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Research Institute of Economics


PhD in Economics, Director of the Research Institute of Economics

Address: 01011, Kyiv, Ukraine, str. Nemirovich-Danchenko, 2, 4 educational building, room. 4-0917

Telephone: + 38044256-29-56


About the Institute

Research Institute of Economy was established on 14 October 2011.

The main purpose of the Research Institute of Economics is an organization, coordination and research conduction on economic development at the macro-, meso- and micro level.

The Institute carries out its activities in the following fields:

  • organization and coordination of research on economic development of country, industries, regions and enterprises;
  • research problems and finding sources of economic growth, ensuring long-term stability, technological progress economic consequences, approaches form measuring factors and results;
  • scientific research on the motivational value of the quality management to higher education; formation of adaptive economic mechanisms for innovative university management in terms of creating global integration structures;
  • establishment and development to innovative multi educational complex in terms of creating an open global educational space;
  • involving of talented young people, including postgraduates and students in research;
  • support of participation in international programs and projects of economic issues, including grants;
  • support of scientific collaboration with scientific and educational institutions in the organization and conduction of scientific activities (including conferences, "roundtables", seminars, etc.) and perform research on country economic development, industries, regions and enterprises;
  • exercise training (assistance in training) and training of scientific and teaching staff.

Among the research activities of the Institute an important role is given to the research of educational environment in the context to higher educational institutions adaptation of Ukraine to market conditions, with taking into account strategic objectives of socio-economic growth and development of economic access model for socially disadvantaged groups to higher education level, basing on the experience of leading countries.