Kyiv National University of Technologies and Design
Fashion Industry Faculty
About the Faculty
Ludmila ZUBKOVA, PhD, Professor,
Dean of Fashion Industry Faculty


Kyiv National University of Technologies and Design
Fashion Industry Faculty
2,  Nemirovicha-Danchenko St.
Kyiv 01011






Faculty Office:

Deans Cabinet: 1-0365,
Deputy Deans Cabinet: 1-0362
Methodists Cabinet: 1-0361

Phone number:

Dean of the faculty +38044 – 280 – 75 – 52
Vice +38044 – 256 – 29 – 37
Methodists +38044 – 256 – 21 – 36


The faculty trains specialists qualified on the field of services related to the manufacture of clothing, footwear, textile expertise. The faculty also trains professionals on Pedagogics Education.

The Faculty of Fashion Industry is a possibility to get modern speciality
in one of the most prestigious educational institution in their capital.


The history of the faculty of Fashion Industry are related with the history of our university. The way of our faculty began in the 30-th years last century. On 1 October of 1930 year it was founded the Kyiv Polytechnic University of leather industry. The university had three faculties: chemical – technology, mechanic – technology, engineering-economical.

In October 1930 the Kyiv textiles university was founded. In 1934 it was transferred to Charkiv. This university was opened in the structure of four faculties: sewing, economical, chemical technology of fibrous products and mechanical technology fibrous products.

20 May 1944 by the Resolution of the Council of Peoples Commissars of the USSR, the Kyiv technological university of the leather and footwear industry and textiles university were united into one. New training institution obtained the title – the Kyiv technological university of light industry in June 1944.
The structure of the Faculty of Technology included clothing, footwear and knitting specialties.

In 1994 year there was the unification of faculties of technologies in the Faculty of Technology of light industry, which in 2012 year got a title of the faculty of technologies, service and fashion and 2017 -  Faculty of Fashion Industry.

From 2004 year the faculty of the technologies of light industry was headed by PHD, Professor Zubkova Ludmila Ivanivna.

Nowadays the faculty of Fashion Industry is one of the leading at the university, during 80 years it trains specialists of the highest qualification.
Every year the trainings process has been improved, increased professionalism of teaching stuff; improved organizational structure of the faculty. Update classrooms, laboratory facilities and experimental workshop, which are equipped with computers, audiovisual and controlling means of education. Young scientists may continue their training at the postgraduate courses and doctorate courses.

Study Programmes

Bachelor’s Degree Programmes

(prescribed period of study - 4 years)

Master's Degree Programmes

(prescribed period of study – 1.5 years)

Design and technologies of sewing products

Design and technologies of sewing products

Footwear and haberdashery design

Footwear and haberdashery design

Knitwear technologies and design 

Knitwear technologies and design

Examination of textile materials and products

Examination of textile materials and products

Professional training. Design


Professional training. Light industry product technologies


Scientific Schools of the Faculty

Theoretical and practical bases of creation of form-stable parts of clothing of the modern textile and leather materials

Scientific advisor: Prof.Dr. Mykola Bereznenko

Scientific and practical principles of creation of multifunctional textile materials and products with predictable properties

Scientific advisor: Prof.Dr. Serhiy Bereznenko

Scientific basis development, creation and fixing the internal shape of shoes and assortment

Scientific advisor: Prof.Dr. Victor Konoval

Higher-Education Teaching Staff

The faculty assures the high quality is professional training of future specialists of this industry. The department has highly qualified staff including Ukrainian deserved figures of science and technology, honored workers of Ukrainian industry, State Prize Laureates in scientific and technical fields of Ukraine , deserved teachers of Ukraine, Ukrainian academicians and honored teachers of Education of Ukraine. During teaching of the courses for students the higher qualified specialists from enterprises of industry have been involving.

International Partnership

For many years the University gained international recognition. We have numerous foreign connections including Russia, USA, Germany, Czech Republic, China, Moldova, Poland, Georgia, other countries. Faculty has wide international cooperation with many educational institutions and other organizations from around the world.

Currently at the faculty the students from Russia, Turkmenistan, Moldova and other countries have been studying. Most foreign fostering graduates of the faculty work nowadays as teachers, scientist and employers in international organizations.


At the faculty the great attention is paid to creative and scientific work with the students. Two Ukrainian competitions for students on the specialist “design and technology of government” and “designing shoes and haberdashery” are held annually in April, where take part over 50 students from Ukrainian, Russian, Belarusian and Moldova Universities.

The high level of training specialists on the Faculty enables talented youth with their creative developments to take part in international competition like «Pechersky Kashtany» (Kyiv), «Mosshoes-style» (Moscow), «Golden Needle» (Kyiv), «Podium-Prestige» (Kyiv), «Admiralty needle» (Saint Petersburg), «New Color» (Mukacheve) etc., and also be able to show their works at festivals of advertising and other events.


The students actively participate in the scientific work of department demonstrated by the great number of presentation at the conferences of young scientists and students of university participation in the university competitions of students’ scientific works.

The integral part of the training of future specialists is their aesthetic education, formation of creative principles based on human values. The student government council has been actively working, which is aimed at promoting harmonious growth of the student's personality, thereby developing management and leadership skills.

The main tasks of students’ self-government are:

  • To provide and protect students’ rights and interests;
  • To promote research and creative students’ activities;
  • To provide students with appropriate conditions for living and leisure activities;
  • To support students organizations, associations and clubs;
  • To promote cooperation with the students of other education institutions and youth organizations.

Students of the faculty gladly take part in amateur clubs at the University, participate in various festivals and competitions of students outwork.


The best students of the faculty are honored in education and are active participants in students life, can get nominal grants; scholarship of President of Ukraine; of Parliament; of the Ministry of Ukraine; of the head of Kyiv.

At the University a great attention is focused on studying of foreign languages for professional and daily communication.

At military department students can get a military speciality, which allows them to choose the profession of civil servant in light industry in future.