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Specialty: 075 "Marketing"

Educational program "Communication Marketing"

Master's degree



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General information

A marketer is a specialist who analyzes the consumer market and designs a strategy for promoting goods among customers. It examines all types of competitive products, highlighting the most popular brands. Studies their advertising projects and consumer opinions. Then the task of the marketer includes analytical work, he summarizes the information obtained and decomposes it into components of competent PR. Based on the data obtained, the marketer considers the progress of the products of the company for which he works.

For admission to obtain a master's degree, entrants take an entrance exam 

Admission rules 


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Characteristics of the educational program:

Educational program:

Communication marketing


Master in Marketing

Training period

1 year 4 months

ECTS credits


Form of study

full-time / part-time / remote

Learning outcomes:

At the end of the course the master will demonstrate:

Basic ideas about modern methods of marketing activities; communication skills; ability to independently solve scientific problems of research and development of marketing strategy and strategic planning, the ability to organize the management of marketing work in different phases; ability to develop long-term and current plans for marketing activities, the ability to communicate in writing and orally in a foreign language; the ability to organize diagnostics of the market and the environment of the enterprise; ability to organize exhibitions, fairs and other communication events to promote products on the market;

Skills: market research, measuring and forecasting demand, identifying consumer needs; formation of long-term marketing strategy of the firm; determining the level of product quality required by consumers, the formation of the product range in accordance with the structure of demand; setting prices that are attractive to buyers and profitable for the company; ensuring the sale of goods and cooperation with trade intermediaries; organization of advertising, presentations, promotions, exhibitions and fairs.

Sphere of employment:

Employment at enterprises of any organizational and legal form, at enterprises of various profiles and levels, in design organizations, consulting centers, scientific and educational institutions, in particular in the following departments: marketing, supply; marketing research; information support; sales; international relations and others.


It is possible to obtain a military specialty

During the training you will have the opportunity to:

Those who wish can continue their studies in graduate school.


In the educational process at the Department of Marketing and Communication Design best practices and advanced teaching methods are used - master classes, open air lectures and practice-oriented learning. Student marketing club "M-Team" is active.

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