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Oksana PASKO

Dean of the Faculty of Design, PhD, Associate Professor


Kyiv National University of Technologies and Design
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Faculty Office: academic building 1, room 325

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Acting Dean of the Faculty of Design, Doctor of Engineering, Professor

Deputy Dean

Olena GERASYMENKO, PhD, Associate Professor

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Deputy Dean

Olena VASYLIEVA, PhD, Associate Professor

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Deputy Dean

Tetiana BULHAKOVA, PhD, Associate Professor

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Deputy Dean for educational work

Oleksandr VASYLIEV

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Faculty Administration

Victoriia LOPATINA

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Valentyna PRYTUP

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Myroslava SIMINKO

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The mission of the faculty is to meet the needs of the population in training competitive specialists in various areas of design; active participation in the personal development of each person, his upbringing and improvement of abilities.

The goal is to teach and educate young people, to develop the potential of participants in the educational process, their creative abilities and an active social position.


‒ provision of high-quality training of clothing and footwear design specialists; graphic design; environment design and visual communications;

‒ development of scientific research in the field of culture and art, production and technologies;

‒ international integration of scientific and educational activities of the faculty through participation in international educational and scientific projects, competitions, exhibitions in various fields of design, academic mobility, publishing activity, etc.


Students have the opportunity to study according to modern educational programs based on innovative approaches, technologies and teaching methods. The training is conducted by leading experts in the field of design: corresponding members of academies, doctors and candidates of science and art history, professors, associate professors, honoured art workers, members of the artistic unions of designers and artists of Ukraine.

Graduates of the faculty have the opportunity to implement their knowledge and skills both in the field of modelling business and fashion business, and in a wide range of design and artistic activities: technical design, advertising and exhibition business, decorating activities, interior design and web design, architectural and printing activities.Graduates of the faculty of design are now working in different spheres of design in Ukraine and abroad (Russia, Baltic countries, France, Italy, Bulgaria, Moldova, China, Vietnam, Iran, Pakistan, Nepal, Mongolia and others).

Many of the graduates are widely known fashion designers (Liliia Pustovit, Diana Dorozhkina, Tetiana Zemskova, Olena Vorozhbit, Anzhela Lysytsia, Aina Hasse, Iryna Karavai, Natali Ruden and others), highly qualified specialists in the field of advertising, corporate identity, interior design, and teachers of higher educational institutions.

Faculty of Design joined the International Association of Universities and Colleges of Art, Design and Media Cumulus in 2021. Cumulus – the only global association that focuses on art and design education and research, which currently has 360 members from 63 countries.



Educational Programme

Graduation Department





Bachelor Degree



Apparel Design / Footwear Design

Department of Art and Fashion Design 

Graphic design

Department of Multimedia DesignDepartment of Graphic Design

Environmental Design

Department of Interior and Furniture Design 

Multimedia Design

Department of Multimedia Design

Master Degree



Design (on types)


Apparel Design

Department of Art and Fashion Design 

Environmental Design

Department of Interior and Furniture Design 

 Ph.D. degree




Department of Art and Fashion Design


Educational program "FASHION DESIGN"


Choose a profession

Fashion designers develop collections of clothing models for various purposes and style solutions based on the study of the history of art and costume, ways to adapt and predict current fashion trends and use modern design methods and innovations in art and design culture. The educational program "Fashion Design" is focused on the study of the artistic, figurative and style specifics of the costume, various methods of its shaping, modeling and finishing, the principles of transforming creative sources into costume forms, the basics of textile design, fashion illustration, methods of presenting collections and promoting in fashion industry.


Kyiv national University of technologies and design, as one of the leading higher educational institutions of Ukraine, has conducted a high-quality training of fashion designers, production engineers of clothing, footwear, and knitwear manufacture in the field of light industry since 1930. It has become the center of Ukrainian design education for fashion designers training.

The faculty of design was established in 2000 and it helped develop art successfully at the technological higher educational establishment. Students have an opportunity to get profound knowledge of a future occupation, which gives a chance to have excellent skills in modern artistic techniques for the full development of your own abilities in real-life designs.

The faculty management is going to expand research and artistic activities while keeping up the best traditions of the faculty and university as a whole.

The development of artistic and design majors at the fourth level technical educational institution emphasises the peculiarity of training, their focus on the fundamental development of professional skills and ability to solve complex tasks in high-level designing.


Today more than 700 full-time and about 60 correspondence-course students are trained at the faculty. There is the students’ fashion house at the faculty, where they create advanced collections and prepare for fashion competitions.

Students can master major skills in design practice and do research in design in the following ways:

  • at the faculty (training and art workshops, special laboratories and computer-aided design classrooms) under the guidance of academic staff and top specialists, which are invited from different fields of design and applied arts;
  • in production environments of design organisations or specialised departments during the annual curricular practical training;
  • defending projects and theses in designing.


Students study fundamental disciplines (academic drawing, painting, history of art and material culture) and modern technologies of integrated design objects engineering. The study of design engineering of the virtual space enables the realization and presentation of creative ideas with the help of computer technologies that extends the solutions to the problems of modern design.


The faculty pays much attention to the creative work of teachers and students, which is embodied in the participation in art exhibitions, festivals, competitions and creative fashion clothes shows, both national and international level.

Students and faculty members regularly host festivals, evenings, round-table conferences, TV programs: “About the future of Ukrainian cinema”, “On-demand cartoon”, “Dancing with the stars” and so on. Students’ artistic works are part of the international-level exhibitions. In recent years, students of the faculty have taken part in the Republican exhibition of young artists “Autumn colours”, the exhibition “Education, science, vocational guidance”, the exhibition dedicated to the Ukrainian costume and crafts “Ukrainian podium”, the 20th anniversary exhibition of the Designers’ Union of Ukraine, the exhibition “History of morals in the mirror of fashion” Alta center and others.

Moreover, during the training students constantly participate in scientific-practical conferences on the design and its different areas, both national and international:

  • All-Ukrainian research and practice conference “Theory and practice of material and artistic culture”, KSADA;
  • International research and practice conference “The problems of biology, ecology, geography, education: history and modern times”, St. Petersburg;
  • All-Ukrainian conference of young scientists and students “Research and development of young people at the present stage”, KNUTD;
  • International seminar on “Integration into the European educational environment” ISMA: Information Systems Management Institute, 2008, 2010;
  • All-Ukrainian scientific-methodical conference “Design education 2008-2014”, KSADA.

The students take prizes and are given awards in competitions of different levels.

All this can be explained by the fact that the training quality of “bachelor of arts” majoring in “Design” gives sufficient practical vocational skills to students for creative work. To confirm this, there is constantly a large number of honours degrees (35-45 degrees annually over the last 5 years).

Opportunities for students

The experience of the faculty of design shows that people with good higher education are highly appreciated among young designers. A designer should certainly master such programs as ArchiCAD and 3D Studio Max.

Students gain knowledge both in the framework of the university standard courses and original curricula of vocational guidance disciplines, which are developed by leading teachers and designers, and are constantly being improved to meet international standards of designers training in various fields. 


After receiving a Bachelor of Design degree, graduates have an opportunity to continue their education doing master’s degree according to appropriate faculty programs, and become qualified as Master of Design.


You can also pursue postgraduate studies in 17.00.07 “Design” at the faculty, defend a thesis and take a degree of candidate of science (art history), major 17.00.07 “Design” (from 2016 – major 022 “Design”).

The authorities of Kyiv College of KNUTD along with teachers of the faculty have worked out integrated curricula for admission to the third year of full-time training and training by correspondence on the basis of the of junior specialist diploma.

The department of design and artistic designing of costume together with the Institute of postgraduate education of KNUTD have developed general-purpose curricula of specialists’ professional development with higher education (specializations: “artistic designing of costume” and “photo&video design”).

Studying at the faculty of design (third and fourth year of training) students have an opportunity to get military education and receive an appropriate state-recognized degree.

Graduates can choose their future scope of activity by means of the Student employment centre of KNUTD. These fields primarily include advertising agencies, publishing houses, designing and manufacturing of clothing and footwear companies, modelling business, interior and furniture design, photo design, video production, animation and so on.


A graduate diploma of the faculty of design gives an opportunity to work for public, commercial and joint enterprises, to start your own business in this field, to teach at higher and secondary educational establishments.


Graduates work successfully for advertising agencies, periodicals and publishers create their own designs, do research. Graduates of the faculty of design in the fashion industry work as pattern and fashion designers for fashion houses and in fashion business; as consultants and pattern designers for business concerns, film studios, and theatres; as art historians in the field of fashion development and teachers at colleges and higher educational establishments of Ukraine and abroad.

Foreign partnership

The departments of the faculty communicate with universities and experts from many countries (Moldova, Georgia, Tadzhikistan, Bulgaria, Poland, Czech Republic, Great Britain, China, Iran, India and other countries). More than 50 foreign students from China, Lithuania, Armenia, Turkmenistan, Serbia, Moldova, and Iran are studying at the faculty now.

In 2012 along with the department of design a photographic studio “PROF. HERSH СHADHA STUDIO” was opened, which was sponsored by well-known Indian specialist in the field photo modelling art – prof. Hersh Chadha.

The departments of the faculty as well as some teachers have international certificates, statuses and other honours of international recognition. In particular, the department of artistic designing of costume has the title of international and has received the certificate of International Academy “Platon”. The system of computer-aided design of interior and furniture Woody, developed with the help of teachers of the department of interior design and furniture, has received wide international recognition in the field of industrial design.


In 2013 creative association treaty was signed with the Institute of marketing and fashion (Paris, France). As part of this treaty there is an exchange of training and methodological literature, participation in competitions and exhibitions. There is also going to be a student swap for practical and academic training for bachelor’s degree.