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Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor,
Academician of the Academy of Engineering Sciences of Ukraine,
Academician of the Academy of Technological Sciences of Ukraine,
Director of Institute of Engineering and Information Technologies

Address: Mala Shyianovska (Nemyrovycha-Danchenka) Street, 2, educational building 1, room 1-0237, 1-0252

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PhD in Technical Sciences, Associate Professor. Associate Director of the Institute

Address: 2, Mala Shiyanovska (Nemyrovych-Danchenko) Str., educational building 1, room 1-0252

Phone (fax) number: +38044-256-24-87




Address: 2, Mala Shiyanovska (Nemyrovych-Danchenko) Str., educational building 1, room 1-0252

Phone (fax) number: +38044-256-24-87



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Address: 2, Mala Shiyanovska (Nemyrovych-Danchenko) Str., educational building 1, room 1-0252

Phone (fax) number: +38044-256-24-87



About the Institute

The Institute trains specialists in the main areas of power, electronic and computer engineering, who are able to develop, design and service modern equipment as well as operating systems for various industries, electrical energy and fuel power complexes, construction engineering, environment protection and consumer services.       

The mission of the institute is to meet the needs of the population in the training of competitive specialists in the field of energy, electronic and computer engineering, nano- and micro-technologies; active participation in the personal development of each person, his upbringing and improvement of abilities.

The goal is to teach and educate young people, to develop the potential of participants in the educational process, their creative abilities and an active social position.


‒ provision of high-quality training of specialists in computer engineering specialties; system analysis; electrical engineering, electrical engineering and electromechanics; applied physics and nanomaterials;

‒ development of scientific research in the field of information technologies and natural sciences, transfer of technologies and innovations to the real sector of the economy;

‒ international integration of scientific and educational activities of the institute through participation in international educational and scientific projects, competitions, exhibitions in the field of energy, electronic and computer engineering, nano- and micro-technologies, academic mobility, publishing activity, etc.


Institute graduates work in public and private enterprises, domestic and foreign companies, including BOSCH, Microsoft, Epam Systems, Ukrenergo, Foxtrot, UkrSibbank, Eldorado, Zaporozhenergo and others.

Specialties and education programs


Education program

Degree-granting department


program subject area

program subject area


Bachelor’s degree



Applied physics and nanomaterials

Nano- and microtechnologies in design


Applied Physics and Higher Mathematics


Computer Engineering

Computer systems and networks




Systems analysis

Systems analysis and management




Electrical energy industry, Electrotechnics and Electromechanics




Intelligent systems of renewable energy and electric cars



Master’s degree



Computer Engineering

Computer Engineering




Electrical energy industry, Electrotechnics and Electromechanics

Electrical appliances



Doctor’s degree



Electrical energy industry, Electrotechnics and Electromechanics

Electrical energy industry, Electrotechnics and Electromechanics





Graduates of the educational program "Nano- and microtechnologies in design" are able to independently develop product designs taking into account technological, economic, environmental and aesthetic parameters; to correctly justify the choice of hardware and software to solve problems in the field of technology of nanostructures; to carry out research work in the field of energy efficient technologies with the use of nanomaterials and nanotechnologies, which will help reduce the consumption of different types of fuel, increase environmental safety; improving the visual and aesthetic perception of design developments without reducing their functionality; carry out design work using hardware and software for the development, manufacture and study of nanostructures.


Computer engineers trained in electrical engineering, software and hardware integration. They deal with many aspects of computing. Tasks related to computer engineering include writing programs and firmware, and developing operating systems. Computer engineers are also working on research for robotics.

Future professionals will gain practical skills in the use of modern software, 3D and mathematical modeling, maintenance of computer systems and networks, and practice in leading enterprises in the industry.


The educational program "Electromechanics" is aimed at training a specialist who is able to use professional knowledge, skills and practical know-how in the field of fundamental sections of electromechanics for the study of electromechanical systems, as well as for the safe technical use of electrical equipment, electrical, electronic, computer-aided control systems. Employment in the specialty is possible at enterprises, organizations and institutions operating in the fields of electrical energy industry, electrotechnics and electromechanics. The graduate can work in the field of design, production, operation, organizational and management, engineering and economic, environmental, commercial activities.


Specialist in electrical appliances in his activities is focused on the objects, which are based on electromechanical energy conversion and on its management. The field of activity is the modern complex electrical appliances, automated electric drives of commercial installations and technological complexes, the production of electric machines, mechanisms and devices, electric equipment of vehicles, mining electrical machinery, electrotechnological installations and systems. A specialist in electrical appliances can work as an engineer researcher, hold positions of senior management personnel of industrial enterprises and research institutions.


Education and Scientific Institute of Engineering and Information Technologies was established by the decision of the Academic Council of KNUTD from 30.08.2018 by setting apart the three departments and the Energy Efficiency Center from the faculty of Mechatronics and Computer Technology.

The structure of the Institute includes units with a rich history and significant experience in the training of highly specialized specialists. They are:

  • Department of Computer Engineering and Electromechanics;
  • Department of Applied Physics and Higher Mathematics;
  • Center of Energy Efficiency (founded in 2017).

The Department of Applied Physics and Higher Mathematics (APHM) of The Kyiv National University of Technologies and Design (KNUTD) was established in September 2020 based on two departments: The Department of Higher Mathematics and The Department of Physics. The departments of higher mathematics and physics of the Kyiv National University of Technology and Design, one of the oldest departments of the university, were established in 1930.

The Department of Computer Engineering and Electromechanics begins its history in 1992, when according to the plan 25 first-year students were accepted and in 1997 the first engineers in the field of electromechanics, specialists in electrical appliances, were turned out. In 1998 the Department received a license for training masters in the specialty Electrical Appliances.

Training at the Institute is carried out on accredited education programs based on the latest approaches, technologies and teaching methods.

The Institute actively develops its personnel potential and initiates the creation and development of innovative projects. The activities of the Institute cover the whole range of organizational, educational, methodological, scientific and pedagogical areas.

Scientific areas

Scientific schools

Dynamics of liquid and quasi-liquid medium in the process equipment of light industry

Scientific supervisor – Oleksandr Burmistenkov

Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor,

Academician of the Academy of Technological Science of Ukraine,

Honoured Educator of Ukraine

Lines of research

- development of effective technological processes and equipment for the manufacture of polymeric materials compositions, injection casting, finishing of molded products, grinding of waste rubber and polymeric materials, followed by their return to the production cycle;

- creation of new designs, calculation methods, technological modes, algorithms and programs that provide material receiving with the necessary properties at each stage of their production.


- 6 doctor’s and 12 PhD thesis have been defended;

- 400 publications, including 7 monographs, 2 course book, 10 educational textbooks are in the creative heritage, around 30 invention certificates and patents have been received.

International partnership

The Institute trains foreign students from Turkey, Azerbaijan, Georgia and Turkmenistan.

The Institute cooperates with foreign partners in the field of science.


Today there are about 350 students at the Institute. Students develop practical skills in the leading scientific institutions of the NAS of Ukraine, in modern enterprises.

Education at the University provides an opportunity to connect with the high achievements of professional and universal human culture not only in the classroom, but also to expand the erudition, taking part in University contests, academic competitions and conferences.

The Institute has a Students’ Union; the students of the Institute are active members of the editorial Board of the University newspaper. Students spend their leisure time in sports sections, Amateur clubs.

The Institute has scientific circles. Annually the students of these circles make presentations at the all-Ukrainian scientific conference of young scientists and students.

During their studies at the University students whether boys or girls have the additional opportunity to master military profession and become officers. On a contractual basis with the National Defense University of Ukraine named by Ivan Cherniakhivskyi our University created the necessary conditions for the receiving appropriate training at the Educational and scientific complex of military training.

Modern equipment and outfitted classrooms are used for the educational process


The first Vienna Student Ball with the participation of students of the Institute


The students of the institute take part in the All-Ukrainian and International competitions.


The Institute's students and staff are actively involved in all-Ukrainian and international specialized forums and conferences.

International Scientific and Practical Conference "Energy Efficient University"


Forum "From Energy Efficiency to Energy Independence"


Embroidered shirt Day at the Department of Computer Engineering and Electromechanics


Awarding diplomas with distinction to the first graduates of the Institute