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ENTREPRENEURSHIP, TRADE AND BROKERAGE MANAGEMENT. Entrepreneurship and Custom-Logistics Activities

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Specialty: 076 «Entrepreneurship, trade and brokerage management», Entrepreneurship and Custom-Logistics Activities.

Academic Degree: «BACHELOR»

Department:  Entrepreneurship and business


Contact Information:

01011, 2, Nemyrovych-Danchenko Str., 2, Academic building №4, classroom 4-1418


Phone: The Department of entrepreneurship and business:  +38 044-256-21-44

Selection committee: (044) 256–29–75

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General information

Dear students, welcome to our specialty page!

The emphasis of the program is based on the formation and development of professional competencies in the areas of entrepreneurship, and custom-logistics, the study of theoretical and methodological regulations, organizational and practical tools for business management, customs and logistics activities.

The graduates will be suitable for employment in the company management and state government of the relevant logistical and customs fields, in customs posts, departments, and in the control units and in informational-analytical work, in banking institutions, in customs brokerage firms, in transport-expeditionary companies, foreign-trade departments, export and import departments, and international marketing departments.

Mandatory condition is fluency in Ukrainian and / or foreign languages.

Admission of undergraduates to the first* (or second**/third***) course is conducted on the competitive basis.


Description of the educational program:

Educational program:

Entrepreneurship and customs-logistics activities


Bachelor specialty of 076 “Entrepreneurship, trade and brokerage management

Education period:


*Entrance to the first course

**Entrance to the third course

*** Entrance to the second course

After gaining secondary education

8 semesters (4 years)

For college graduates in similar specialties

4 semesters (2 years) – full-time basis /

5 semesters (2,5 years) – part-time basis

For college graduates in non-similar specialties

6 semesters (3 years)

Credits ECTS




Language of learning:

Ukrainian / English

Program goal:

Acquiring theoretical knowledge, basic and professional competencies, applied skills and abilities to solve professional tasks in entrepreneurship and custom-logistics activities.

Program learning results:  

Ability to demonstrate advanced knowledge in the field of entrepreneurship and custom-logistics activities. Ability to demonstrate knowledge of the basics of economics, project management, logistics and customs-tariff regulation. To have basic knowledge and know methods of using normative documentation on certification, advertising; the ability to generalize information about the use of business technologies in business and custom-logistics activities. Ability to demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the processes of studying the domestic and foreign markets of goods and services on the basis of information from business cards, price lists, manufacturers, computer data; define commodity markets, their structure, features and trends of development; to choose markets, to study the factors shaping the needs of consumers and their behavior in certain segments of the market. Use of specialized information systems and computer technologies to analyze the effectiveness of entrepreneurial activity; apply automated identification of barcodes technologies.




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