Kyiv National University of Technologies and Design
Center of Physical Education and Health

The task:

  • Popularization of healthy lifestyle
  • The mass organization of physical-healthy sports and other activities.
  • Formation of sport teams and sections
  • Carrying out research activity in the field of physical training, sport and health of the person.
  • Development of communications and cooperation with sports 
  • organizations of native and foreign educational institutions, organizations, entities and public organizations.


01011 Kyiv Nemirovicha-Danchenko Street, 2, Learning Campus №1, aud. 1-0004




Team of Physical Education and Health Centre

Dudorova Lyudmila Yuryevna - Doctor of Pedagogic Sciences, Docent, coach in shooting.

Kolumbet Alexander Nikolayevich - Doctor of Pedagogic Sciences, Professor, tennis coach

Chernovsky Sergei Mikhailovich - Senior Lecturer, football coach

Bazilyuk Tatyana Antonovna – Candidate of Physical Education and Sport, Docent, swimming coach

Nychyporenko Igor Vasilievich - Senior Lecturer, mini-football coach

But Konstantin Vladimirovich - Senior Lecturer, Powerlifting coach

Sedukin Vsevolod Vladimirovich – Wushu coach

Bulgakova Tatyana Vladimirovna - Sports tourism coach


Sport centre base

Sports gym №1  Sports gym №2
Sports gym №5 Sports gym №6
Shooting range     Gym

Centre activities

Centre arranges training activities in football, volleyball, basketball, table tennis, fitness, wushu and bullet shooting.

Football Competitions Volleyball Competitions
Competitions on traditional wushu Competitions on table tennis
Competitions in tug-of-war Shooting Competitions

Hike of sports tourism

Outstanding sportsmen of KNUTD

  1. Olena Kostevich - Ukrainian Merited Master of Sports in shooting. Olympic, World, Europe Champion.
  2. Natalia Sergienko - Ukrainian Merited Master of Sports, Deaflympics, World, Europe, University Games Champion in table tennis.
  3. Pavlo Ostapenko - Ukrainian International Master of Sports, silver medallist at the World Youth Championship and bronze medallist of the European Youth Championship in beach volleyball, a player of the first team of Super League "Locomotive" Kyiv volleyball.
  4. Georgy Kholod - Ukrainian Master of Sports in fencing. University Games Champion of Ukraine.
  5. Oleksiy Gladkykh - Ukrainian Master of Sports in Greco-Roman wrestling. University Games Champion of Ukraine.
  6. Anastasia Kostashenko – Ukrainian Candidate in Master of Sports in athletics. A member of the national youth team of Ukraine. High achiever in studies.
  7. Mariana Stojanovic - Ukrainian International Master of Sports in judo and sumo. Silver medallist of the European Youth Championship.
  8. Bogdan Goncharenko - Ukrainian International Master of Sports in karate. A multiple champion of Ukraine, Europe and the World.

Also national teams have high results in sports like football, volleyball, basketball and table tennis.

  • Football team "Legprom" is the winner of the championship of Ukraine among universities of Ukraine, regular player of Kyiv city championships.
  • Basketball team "Legprom" participates in the championships of Ukraine. The champion of Kyiv Student Union Association Club.
  • Volleyball team "Legprom" is involved in Student League Championship of Ukraine, University Games finalist of Ukraine.