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LIGHT INDUSTRY TECHNOLOGIES. Examination of textile materials and products

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Speciality: 182 «Light industry technologies»

Study Programme: «Examination of textile materials and products»

Academic Degree: «MASTER»

Department of Materials Science, Commodity Science and Examination of Textile Materials


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Department of Materials Science, Commodity Science and Examination of Textile Materials


Study Programme Synopsis

This programme is based on the principle of professional mobility and enables graduates to be competitive and work in companies, small businesses, industries and institutions of technological, commercial and research sector, the field of protection of the environment and health, taking up the positions of a technologist, a master, the head of production units, clothing manufacturers, textile designers, a researcher, an expert in support and determination of quality, a consultant of non-food products, a teacher. The programme focuses on advanced research in the field of technologies and design of textile materials and products, takes into account the specifics of textile enterprises, directs on current specializations in which the student defines the professional and academic career.

The compulsory condition is to speak Ukrainian and foreign languages (French / English / German) fluently.

The admission to the 1st year of the Master’s programme is on a competitive basis.


Study programme:

Examination of textile materials and products


Master of Light industry technologies

Prescribed period of study:

After the first educational degree of higher education on related specialities

3 semesters (1 year 6 months)

After the first educational degree of higher education on unrelated specialities

4 semesters (2 years)

ECTS credits



Language of the study course:



Programme aim:



Formation and development of general and professional competences in the field of textile and light industry aimed at getting knowledge and skills for carrying out and forecasting the quality of textile products through their expertise.

Learning outcomes:


1. The ability to use professionally profiled knowledge in the field of mathematical analysis and modeling in the sphere of technological production (theoretical and experimental research) textile materials and products for the planning and execution of the examination and processing of research results.

2. The ability of evaluation of economic efficiency and expertise of textile materials and products.

3. The ability to plan, develop and implement technologies of manufacturing and expertise of textile materials and products.

4. The ability to perform a feasibility study of innovative projects.

5. The ability to solve engineering and technical and technical and economic tasks using software packages.

6. The ability to evaluate and forecast technological and operational properties of textile materials using modern computer and information technology.

7. The ability to use the methods of modeling and optimization of materials and technological processes with the use of global information resources.

8. The ability to develop a new range of textile materials and products for various purposes, to organize their production in terms of production in accordance with the authoring, to make the required set of technical documentation.

9. Mastery of professional terminology in foreign language, skills in oral and written professional communication in a foreign language, translation professional texts into a foreign language, to present the results of studies in a foreign language.

10. Mastering skills of using modern information and communication technologies and means the development of advanced materials and processes.

11. The ability for the professional operation of modern equipment and devices, using modern achievements of science and advanced technology in scientific research.

12. The ability to put research problem, choose methods of experimental work, interpret and present research results.

13. The ability to independently carry out laboratory studies to solve research and production tasks using modern equipment and methods of researching properties of raw materials, semi-finished and finished products when performing research.

14. The ability to make practical recommendations on the use of research results.

15. The ability to choose the best technology, equipment and expertise of textile materials and products.

16. The ability to carry out the selection of the required equipment for the proposed process.

17. The ability to use modern means of measurement and sensory method to identify the main indicators of quality of textile materials and products, to carry out operational monitoring compliance with their production technology, examine on the basis of regulations..

18. The ability to collaborate and work in a team, the organization of small groups of performers.

19. The ability to provide safety production on site in accordance with labor legislation on based on the terms of reference and the process of manufacturing products.

20. The ability to control the availability of personal protective equipment at each workplace and timely updating instructional material based on the existing conditions of production considering the requirements of safety, occupational safety, industrial hygiene and fire protection.


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«Examination of textile materials and products»

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