Kyiv National University of Technologies and Design


Admission Requirements


To obtain an entry visa to study in Ukraine one should contact the Embassy (Consular representation) Ukraine or in the neighboring country with the appropriate application and submit the following documents:

  • passport;
  • original invitation to the study from KNUTD;
  • certificate of education and the application of the list of grades for disciplines (original and notarized translation into Ukrainian or Russian);
  • Birth certificate (original and notarized translation into Ukrainian or Russian);
  • medical health certificate, certified by an official health authority of the country of which the foreigner and issued no later than two months before leaving to study in Ukraine (original and notarized translation into Ukrainian or Russian);
  • a return ticket with open date return home for a period of not less than one year.

NOTE: foreigners and persons without citizenship should enter the UKRAINE STUDY since 15 August and no later than 23rd of October of this year. The learning process at university begins from 1st of September 2018.


After obtaining a visa to study at the Embassy of Ukraine, please send a scanned copy of visa, the date and time of arrival to the city of  Kyiv, the flight number of the aircraft to the International Department

Advance to announce that according to the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine №163 from 03.31.2015 year made take off to the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine №150 from 02.15.2015 g., Under which foreigners and stateless persons who legally arrived in Ukraine may temporary stay in its territory for visa granted authorization within the period of validity of a visa when entering stateless persons or foreigners who are citizens of countries with visa entry procedures, unless another period is established by international agreements of Ukraine.



According to the below-mentioned point 2 and point 3 of  Resolution picture - period of the visa. Therefore, foreigners and stateless persons have to come to study no later than 25-30 days before the expiry of the visa (see. Point  3 visa).

If you have questions regarding the date of arrival in Ukraine and entry, please contact e-mail at the International Department: ( or +38 (044) 280-41-42.