerization of information processes; Automation of engineering calculations.

Research interests: modern computer technologies.


Yurii PILIPENKO, PhD, Associate Professor 

Graduated from Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv in 1975.

Courses taught: Microprocessor and software automation; Design of computer-integrated systems; Architecture of computer systems and networks and programming of real-time systems.

Research interests: software engineering.


Yurii LEBEDENKO, PhD, Associate Professor

Graduated from Kherson State Technical University in 1997.

Courses taught: Identification, modeling, and optimization of technological objects of control systems; Microprocessor and software automation tools; Technological foundations of automation; Computer technologies, and programming.

Research interests: microprocessor control systems, optimization of control systems.

Vladyslav PILYPENKO, Assistant

Graduated from Kyiv National University of Technologies and Design in 2018.

Courses taught: "Computer Technologies and Programming" and "Object-Oriented.

Research interests: Information and Computer Technologies, the use of Machine Learning in studying educational risks on learning management platforms.

Andrii PISOTSKY, Assistant

Graduated from Volodymyr Dahl East Ukrainian National University in 2014.

Courses taught: Computer technologies and programming; Fundamentals of system analysis.

Research interests: increasing the efficiency of a hybrid FES with a storage battery for a local facility.

Dmitrii AKHONCHENKO, head of the ICT laboratory

Graduated from Kyiv Technological Institute of Light Industry (KTILP) in 1986. He has been working at KNUTD since 1986.

Volodymyr IPATOV, senior assistant

Graduated from KICA (Kyiv Institute of Civil Aviation) in 1975. He has been working at KNUTD since 2006.

Tetiana KALAMIEIETS, senior assistant

Graduated from KTILI (Kyiv Technological Institute of Light Industry) in 1985. She has been working at KNUTD since 1997.

Academic staff of the Department of Information and Computer Technologies

Educational and laboratory facilities

The classes use 3 specialized laboratories for laboratory work in professionally-oriented disciplines, lecture hall, multimedia projection equipment, premises for course, diploma design and research work.

The main laboratories include:

  • training laboratory of software engineering and information systems;
  • training laboratory for design and modeling of automated systems;
  • training laboratory of automated control and microprocessor technology.
Scientific Circles

At the department, there are 4 ongoing scientific circles:

1)   "Modern Information Technologies"

Leader: Head of the Department of ICT, Ph.D., Assoc. Skidan V.V.

2)  "Modern Approaches to Programming in C++"

Leader: Ph.D., Assoc. Dromenko V.B.

3)  "Design of Embedded Systems and Internet of Things"

Leader: Ph.D., Assoc. Lebedenko Yu.O.

4)  "Microprocessor and Software Tools for Automation"

Leader: Ph.D., Assoc. Pylypenko Yu.M.