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MANAGEMENT. Exhibition business

Educational programmes Bachelor's Degree Programs

Specialty: 073 «Management», «Exhibition business»

Academic Degree: «BACHELOR»

DepartmentEntrepreneurship and business


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General information

Dear students, welcome to our specialty page!

Studying program “Exhibition business” have high demand in modern business, it’s built on widespread use of event technology and fundraising.

Graduates have wide range of opportunities:

– to hold a position of Exhibition Center Manager, Event Management Manager, Exhibition Curator, Project Manager of Business Events and Conferences, etc.

– to gain second higher education degree in all the specialties, offered in KNUTD;

– to study foreign languages;

– to get involved in student activities (athletics, arts, drama and dance etc.);

– studying at Military Training Department.

Competition-based selection.


Characteristic of studying program:

Studying program:

Exhibition business


Bachelor specialty of  073 «Management»


After gaining secondary education

For college graduates in similar specialties

For college graduates in non-similar specialties

8 semesters (4 years)

4 semesters (2 years) – full-time basis /

5 semesters (2,5 years) – part-time basis

 6 semesters (3 years)






Ukrainian/ English


Gaining theoretical knowledge, basic and professional competencies, applied skills and abilities to solve professional tasks in the field of exhibition activity.



After finishing studies, the bachelor in specialty “Exhibition business” will obtain knowledge in:

- methodological foundations of organization, management and control of exhibition activities;

- the latest technologies in the field of exhibition and fair activity and examination of exhibit exhibits;

- effective options for the placement of exhibition equipment;

- the basics of PR-technologies in the exhibition activity;

- methodological foundations of the infrastructure of exhibition activity.

Bachelor will learn how to:

-  make informed decisions on the organization of exhibitions;

- analyze the results of the exhibitions;

- effectively use event technology and fundraising;

- plan, organize, analyze and control exhibit activity;

- manage the exhibition activity of enterprises of various branches of the economy;

- carry out graphic design in the exhibition activity;

- evaluate the economic and communicative effectiveness of the exhibition business.



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