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Speciality:141 «Electricity, electrical engineering and electromecanics»

Study Programme: «Electrical engineering and electrotechnologies»

Academic Degree: «bachelor»

Faculty:  Mechatronics and Computer Technologies

Department of Electronics and electrical engineering


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Department of Electronics and electrical engineering: +38 (044) 256-29-65


Department of Electronics and electrical engineering


Study Programme Synopsis

It is impossible to imagine life without electricity. With electricity man faces everywhere: at work, on the road, at home, on vacation, and therefore will always be necessity for specialists who provide generation, transmission of electric energy.

Often enterprises, agricultural and housing and communal services of Ukraine energy losses are enormous. At the same time due to the increasing cost of energy problem of energy saving is one of the most critical. To optimize power consumption in enterprises a number of managerial, technical, technological and organizational measures are carried out. The development of this strategy is carried out by energy management experts.

Engineer energy-manager - a highly professional specialist who possesses modern engineering knowledge, methods of analysis and effective management of energy generation, transmission and conversion processes that has the skills to implement energy audit, is able to detect and eliminate the causes of energy loss, ensure energy efficiency of social production and control energy projects.


Study programme:

Electrical engineering and electrotechnologies


Bachelor of Electrical engineering

Prescribed period of study:

8 semesters (4 years)

ECTS Credits:


Language of the study course:

Ukrainian/ English

Learning outcomes:

Upon completion of the study programme the Bachelor student will demonstrate:

- Ability to draw up explanatory notes and drawings to make changes to the project design
- Ability to apply the theory of electromagnetic fields in the study subjects professional direction
- Ability to carry out information and patent searches, prepare analytical reviews, reports, lists of literature
- Ability to apply appropriate language forms in the official language of communication
- Ability to read professional literature and communicate in a foreign language (s)
- Able to communicate effectively in a professional and social level with the use of foreign languages
- Ability to analyze the best national and international experience of effective use, maintenance and repair of electrical equipment
- Ability to investigate physical phenomena and processes in electrical equipment
- Ability to use fundamental knowledge of mathematics and its methods in practical professional activity
- Ability to apply basic knowledge of basic sciences in the study of general professional subjects
- Ability to apply basic knowledge of electricity in the study of general professional subjects
- Ability to draw schematic diagrams of electrical power equipment using computers
- Ability to use analysis and calculation steady to prevent accidents in electric power systems and facilities
- Ability to explore established and transients in power systems
- Ability to draw schematic diagrams of electrical power equipment
- Ability to select, implement and operate the equipment relay protection and automation
- Ability to conduct experimental research on working equipment with modern measuring devices and process research results
- Ability to perform their professional requirements of the rules of safety of life and health
- Ability to draw up work plans of operation and maintenance elektroustatku tub and organize their implementation
- Ability to: select and comprehensively evaluate the business idea; develop appropriate documentation for the design and operation of small business; the state registration of business; calculate the required value of starting business capital; develop business - small business plan
- Ability to create algorithms for solving problems in professional activity
- Ability to use modern information technologies in professional activity
- Ability to adhere to GOST and ISO in the development of design documentation
- Ability to properly communicate and process documents in the state language
- Ability to assess the social and environmental consequences of their professional activities
- Ability to make decisions and develop a strategy on the basis of human values, social, civil and industrial interests
- Ability to analyze data and develop algorithms for solving engineering problems of professional activity
- Ability to carry out technical operation and maintain electrical equipment modes of electrical networks
- Ability to assess the performance and operation of power facilities use methods of optimization
- Ability to analyze processes in the energy equipment
- Ability to control equipment and implement measures to improve the reliability and efficiency of its operations
- Ability to control the degree of capacity utilization and the sequence of operations process
- Ability to measure the profile of energy systems and electrical equipment
- Ability to organize technological control equipment of electric networks in emergency operation using information technology
- Ability to reduce the negative impact of power plants on the environment
- Ability to assess the ecological status of regions of Ukraine
- Ability to analyze the ecological state of ar-for Environment and the impact on it of energy facilities
- Ability to analyze and find solutions to the problems conservation and sustainable development of life on Earth
- Ability to classify domestic and industrial hazards
- Ability to develop technical specifications for new electrical installations, advanced technology, modernization and reconstruction of power facilities and systems management
- Ability to use modern information technology to solve design, experimental and practical problems associated with electric power stations and networks
- Ability to perform technical drawing electrical power equipment
- Ability to effectively use information technology for the prevention of accidents on electric power equipment.


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Electrical engineering and electrotechnologies

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