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Dean of the Faculty of Cultural and Creative Industries, Candidate of Art History, Associate Professor

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About the Faculty

The mission of the Faculty is to train highly qualified specialists who are in demand in both Ukrainian and foreign labor markets, ready to solve the problems of cultural, creative, and innovative development of society, maintaining a positive image of the Faculty and the University in all the areas.

The goal is to teach and educate young people, to develop the potential of participants in the educational process, their creative abilities, and an active social position.


‒ provision of high-quality training of specialists in “Performing Arts”, “Management of Socio-Cultural activities”; “Culturology”; “Hotel and Restaurant Business”; “Tourism and Recreation”;

‒ development of scientific research in culture and art, humanitarian sciences, and the field of service;

‒ international integration of scientific and educational activities of the Faculty through participation in international educational and scientific projects, competitions, exhibitions in the field of culture, art, management and service, academic mobility, publishing activity, etc.



Educational program

Degree-granting department



Bachelor’s Degree


Performing Arts

Acting and producing


Department of Performing Arts and Culture


Culture Studies

Management of visual arts and cultural projects


Department of Philosophy and Culture Studies


Management of Socio-Cultural Activities

Management of socio-cultural activities


Department of Tourism, Hotel and Restaurant Business


Hotel and Restaurant Business

Entrepreneurship in the hotel and restaurant business



Tourism and Recreation

Tourist business


Master’s Degree


Hotel and Restaurant Business

Hotel and restaurant business


Department of Tourism, Hotel and Restaurant Business


Tourism and Recreation

Tourist business





Acting and Producing

The main purpose of training specialists in performing arts is to master knowledge, skills, and abilities in the field of performing arts based on theoretical knowledge, practical skills, and abilities sufficient to successfully perform professional duties of a performing arts specialist acquired through completing professional theater courses, gaining the skills of stage-performing and managerial activities in the field of stage, theater and film arts, providing the opportunity for further training and successful employment.

A specialist in acting and producing can hold the following positions:

  • actor (of the theater, cinema, etc.);
  • film, theater (pop, etc.) actor, and director;
  • specialist in film, theater, and pop music;
  • broadcaster;
  • head of amateur children’s group (club, studio);
  • leisure specialist;
  • manager (of a studio in the field of arts and artistic creativity, amateur association, social club, etc.);
  • music (stage), art director.


Management of socio-cultural activities is the art of managing other people or consolidating them to achieve a common goal and high performance.

European colleagues call our profession an ‘event manager’ – an event organizer. These are new leisure staff; it is a new style in management and the organization of free time. Such specialists with new organizational skills are needed today in leisure and creativity centers, out-of-school institutions, museum and park complexes, event agencies, shopping and tourist-recreational centers, resorts, and sports centers.

Graduates of this specialty work as PR-managers of artists, press secretaries, assistants of producers, administrators, etc. Knowledge on the logistics of socio-cultural activities gives the opportunity to work in almost all companies. 


Management of Visual Arts and Cultural Projects

Training of specialists capable of solving complex specialized tasks and practical problems in the field of professional activity of a culturologist involves the application of theories and methods of culture studies on condition of a comprehensive perception of traditional and innovative forms of visual arts in terms of their genesis, basic aesthetic ideas, ideological principles, styles and personalities in the current art space, capable of organizing and developing cultural industries and managing cultural projects, excursions and museum-gallery activities, creative business in the field of culture, the main purpose of which is the production, promotion, and commercialization of works, services and cultural and artistic activities or those which are connected with the cultural and historical heritage of mankind.

Graduates of this specialty have the opportunity to work at enterprises, organizations, and institutions operating in the field of culture, namely: research, educational, artistic institutions, cultural and creative industries, event agencies, government agencies, the media and in cultural institutions, government agencies, public organizations involved in the management of culture and protection of historical and cultural monuments, they can work as tour guides.


Tourist business

Graduates of the specialty usually work in companies that provide travel services as tourism managers. The tourism manager solves internal and external problems of the company, maintains correspondence with domestic and foreign customers, prepares tours and leisure packages, works directly with clients, drafts documents, and issues invoices.

Tourism specialists are also involved in international management and marketing focused on tourism, in the field of administrative management, research, advertising agencies, marketing, consulting travel companies, in management and marketing positions of the tourism industry.


Entrepreneurship in the Hotel and Restaurant Business)

The program is based on the acquisition and implementation in professional activities of knowledge, analytical, communication, organizational, and managerial skills of integrative problem solving in entrepreneurship in the hotel and restaurant business.

The future specialist studies courses on the functioning of hotel and restaurant business entities (business, corporate and commercial law, consumer protection organization, materials science, commodity science, organization of business activities in hotel and restaurant business, organization of restaurant and hotel business, branding in the service sector). The acquired knowledge enables to start and develop one’s own business, organize hotel and restaurant services, develop the optimization mechanism and innovative models in the hotel and restaurant business.


Scientific Schools of the Faculty

Academic supervisor  Antonina ILINA, Doctor of Philosophy, Associate Professor


  • The problem of visual thinking in the context of the pictorial turn;
  • The role of philosophy in shaping the concept of culture of thinking;
  • State-building models in the program documents of Ukrainian political movements and parties: history and modernity;
  • Retrospection of the human culture of thinking;
  • Visual sociology as a science;
  • Culture and life of the population of Ukraine.
Academic supervisor  Antonina VERHUN, PhD in Economics, Associate Professor


  • Principles, factors, and mechanisms of ensuring sustainable development of the market entities of tourist services and the hospitality sector of Ukraine.

Scientific Clubs at the Departments:

  • The Department of Philosophy and Cultural Studies has scientific clubs «Patriot», «Philosophical Problems of Modernity», «Indigo» and «Kalokagathia», which prepare students to participate in all-Ukrainian and foreign student scientific events, as part of the work of the clubs, their leaders provide methodical assistance in the process of conducting scientific research by students, as well as organize scientific public events and student meetings with representatives of artistic and cultural institutions;
  • The Department of Tourism, Hotel and Restaurant Business has a scientific club “Tourism and Hospitality Industry”; students are involved in various activities, including participation in start-up projects, the All-Ukrainian Scientific Conference of Young Scientists and Students "Innovation in education, science and business: challenges and opportunities", the All-Ukrainian Scientific and Practical Conference "Integration of science and education: development of cultural and creative industries";
  • The All-Ukrainian Student Vocal Art Competition “Star Song” was launched at the Department of Performing Arts. The purpose of the competition is to promote and develop culture, vocal creativity of students, identification and support of young talents, creating conditions for creative communication; educating young people and involving them in the active cultural and artistic development; formation of creative thinking and self-realization of musicians in educational and cultural institutions; exchange of experience and creative cooperation of students, future professionals in the field of music; preservation, development, and multiplication of the best traditions of musical art; support of talented performers and their popularization, increase of performance skills of individual performers and creative teams.


A study by the World Economic Forum found that creativity is emerging as one of the three most essential skills that employers will value in their employees. Therefore, education must also respond to and accept the challenges of the modern world! KNUTD is a recognized institution of higher education and a community of creative young professionals. We strive to be not only qualified teachers but also moderators of the creative community!

You can teach creativity only by demonstrating your creative approach to everything. The academic staff adapt the curricula to modern requirements and European values, invite interesting guest lecturers, listen to the needs of students, and exchange opinions and experiences with leading specialists in the labor market. Considerable attention is paid to international internships and learning foreign languages for professional communication.

International Cooperation

The Faculty of Cultural and Creative Industries has established partnerships with educational institutions in Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Poland, and Turkey, where students have the opportunity to receive professional training in the specialty. In addition, students of cultural and creative industries have the opportunity to obtain a double-degree diploma in the leading institutions of higher education in European countries.

The Faculty members are constantly undergoing internships at leading European educational institutions: Schiller International University (Paris, France), Pan-European University (Bratislava, Slovakia); Central European University (Skalica, Slovakia), and others.

Over the period of 2020-2023, the Faculty members have been implementing Jean Monnet Module project – Role of Financial Consumer Protection in the Financial Stability in Digital Era: European Approaches (620509-EPP-1-2020-1-UA-EPPJMO-MODULE). The aim of the module is to Europeanize the institutional, organizational, and procedural architecture of consumer protection in financial conditions in the context of digital transformation, which will contribute to financial integration and financial stability of Ukraine and will be achieved through the introduction of European studios in the bachelor training.


Great attention is paid to the creative and scientific activities of the Faculty in working with students. Students participate in the All-Ukrainian Student Vocal Art Competition “Star Song”; the All-Ukrainian Scientific and Practical Conference “Integration of science and education: development of cultural and creative industries”; the Startup Project Competition “Innovation in education, science, business: challenges and opportunities”; International Competition of One Image and New Year’s and Christmas Decor “Suzirya Kashtan”; the All-Ukrainian Competition of Student Research Papers; weeks of foreign languages, as well as in sports tournaments, competitions, games, etc.


Students have the opportunity to perform on professional stages and act in films. Thus, a 1st-year student Maria Fedorchenko won the nomination “Best Actress” for her debut leading role in the film “Stop-Earth” by Kateryna Hornostai. Dmytro Borodai, a 2nd-year student, skillfully performed a solo part in the choreographic composition “Knowledge” to the music of Tommaso Albioni’s “Adagio” on the stage of the National Opera of Ukraine as part of the “Serge Lifar de la Dans” Festival with the participation of world ballet stars. Anna Tsurkan is starring in the TV series “Trace”.



A healthy lifestyle is promoted both at the Faculty and in KNUTD; there is an organization of mass physical culture and health, sports and other events; research activities in the field of physical education, sports and human health; ties and cooperation with sports organizations of Ukrainian and foreign educational institutions, enterprises and public organizations are expanding; sports clubs, sports and fitness teams are being created.




For excellent education and active participation in public life, the best students are awarded personal scholarships of the President of Ukraine, the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine and the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, the Mayor of Kyiv, the KNUTD Council.

Students of the Faculty have the opportunity to use the University library – one of the largest among Kyiv institutions of higher education. It has more than one million copies of scientific, technical and fiction literature, as well as periodicals. KNUTD also has all the conditions for using a modern electronic library.

Student Self-Government

The student self-government body of the Faculty of Cultural and Creative Industries is an integral part of the public self-government of KNUTD, an important element of improving the educational process. Its activity is aimed at intensifying the processes of growth of social activity in the student environment, initiative, and responsibility for assigned tasks, great attention is also paid to national-patriotic education, as well as the promotion of the harmonious development of the personality of students, their acquisition of the qualities and skills of a leader, organizer, and manager.

Student self-government defends the interests of all students of the FCCI regardless of race, political, religious and other beliefs, gender, ethnic and social status, citizenship, property status, place of residence, language, or other characteristics.

The main goal of student self-government is to ensure that students fulfill their duties and protect their rights and interests, in particular, referring to the organization of the educational process, as well as providing them with the opportunity for harmonious creative, cultural and intellectual development.

Student self-government of the FCCI covers all possible spheres of activities: educational, research, sports and recreation, and artistic participation in the life of the Faculty and University. Student self-government is an important factor aimed at ensuring that students fulfill their duties and responsibilities for the task assigned to them, the growth of social activity of young people, and the formation of a public position on the education of culture for the harmonious development of the personality.