Kyiv National University of Technologies and Design


Admission Requirements


1. The admission of foreigners and stateless people to higher education is carried out in accordance with the Law of Ukraine "On Higher Education", "On the Legal Status of Foreigners and Stateless Persons", "On Legal Status of Foreign-Based Ukrainians", "On Refugees and People in Need of Subsidiary Protection or Asylum", Decrees of President of Ukraine dated June 03, 1994 number 271 "On measures to develop economic cooperation with neighbouring regions of Ukraine regions of the Republic of Belarus and the administrative-territorial units of the Republic of Moldova", Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine dated on February 26, 1993 number 136 “On training of foreign citizens in Ukraine”, "Some issues for teaching foreigners and stateless people", Order of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine dated on November 01, 2013 number 1541". Some issues of recruitment and education (training) for foreigners and stateless citizenship", registered with the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine dated on November 25, 2013 number 2004/24536 (in the wording of the Order the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine dated on December 11, 2015 number 1272).

2. Foreigners and stateless people (henceforth - foreigners) can get higher education at the expense of physical (legal) people, unless otherwise stipulated by international treaties of Ukraine ratified by the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, laws or agreements between universities on international academic mobility.

The acceptance of foreigners to higher education institutions to study on public contract is within the quota for foreigners.

Foreigners who receive state scholarships under international treaties, national programs, other international commitments of Ukraine are admitted to study within the established quotas for foreigners on the basis of directions of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine.

Foreigners who enter the KNUTD to participate in academic mobility programs or to pursue higher education under educational programs agreed between Ukrainian and foreign higher education institutions, are accepted for studying to the relevant contractual obligations of the respective higher education institutions.

3. Foreigners who come to Ukraine to study, can enter universities by the accredited educational programs (specialty).

Enlistment of foreigners arriving to study at the expense of physical (legal) people to KNUTD lasts:

1) twice a year, before and at the beginning of the academic semester:

from the January 16, 2020 to  the March 01, 2020

from the June 15, 2020 to the November 01, 2020

to obtain a bachelor's degree, master's degree.

KNUTD calculates a score / assess of applicants on the basis of an instrument of preliminary acquired education and the minimum required for admission mentioned number of points / ratings with general subjects, of which conducted introductory test (based CSE - 100 points based on educational levels - 100 points).

The enlistment of foreigners to study at an appropriate level of higher education is carried out by the results of entrance examinations on certain subjects and language training. They are to have academic rights to continue studies provided by a document of acquired education in the country of origin. It has to be taken into account the points of success, claims, continue education at the next level of higher education in accordance with the laws of the country that issued the document on acquired education.

4. All categories of foreigners entering the study program are enrolled at the KNUTD on the basis of enrollment orders.

5. Foreigners who have been trained for university (have appropriate documentation), can be accepted to the university without interview except direction specialty "Design". To entry the course of "Design" it has to be taken a creative  contest (consisting of entrance examinations) in drawing.

The entrance test (interview) for admission for bachelor degree and master degree is carried in several stages:

1) from 17.01.2020  to 28.02.2020

2) from 15.06.2020 to 28.10.2020.

Applying to obtain the educational bachelor degree on the basis of complete secondary education, entrance examinations are conducted by subject (attestation) University committees in such general subjects (creative competitions):



Entrance test (interview)

022 Design

1) creative competition (drawing);

2) Ukrainian/English

015 Professional Education;

051 Economics;

071 Accounting and taxation;

072 Finance, Banking and Insurance;

073 Management;

075 Marketing;

076 Business, trade and exchange activities;

081 Law;

122 Computer Science;

133 Mechanical engineering;

131 Applied mechanics;

141 Power, electrical engineering and electrician engineering;

151 Automation and computer integrated technologies;

152 Metrology and information-measuring technique;

171 Electronics;

182 Light Industry Technology

1) mathematics

2) Ukrainian/English

161 Chemical Technology and Engineering;

162 Biotechnology and Engineering;

226 Pharmacy (Industrial Pharmacy)

1) chemistry

2) Ukrainian/English


To obtain a Bachelor's Degree on the basis of a previously obtained educational degree (educational-qualification level), foreigners make a professional entrance test; in order to obtain a Master's degree, a professional entrance test and an entrance exam in a foreign language.

6. Documents required for admissions to KNUTD for foreigners and stateless people:

1) the document (the original and a copy thereof) on the previously obtained educational (qualification) level, on the basis of which entry is made;

2) the appendix (original and a copy thereof) to the document on the previously obtained educational (qualification) level, on the basis of which the entry is made (if any);

3) academic certificate issued by a Foreign / Ukrainian educational institution (academic transfer is added in case of transfer or renewal to study, starting with the second year);

4) the original and a copy of the document, which contains information about the content of the curriculum by the previous degree (level) of higher education, credits received, length of study and academic achievement (in the absence of this information in the annex to the educational document), upon admission to obtain a master's degree if the absence of this information makes it impossible to carry out the recognition of qualifications in the document;

5) the copy of the passport document of the foreigner or the document certifying the stateless person;

6) health insurance policy, unless otherwise provided by international treaties of Ukraine;

7) 4 30 × 40 mm photo cards;

8) the copy of the certificate of a foreign Ukrainian (if any);

9) the research proposal on a chosen scientific specialty or a list of published scientific works and inventions in Ukrainian or English, additionally submitted upon admission to the postgraduate course, in the established order at the candidate's place of work / study. For admission to doctoral studies the following are submitted in Ukrainian or English: thematic plan of dissertation work for obtaining a doctorate of science; a copy of the diploma of the corresponding scientific degree;

10) foreigners entering academic mobility programs submit documents approved by the rules of admission to higher education and / or stipulated by the requirements of international programs and / or treaties under which academic mobility is implemented.

The documents referred to in subparagraphs 1-5 of this paragraph shall be translated into Ukrainian with a notarized translation certificate.

The documents referred to in subparagraphs 1-4 of this paragraph shall be certified in the country of issue in the form officially used in that country for such certification and legalized by the relevant foreign institution of Ukraine, unless otherwise provided by international treaties of Ukraine.

10.  Foreigners wishing to study in Ukraine should necessarily go through the Recognition of foreign education documents in Ukraine