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Yelizaveta ISAKOVA

Head of the Department, PhD, Associate professor

Address: Mala Shyianovska (Nemyrovych-Danchenko) Street, 2, educational building 4, room 1208

Telephones: + 38044-256-29-49, + 38044-256-21-33

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About the Department

Foreign languages proficiency is your passport to today’s increasingly globalized world. Join us at the Department of Philology and Translation, where we provide a selection of graduate and postgraduate level classes in English, German, French, Latin, Ukrainian.


The Department of Philology and Translation was established in 1930 as the Department of Foreign Languages having at that time only 4 teachers. 

Since 2021, it is the degree-granting department and provides training of bachelors according to the degree program "The English language: Translation in Business Communications", specialty 035 "Philology". Due to this transformation the department has changed its name to the Department of Philology and Translation.

The features of the program include the improvement of acquired competencies in the field of English language, English literature, translation, interpersonal, intercultural, mass and business communications in oral and written forms with the involvement of leading domestic experts and native English speakers within this program.

The educational program provides prospects for internships in translation agencies, international corporations, companies, etc. Students are given the opportunity to develop and present projects and start-ups in the framework of participation in national and international conferences and competitions.

In 2022, the department of philology and translation started training bachelors under the educational program "Secondary education: English language and literature", specialty 014 "Secondary education".

The features of the program include improving the acquired competencies in the field of English, literature, pedagogy and teaching methods, psychology for the formation of intellectual mobility as an integrative quality of a competitive in the labor market specialist with high-level creative potential.

Graduates can hold teaching positions in general secondary education institutions, extracurricular education institutions, print and electronic media, various funds, unions, humanitarian foundations, museums, art and cultural centers.

In 2023, the department started training bachelors under the educational program "Ukrainian language and literature and English philological studies" (specialty 014 "Secondary education").

A feature of the program is the opportunity to improve acquired competences in the field of Ukrainian and English language and literature, Ukrainian as a foreign language, pedagogy, teaching methods and psychology to form a first-class specialist with a deep understanding of modern trends in the reform of secondary education, the peculiarities of teaching Ukrainian to foreign communicators and high-level creative potential.

Mission Statement

The Department of Philology and Translation is vital to the social and intellectual life of Kyiv national university of technologies and design. We contribute a crucial component to the university’s efforts to train graduate and postgraduate students for an increasingly diverse world in which communicating well across cultures and competing globally determine success. The department provides students with cultural background, critical thinking skills, and communicative proficiency essential to navigate in a complex global environment.

In addition to broadening your life experiences and your view of the world, studying a foreign language improves your communication skills and cognitive and critical thinking abilities. Also, language study on your transcripts will give you an advantage in any career choice. Foreign language study offers a wider understanding of the cultures of countries trading with Ukraine. Multinational corporations seek employees with multilingual communicative abilities to compete in a global market. An employer will perceive the employee with various language abilities as a bridge to new clients.

The Department of Philology and Translation at Kyiv national university of technologies and design is home to language programs in English, German, French, Polish, Latin, each of which offers a unique curriculum designed to foster linguistic and cultural knowledge necessary to succeed in today’s multilingual world. Speaking another language introduces new perspectives closed off to the monolingual mind, as well as giving students the tools to communicate with people of different backgrounds and cultures. Additional training in linguistics exposes students to the commonalities of human language and experience; the study of culture allows students to fully understand and appreciate lifestyles and values other than one’s own; the analysis of literary texts helps students develop critical thinking skills for tackling issues that transcend national boundaries. Students emerging from our diversified program develop a keen international perspective that enhances the human experience and helps promote diversity in the global village we live in.

Ukraine's foreign policy activation, different integration processes etc require higher education institutions to approach the learning requirements of the international standards. The faculty of Economics and Business provides significant steps toward standardization of training professional disciplines. Of course, to effectively interact at different levels with the international community, much attention should be paid to foreign language education and standardization of results. Today the competence of several foreign languages is considered to be a priori, and this competence must reach a level where the content is dominant over the form, that is, when one thinks what to say, but not how to do it. Therefore, the process of teaching foreign languages at the Department is focused on the formation of the students professionally oriented foreign language communicative competence - the ability to communicate in foreign languages in the professional sphere - and organized by level model. All the programmes are based on the European language levels (A, B, C), adopted in the EU and entered into the system of foreign language education in Ukraine.

The Department of Philology and Translation has been working closely with all other faculty departments to implement the educational process of teaching specialized subjects in English. The pipeline is taking place at all levels – gathering and forming the necessary methodological support in English, retraining Ukrainian teachers, involving English teachers in the educational process etc.

Location and phone

Education Building 4, room 1208

Kyiv national university of technologies and design

2, Str., Mala Shyianovska (Nemyrovych-Danchenko)

Kyiv, Ukraine

+ 38044-256-29-49

+ 38044-256-21-33

[email protected]

Office hours

Monday through Friday

8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

Faculty and Staff

We are a department of 30 people working together for the education of students who want to use foreign languages for research on a wide range of international topics. We teach over 10000 students annually. The current faculty and staff for the department of foreign languages at Kyiv National University of Technologies and Design is:


Yelyzaveta ISAKOVA (Ph.D.)


Ivan DZYRA (D.Sc. (History), PhD (Philology))




Olena YUFEREVA (D.Sc.)


Natalia GUDKOVA (Ph.D.)








Volodymyr DOROSHENKO (Ph.D.)




Oleksandr MUNTIAN (Ph.D.)


Kseniia KUGAI






Liudmyla ROIENKO




Tetiana KETOVA
















Our experienced, innovative, and nationally and internationally recognized department members are looking forward to meeting you. We are here to share with you a journey that is rich in academic accomplishments, study abroad experiences, helping you on the way to your professional career fulfilment in Ukraine and anywhere in the world.

Make your voice resonate globally! You are always welcome to contact use via e-mails [email protected], or stop by our office (12-1208). Our whole team is looking forward to working with you!